me irl

me irl

Well that's stupid it would be pretty easy to read if they wrote it properly

Russian cursive irl

English cursive irl

English cursive irl

The English one says minimum. They didn't dot the i's

Russian script is pretty confusing. Russian cursive is even more confusing. A Russian writing Russian cursive is literally a language all by its self. Just some example of letters in the Russian language: д(D) ю(U....I think) ы(Honestly couldn't tell ya) ф(FF) я(YA, also means I in Russian).

The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma...

I cannot read either of those.


SpongeBob lmao

That's because it was posted on /sub/minimalism, IIRC, and made to appear indiscernible

ы is like "ee" but from the back of your throat.

And ю is "yoo." "y" is "oo," so cyka is "sooka."