Matthew Mcconaughey's reaction to Star Wars trailer

Matthew Mcconaughey's reaction to Star Wars trailer

I laughed, but then I remembered the actual scene from Interstellar, then I got sad.

Seriously, that scene was emotionally brutal. :(

Lol when he waved is when I lost it. Just perfect.

Matthew McConaughey loves two things, Star Wars and Lincolns.

Alright alright alright.

Seriously, it was. If that happened to a actual person I feel like they would go braindead from the feel overload.

10/10, I can just imagine the dude laughing at his own genius as he made this.

I cried so hard at that scene. Even later when he was yelling at himself in the paradox... got me right in the feels.

And High School girls man.

he was waving to the sith lord, dingus

Waving to the Stormtroopers. That's hilarious.

Do you mean in the tesseract?

Dennis Quaid recently was filmed while watching the trailer of "the phantom menace."

The opening part of the teaser with the felled Star Destroyer was invigorating. All the distrust I felt at the opening of Episodes I-III and the hesitation at the Disney undertaking dissipated with that powerful scene. It looks as if McConnaughey felt the same way.

It's easy to forget how good some Hollywood actors really are. For Matthew McConaughey to just sit there and conjure and believably convey such a complicated range of emotions without uttering a word really does require stellar talent.

And in response to a Star Wars ad.


sith lord, dingus

Darth Dingus?

Alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright

I went to see that movie a little on the high side. I get really open to emotions when I'm that way. I was with a date at the time and didn't want to be all boo-hoo-y. But I'm a single dad and very close to my daughters. So when that scene came up, I frigging lost it. I excused myself and ran to the restroom - where I cried like a goddamn baby for about 5 minutes.

Then went and got another bucket of popcorn and depth-charge size coke. Then came back and fought through more tears while stuffing my face like it was my last meal.

He means all the infinity stones.

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Hey everybody, look at this pussy crying everywhere!

Jar Jar is now called Dopey the Dick.

Oh, right. The scene where they got up to 88 MPH.

I almost cried on a spaceship to Dr. Manns planet when this part happened.

My brain just got the worst case of blue balls.

The sense of scale is so perfect

I love how perfect this is. How he settles into his seat and takes a deep breath in right before it starts. The boyish grin that spreads across his face as the Star Destroyer is revealed. The little wave to Kylo Ren and the Stormtroopers. The look of grimace on his face when he realizes it's about to end. The flood of tears and emotions throughout and, in particular, at the end. And then the stunned disbelief of it being over and the desperate want for more. This captures my own reaction so well. Golden clip.

The movie is good, even fantastic at some points. But don't expect the second coming of Christ. Reddit can sometimes build people up too much, so I would just like to say: Its a good movie. I enjoyed.

Interstellar talent.

That was the best part and then that half wave sealed the deal.

Maybe he shouldn't. His face is in it a lot.

I was laughing like a fuckin idiot. My stomach hurts. This is stupid.

I don't know.

You can grade a movie kind of objectively, but if the genre/storyline is something that really pushes somebody's buttons, it can make a good or great movie into something totally excellent.

Interstellar and Pacific Rim are 10/10 for me, since I'm really into post apocalyptic future type stuff and I thought they were both really well executed, however judging as objectively as possible I would rate them 8/10 and 6/10 respectively.

I would imagine reddit is full of people for whom sci-fi really pushes their buttons too.

Conversely, there are many movies that people regularly rate as 9-10/10, but they are a 5-6/10 for me, because the subject of the film doesn't really do anything for me.

Try being a dude with a daughter. That was brutal.

This scene that OP posted, yelling at himself in the tesseract, and seeing Murph at the end killed me. I don't cry ever, because I'm a dude, but man were my eyes leaking in those scenes.

i agree, I feel that, even with all the hate CGI gets, older prop-tech just didn't make it feel as grandiose as the characters portray it to be, and ep I-III the CGI was noticably fake. With Hollywoods new capabilities, and Disneys track record, I feel like we'll finally feel like truley miniscule observers watching the movie unfold

TL;DR: I'm super stoked

No thanks.

I'm a guy who is merely aware that there exist guys with daughters and that was almost too much to handle.

I should watch interstellar....


I thought this was real. : /

My first thought was: "Man, he looks really tired and sweaty. He must have just gotten finished working out when they caught him for this."

My second thought was: "Wow, he reacted the same way I did to the crashed Star Destroyer."

My third thought was: "Why are they just showing the trailer now and not his face?"

My fourth thought was: "Why is he crying? This is cool and moving but I don't know if it's that emotional. Waving??"

My fifth thought was: "Wait a minute. This title might not be genuine."

My sixth thought was: "I'm a dumbass."

He gave himself the coordinates after he tries to make himself stay. TARS helps him realize that he has to be the one who gives himself the coordinates, and he has to be the one who leaves, because he is the only one that can effectively communicate with Murph. At first he is just panicked because he sees his daughter again for the first time in a long while, and just wants to be with her. He thinks that he can somehow change the past, but then when TARS breaks things down for him, he realizes he cannot change what has already happened, and also realizes that the "beings" he had previously thought were aliens were actually super evolved humans, he starts to put the pieces of the puzzle together and realizes that he was chosen because Murph was chosen to lead the human race into its next evolution. He is the only one that can communicate with her in this space, because he loves her and is able to find specific moments in time through that bond. So he realizes it always had to be him to leave, because it always had to be her to lead. Then he starts putting everything in motion.

Thats fantastic.

