Matter of honor!

Matter of honor!

Real men carry 12 bags in one hand and just their keys in another.

This is due to an evolutionary reason. Men tend to try to keep their weapon hand free instinctively.

Carrying groceries is the same as dragging home that dead wooly mammoth you just killed.

I'm going to call bs on this and say it's just because I need a free hand to unlock my door, rather than have two full hands and have to put groceries down to get my keys out of my pocket at the door lol.

I dunno... That user name is pretty convincing.

If he was a real man he'd be carrying that bag up front.

You can hold so many more bags by sliding your arm through the handles of each plastic bag and pushing them up to the bend in your elbow. You can not only do one trip with ease, but even with a lot of bags you can do it using one arm if you have the arm strength.

Also that has the tendency to create an inadvertent tourniquet, turning your arm into a tingley, purple, pain sausage.

That sounds great, but you also lose the ability to respond quickly if one of the bag handles starts to tear. With your hand, you can whip your wrist around to wrap up the plastic in time to stop anything from falling.

He takes one step with the "I gotta poo" shuffle and those million panties slide back on

Dat ass dough

Fucker better not squish my bread!

Sing it, brother.

The keys are in the left pocket...FUCK.

Yeah, but that can happen to your fingers too, so that's sort of a wash.

Do you hear it? Thats the sound of a million panties dropping.

Notice the text which says, "I never do," haahaa!

Both of them, that is. I know who I'M backing.

I bet he can crack nuts with that but crack

You guys forgot about hanging a bag on the front package.

Dude. Cloth bags. They hold more and are stronger than plastic.

Every god damn fucking time.

"Two trips my ass!"

He might have one there anyway

Backing? Hopefully not the guy in OPs pic

As if I would let my husband put the groceries away. He would just toss everything (still bagged) into the pantry and call it a day.


1998 when the Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell in a Cell, and plummeted 16 feet through an announcers table.

Real men show concern for the environment!

he can crack em on my face

With your dick

Definitely this.

Real men bring in the bags slowly and in multiple trips that way your wife doesn't make you put them up. If you bring in all of them at once then you have to put them up

Get reusable bags. They carry probably the volume of 4 regular grocery sacks so I end up only carrying 3-4 bags when I'm done shopping.

If he had a hard-on he could carry 3 more bags.

Dude you know who I haven't seen today? That dude that ends all his stuff with the Undertake and Mankind.


I'd back that dude anytime. I usually give him a spot in the gym when he does his infamous glute squeezes.

Reddit doesn't like that