Maybe Utah Mormons Aren't So Bad After All?

Maybe Utah Mormons Aren't So Bad After All?
Maybe Utah Mormons Aren't So Bad After All?

Utah Mormons seriously need to stop judging us when they move to the east coast. You can start by removing the term "the mission field" from your vocabulary.

Why say anything?

"I'm moving from Utah to...Pennsylvania"

I can see that. My mission president said as much on the east coast usa. We were there to teach the members how things were run. Pass a little blame along to SLC and correlation.

In my experience that hasn't always been the case. Some members that come from areas with a high Mormon population move here and take it upon themselves to "fix" things that aren't familiar with or feel like they were sent here by God for our benefit and develop a savior complex. It can be very patronizing.

Ohh. Yeah that’s weird, I’ve never heard that. Sorry, I thought you didn’t like Utah Mormons back east who said “the mission field” when they talked about.. the mission field. Doh. My bad.

It's not judging the demographics, it's stereotyping the area based on a single aspect of the demographics.

Zion. The birthplace of our nation. Back East. Across the Country.

There's four for you.

And please, if you are from, say, Ogden, don't stand and say your from Ogden. That is so disrespectful to people not from Utah. Please be polite and say "Ogden, Utah." Thanks in advance.

I am moving to an area in Arizona that has been described as a "Little Utah" because of the high LDS population. This article couldn't have come at a better time for me.

You take that back, they gave us the philly cheesesteak and Rocky.