Master Builders on break.

Okay this is great. And you roll a proper cone. Have an upvote

I like how he takes a bath in grinder first.

LOL.. just reminded me something.. A driver turned in a grinder that looked like a stack of coins.. Stunk to high heaven of pot.. Left it on the school bus. The next day, that twit actually asked for it the next day "I left my art project on the bus, some coins I glued together.".. Police were waiting in the office when they got to school, that moron actually brought and OZ to school on the day he was asking for his pot grinder back. Kids these days.

How about an uptoke?

Protip : A Lego shovel is perfect for all your Kief scooping needs..

I ended up building a shovel rack with some lego tape

Protip :

I ended up building a shovel rack with some lego tape

My favorite part was with the guy with the joint on his head, he packed it down; that part is crucial in a well lit joint.

You don't bathe in your weed before you smoke it?

Wow not the sharpest tool in the shed that one...

Sweet jesus look at all the dust.

I thought I unsubscribed from /sub/trees

[9] you can unsubscribe from trees, but you can never leaf

Officially debunking my long held belief of "it never hurts to ask."

Is it wrong, that when the lego guy was smoking, in my head I heard, "Riiiicooooolaaaaaa...?"

My favorite part of this... other than the joint getting stuck on his head.

Have a pineapple!

You do know that Legos can't smoke..... But because of the magic of stop animation I can hit it while taking pictures to make it look like it got smoked.

yeah he's not the most medium spoon either.

I know what we're talking about. It's that funky sand from Brookstone, yeah?

Leaf. It's you can never leaf.

Really unexpected. The two little guys struggle with almost every aspect of making it except rolling it o.O

"Hey you do a drug? Let's take you out of school to limit your learning"

Wow thank you so much for protecting society from these violent criminals. I hope someone gave you an award you fucking hero

How did the police find out? Or do you just screw people over in [insert country]? Half my highschool walked around with weed in their pockets and nobody cared (the teachers didn't know obviously) but that was in the Netherlands so that might explain it...