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me irl

Anyone have more like this?

"Late stage capitalism is good"

-/u/culturebarren, 2017

Seize the means of production, comrades! The revolution cannot be stopped!


*Looks over at Venezuela

Sassy Socialist Memes on Facebook does

I genuinely can't tell if you believe in capitalism. It has failed numerous times and just looking at countries with it now, are in turmoil. It isn't that great.

"Clean coal"

Is this sub an actual communism?

Oh, oh, I can make up words too....

Sustainable Socialism.

"Well that doesn't count because it's not true Socialism. Everyone knows that if it fails it wasn't True SocialismTM"

"Sassy Socialist Memes on Facebook does" == "Socialism works" apparently

they don't really know what communism entails

The mere thought that a doctor and a garbage man would get the same salary is ridiculous.

Oh the irony. Delicious irony.

Making up words is 100% legal in Scrabble. Your opponent can challenge it, but if they challenge a real word, they pass their turn. So playing a plausible but fake word when the game is close enough that your opponent can't afford to risk challenging you is an entirely valid strategy. Or the inverse, playing real words that look wrong (like rarely used variant spellings) to bait opponents into challenging you and passing their turn.

I mean me too thanks.

Socialism does have a definition. You can make a meme out of it, but that still doesn't change the fact that Venezuela is not and never was in any way socialist. You don't get to decide what socialism is. It already exists.


It's true, it's hard for a socialist nation to deal with embargoes and coups imposed on them by good god-fearin' capitalists.


When has it failed? A decent amount of first world countries are capitalistic and run fine.

The situation is Venezuela is chaotic and no doubt fuelled by an overreliance on oil wealth and a failure to manage the transition from a resource-based economy to a more service-based one.

But what you will never hear in most US media is the fact that the immediate cause of this crisis was the opposition party that "decisively routed" the Leftist government was caught on tape engaged in blatant vote-buying and vote-manipulation in one of Venezuela's states, which cast a shadow over the legitimacy of the nationwide result.

You also will likely not hear much context or background of the extremely rich and detailed history of US meddling in South American politics and what that might mean in this context.

You also will likely never hear anything good about socialist governments, like the fact that Cuba just became the first country in the world to entirely eliminate parent-to-child transmission of HIV or the economic benefits Evo Morales brought to his country by standing up to large oil companies and nationalizing them.

Propaganda works. I'm not saying Maduro is a great leader or that lots of people in Venezuela aren't opposed to him; I'm saying that it's really amazing what you can do with a grain of truth.

I mean, yah, that's how it works. There's no such thing as equality in Nature.

There's no such thing as the Internet, antibiotics, or legislation in Nature either. What's your point?

Some people prosper, some don't.

A tiny number of people prosper and the vast majority do not under our current system.

Dragging everybody down to the lowest common denominator isn't really that great of a solution.

The countries with higher PPP-adjusted GDP per capita than the US all have far higher levels of social provision than us; even using that metric is somewhat misleading though since wealth inequality is at historically high levels in the US and 43 million Americans live in poverty.

At least with capitalism they have a way to pull themselves out of their situation.

Capitalism put them in the situation.

Not everybody has the ability to "make it" but that's life.

No, that's death.

When a capitalist country has a corrupt government:

"It's because the government was corrupt, nothing to do with capitalism."

When a "socialist country" has a corrupt government:

"This is proof that socialism doesn't work"

capitalism to the rescueeee

So does the fact that 1.5 million children in the USA will be homeless this year mean that the free market doesn't work? Or is it not a Truly Free MarketTM? Or is this just how it's supposed to work...?

These countries are not socialist or anywhere near it. They are social democracies. Socialism is common ownership of the means of production. Social democracies still operate with the means of production being controlled by a private elite, and are therefore still capitalist in nature.

/sub/latestagecapitalism is good too.

The post was "making up things that don't exist."

A decent amount of first world countries are capitalistic and run fine.

Pretty much all of them actually. Many are social democracies (I did in fact have the wrong term) which despite its name is more of a Midway point between capitalism and socialism.

"control over the means of production"

Every economic system involves control over the means of production. That statement literally means nothing. Socialism is when the workers own the means of production, which is currently not the case in Venezuela.

B8 was lazy, so im going to be lazy and only post part of the comic.

B8 was lazy, so im going to be lazy and only post part of the comic.

We actually do like socialism more than capitalism.