And get 1.21 gigawatts

Darth Dringus

just a couple of sith hunks

I've never seen someone thankful they haven't seen interstellar.

I thought it said "you executed yourself". Was about to say it didn't work.

if you mean the CGI characters, than I agree, 2000-2003 cgi can be iffy. But the prequels were still model-heavy films. It's a huge misconception that they were all CGI.

Yup. You should.

You should probably watch that movie.

How have you not seen Interstellar? Go watch it right now!

What a fag!

I think the main problem was that they were written so poorly.

You know when it's about to change, but it doesn't. So annoying

I want my

I swear I just watched that trailer again for the fourth time at full volume and I cried.

I don't care what anyone says. Episode III was great.

dopey the dick = jar jar

zombies = sith

pussies = jedi

baby = anakin

it all makes sense!

Love is the answer! It transcends all dimensions!

Most emotional I've ever been at a movie theatre. Forget chocking back tears. Lost that battle early on. I almost started bawling. I've never done that

However, this is not the Ark you are looking for.

This. I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt this way. I have a 10 yo daughter, watched Interstellar for the second tome on a long flight, totally cried again.

Is this going to turn into the Hitler reaction videos? I could get behind that.

Come with me on my sprace ship

I wanna see Matthew listen to that ESPN chick yell at the towing attendant. Wave when she looks at the camera.

Guys, I'm pretty sure it's The Ark they're looking for...

IIRC almost everyone was super stoked when they saw the Phantom trailer. I thought it looked awesome at the time, despite that weird floppy comedic relief character who would obviously not play any major role.

I've been raising my girls practically solo for the past three years now. So we've grown a lot closer. There's no way in shit I would have left them for any reason at all.

Well, except to go to a movie and get a little high with my date before it started.


I almost cried on an airplane going to China when this part happened.

Try being a daughter with her dad sitting next to her at the time. That was...heart-wrenching.

No. She broke up with me a few weeks later for a reason all together different.

If you want to know why, I tell you. If not, then don't read below this sentence.

I struggle financially sometimes. Raising kids, owning a home, had to get a car, pulling myself out of some serious financial straits due to my ex-wife's doings before she left me for another guy. I've been having some health issues. High blood pressure. Now, I've had this for years - even when I was a trained athlete several years back. But I didn't want to go to the doctor because I had to drop my health insurance and I knew the cost was going to be mind boggling. But my girlfriend knew about my blood pressure and pressured (haha) me into go anyway.

I told her I would. But didn't out of money fears. So she got real pissed about me not going. Called me a liar that she couldn't trust. Called me an asshole too. Then left me.

I eventually had to get insurance and have been undergoing test after test for the doctor to figure out why a real, healthy guy has really unhealthy blood pressure readings.

I have another test in about a month. I'm hypokalaemic as well and they recently tested my adrenal gland. Thinking it was a hormone imbalance. But it's not.

I'm on two meds and my blood pressure is still high.

Maybe it's this coke habit. If I stopped snorting this shit maybe my blood pressure would drop and I could save some money ... Naaa. ;-)

edit: I DON'T REALLY DO COKE!!! I SWEAR!!! It was a really bad joke with a wink.

Honestly wanted to slap her when she said that, dumb bitch

I wanted to go wake up my kids (3 and 1 and a half years old) and hug them at like 1am "because my daddy promised me he'd be back"

How? That movie was so awesome

I almost cried on a boat going to Kuala Lumpur when this part happened.

Ok, I'm a little floored. When I went to sleep this had 300 views... WOW.

That was awesome. Thank god I've never seen the actual movie that that clip is from, because I got so into the mash-up that it was like he was a little kid trying to be like the movie.

I'm not proud of it, but at that point I lost the ability to even.

For your health

The issue was also with what the CGI meant for acting. Nearly every single scene, in the Phantom Menace especially, the actors are standing in a giant green screen room with absolutely nothing to look at or to immerse them in their role. This leads to extremely bland and sterile scenes where the actors stare off and deliver their lines without really being apart of their environment and making the audience believe they are the person.

Also the subtle "Alright" when the Lucasfilm logo appears.

However Lucas' last 3 movies were so terrible....

They aren't his movies anymore. The rights are sold and presumably he won't touch them, which is encouraging.

Everyone always points to Jar Jar as the main detractor of the Phantom Menace, but I don't know why an annoying rabbit is any more damning than how fucking boring a film is.

Stop trying to make this a new maymay

Seriously, I haven't seen Interstellar yet.

Yes. Yes you should

A lot of people are really turned off by a slow pace and minimal dialogue.

it's so good, so good, that even Topher Grace was like "wait everyone is in this awesome movie, and they already made the first half, can I get in the second half??" and then Matt Damon said "MATT DAMONNNNN!"


"because my daddy promised me he'd be back"

Never seen movie, have daughter, am crying

I don't know, the episode 1-3 trailers looked just as promising

Hey guys, here to tell you there are some major spoilers in this set of comments.

rolls massive snot ball between two fingers while flying xwing

Strong men also cry


Dude with two daughters, here. Can confirm, need to go hug my kids now.

this is interstellar not inception

Now can someone post a video of Matthew's Mcconaughey's reaction to Matthew Mcconaughey's reaction to Star Wars Trailer?

Like. Fucking immediately.

It's when he went to that planet with the crazy tidal waves, and came back to the ship after losing 25 years in a few hours.

That's the scene where he's watching his now grown children and grandchildren saying they've given up hope that they'd ever hear from him again... Yeah...

Its excellent