me and stu, j chillin

me and stu, j chillin

You look like a long lost Gizz boy.

This tops just about every photo I’ve seen on this sub with one of you guys and the gizz boys.

nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me :’)

I’ll help the boys out on the fourth color by being the fourth guitarist, I also play a mean psych rock mandolin

I hope I can end up getting a pic of me and the band. They all seem really chill guys.

I love how willing they are to take pics with the fans. Busiest band on earth but not too busy to show us some love

Hi John

But what does he play? Another drummer perhaps?

I’ll be at that show too! Saw them in Nashville last go round and the morning of the show we walk in to this place to get some food and there sits Cookie, Cavs, and Ambrose just chillin. After we ate we walked around a little only to find Lucas cruising around the next street over haha