The Nordic Model is social democracy, not socialism.

By definition socialism is a society where the workers own the means of production. It doesn't matter what you call yourself.

yes, having started to work 40+ hours every week for the next decades has made me love capitalism so much


socialist nations

No such thing. Socialism is international by definition.

If people are poor and unhappy usually socialism is round the corner.

This sub is filled with teenagers, most of them will grow out of it when they get real careers, jobs, more life experience and have to support themselves.

Communism is inherently stateless, classless, and moneyless. So under communism everyone wouldn't be "paid the same" instead money is not a thing.

This is a simplification of a complicated and multifaceted concept, but that's why I'm mocking the idea that "everyone's paid the same."

Check out the Wikipedia page on communism for a good start to learning about it.

Also if you have any other questions I'd love to try and answer them to the best of my knowledge.

Yep, totally just little kiddies with no experiences that dislike capitalism. /s

I'll defend communism, but you haven't really presented any arguments beyond "these states which were totally socialist did bad and that makes communism bad"

Yeah, it's not easy to keep your economic system up when the US has strict policies in effect to ensure you will never be sustainable.

Hahaha, thanks, America! Don't let those damn commies live happily like us! *looks at the millions of homeless in the United States*. Me too, thanks. Me too....

Hey man you have to be able to speak your point in a 5 word meme or less. These people don't understand basic economics, we need to help them through the only language they speak.

No it's exactly Capitalism.

You know labor laws came about because of class conflict, right? The modern welfare state was literally orchestrated as an anti-socialist measure in Germany.

Deleted my fb, but this was definitely one of my favorite pages

Added. Also for further clarification:


lol reddit is a neoliberal shithole for the most part

Is it? Is they how arguing works? You're either a shit troll or a just shitty capitalist apologist

Well actually, you don't know what communism entails

So that's one of the core issues which separate all the different schools of communist thought. So it really depends on which school you subscribe to. Many schools see communism as a sort of "end goal" that we are working towards, this is where things like socialism or syndicalism come up.

In a brief, over-simplified explanation, you have to remove a lot of assumptions that we have about how we deal with resources and resource management. Under capitalism, there are distinct advantages for accumulating large amounts of resources, see The Tragedy of the Commons, but in a communist community the benefits are significantly fewer.

Additionally, (note this part is controversial and subject to significant debate) the idea of a "post-scarcity" world relieves the idea of resource stress, and many argue that without capitalism, we will be able to more efficiently manage our resources for the good of humanity and bring about a post-scarcity future.

Again sorry if I misrepresent any of this, I'm not 100% knowledgeable on everything involving Communism and I probably got some things wrong

Socialism threatens capitalist hegemony and is always sabotaged by the existing powers.

It's actually exactly at that point in my life - getting a 40+ hour job and paying a morgage (adult stuff!), that capitalisms flaws became pronounce and the merits of socialism became clearer.

So I don't really buy into that "adulting out of socialism" idea

But he's right. Socialist is international.

Whether or not the people posting there are serious

You mean control of the means of production? As in what Venezuela has?

I'm seriously unsure whether or not that sub is for real

They are actually very anti-regulation, pro-free market, pro-business. Really, the only thing "left" about them is they pay the highest personal tax rates in the world to fund their massive welfare budgets.

Because OP has no idea what communism entails. It's a stateless, money-less society. No one gets paid at all, it's communal, hence the name.

Garbage men are just as vital to a functional society as doctors. Unless you just want streets full of trash or doctors running garbage trucks.

Holy shit, you're arrogant.

Flair checks out


Can you only speak in memes or can you actually produce a coherent rebuttal?

It's a meme you dip

Wait, are you saying workers in Venezuela control factories, farms, the oil industry, etc.? No they don't. Where did you get that idea from? I do have a feeling you don't know what the phrase means.

kinda like the U.S under george bush right

Okay, the only problem with teaching everyone who disparages communism is most have no desire to learn, instead the just fling their tired anticommunist talking points in an attempt to shut down conversation.

For those who are willing to learn about communism and socialism (and maybe even anarchism)

The government nationalized a few companies and the majority is still privately owned.

The government is the owner, not the workers.

So exactly the opposite of what you're saying.

What makes you so sure

B-but No True Scotsman!!!!!!!!!!!!! /s

Yes, exactly. Why do you imagine that is?

Go away. B8in'.

remember kids

me too, thanks.