Me irl

Me irl

This is already on my front page

I hate this sub

*edit downvoted and still slept well, fuck these memos

People that want cozy sleep

Who upvotes this shit. I legit want to know what kind of person upvotes this. Like what do they look like, what do they do, how old are they. And most of all why

Can everyone just downvote this please? You're ruining the sub

Upvoters are sleeping peacefully

10 on /sub/all for me, two hours in.

Do only the downvoters comment on these posts or what?

Fuck these memos

Here from the front page. Want cozy sleep. Gave an upvote. Wrote a comment to some Cresyguy. Now I go to bed. Will update on coziness of sleep.

Update: my sleep was very cozy. It wasn't the best sleep, but it was very cozy.

Fucking. Stop.

I would but I want to have cozy and restful sleeps

I thought we were done with these?

I don't understand how this is related to me in real life, can someone explain?

With the state of this sub, I can't tell if these "this sub is ruined" comments are a new meme trend or legit serious

Aaaaand it's #1

I like small versions of big things

"ruining the sub" is a new meme trend, and a joke.

And its ruining the sub.

I just woke up, where's Caffeine hamster??

Who likes this shit?

You really do though

#2 for me

What if I down vote instead? Time to find out!

since you asked im a 22 year old biology student studying population genetics and its 3 am and i cant get to sleep and i gotta get up at 5:30 im getting desperate here man cut me some slack

9 minutes and they're already sleeping cozy!

Is it six seconds from when you load the page with the thumbnail on it, when you view the thumbnail, open the image, or read that you only have six seconds? Or six seconds from when OP posted the meme? Or something else?

Also, yes these are dumb, please stop.


So it went from 10 to 2 in 8 minutes? Christ, me_irl

it's interesting cause it's not ironic anymore. the people who upvote this stuff legitimately just enjoy the content. it has devolved into 2001 era good luck email chains

Yeah I don't get these posts and how they relate to this sub. Has this place just become a meme depository?

grammar edit

I downvoted this and I'm now sleeping both cozy and restful.

These memes are garbage.

First step: Close your eyes.

haha totally relatable

Is that what your girlfriend tells you?


Fuck this meme

Me too thanks

Step 2: Stop opening your eyes to stare at your phone.

14 year olds prolly. Or hamsters. I dunno.

Why do these keep coming back? Stop it. These are shit.


yes haha thanks

!RemindMe 8 hours

I've been in bed for an hour hoping I could fall asleep, just one of those nights. Roll over and browse on my phone, see this stupid meme and think "hey, maybe this time upvoting this will put me to sleep." You never know.

think of all the people who are too afraid to post

they also fear losing sleep

damn why havent i tried that

1 for me

/#1 for me

#1 for me

2 hours in and it's top of all for me.

Lots of people will be blessed with cozy sleeps it seems.

But you're still awake though

That's where you're wrong, friendo



1 on /sub/all, i hate this site

me too thanks

Don't you mean me too thanks?

Based on anime

Meaning it started out even more shit

we're really breaking new ground here woah

This sub is turning into garbage

I need caffeine hamster as well my dude. I'm pulling an all nighter because I'm still on spring break time and I have to work at 7am.

We did it reddit!


This was top of all for me after 2 hours. Stop upvoting this complete and utter shit.

Step 3: Put your dick in the box

It's frustrating how on this sub it is absolutely impossible to get a real response from anyone. I really wonder who upvote this kind of post, I mean it's not even funny!

People need to learn to game the system. Just upvote and downvote right after to get the benefits and still make the front page better

!RemindMe too thanks

When you read "6 seconds" then the timer starts. You are using those seconds up when you read what will happen, so you have to read faster from then on

I hope u have cozy sleep

It was inevitable.

take a fucking melatonin then

They wouldn't be 14 anymore now would they?

I love how I instinctly want to upvote these things out of desperation, but the comments remind me that it is but a farce of malevolent intention.

Thank you, me_irl comment section. You are my rock.

Stay woke and downvote OP's post

I upvoted it because it had 7999 upvotes at the time and I couldn't resist that satisfaction.

Edit: You know what I'm talking about

3 am with insomnia

Wish me luck too thanks

Edit: it fuckin works holy shit

This is already on #1 /sub/all

I love this sub

Me, thanks

You have been visited by the report of vote manipulation.

Rethink your meme quality or forever be bamboozled.

Damn "ruining the sub" memes, they ruined the sub!


it's somehow gotten worse, if you can believe it

Me too thanks

But why?

At least we have anime_irl. That sub is like me_irl if it didn't go to shit and was based on anime.

I upvoted it.

I have insomnia and, tied with my depression, lack of cozy and restful sleeps are a big issue.

I know it won't work, but maybe my subconscious can do something with it

Me Zzz thanks

They've been replaced by an even bigger new batch of 14 year olds.

He ded, 2 much caffin for littler body

I'm always pretty unsure about everything, thanks

Me too thanks

Username doesn't check out

Wish I had read this comment in time

I hope you had the worst night of sleep in your life.

I really need this so why risk it?

This guy wants to be the only memer on the sub who sleeps well. Nice try, guy.

Me too thanks

Everyone's focused on "haha le me too thanks xd" when its just shit, like not even ironically shit anymore its just shit.

Not dead, just sleeping restfully.

We're never truly done with anything.

Doot doot

I'm a girl, I like cute things and I should be asleep. Seems like a pretty good deal to me!

Like what do they look like, what do they do, how old are they. And most of all why

Average, browse Reddit, 30, I like small mammals and sleeping.


1 for me too thanks