Maybe its maybelline

Easy, breezy, beautiful.

Easy, breezy, beautiful.

Easy, breezy, beautiful. Skater boi.

I'm not sure which is more difficult - the skateboard trick or the hair flip at that angle. Kudos.

Maybeline is makeup not hair


Looks like Mt. Tabor.

She said see ya later boi.

Clearly this is Herbal Essence.

The skateboard trick

I often feel like Reddit is only Portland and a few Aussies.

Or whatever the male equivalent of sploosh would be.... Which I guess is still sploosh.

He wasn’t good enough for her.

but with semen

that is a glorious head of hair

Yeah but what about not getting his hair caught under the board

Pantene Bro-V

Came to see if anyone confirmed this. Right by the statue on the se side?

Ouch. My imagination ran with that.

It's 110% Mt. Tabor

Nah he was definitely born with it

Jesus, I wish my hair was still like that.


Come on scientists. Hurry up with the hair regrowth cure. Dammit.

I think they're just quoting Archer.

... sneezy, deezy, mc deluxe.

The red socks though.

She had a pretty face

The hair flip is common in maybelline commercials.

Wax on curb, usually.

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OP said maybe

That's 10% more than the real Mt. Tabor. Helluva deal, folks.

Those skateboards are strong enough for a woman, but they're PH balanced for him.

But her head was up in space

Yea I was just going to comment that. These guys don't Maybelline.

He’s got the urge to Herbal


I think it’s L’Oréal. Because he’s worth it.

I was giong to say this exact thing. Good thing I scrolled down far enough first!


And a Purdy mouf

Oh yeah, I remember this unlockable move in Tony Hawk Pro Skater: the Christ Air Hair

Majestic hair