[MASSIVE SHOW SPOILERS] When they even sass their death

[MASSIVE SHOW SPOILERS] When they even sass their death

My boy Carl had a love story that went nowhere, he is so crucial in the comics and they dare kill him off, kill rosita or tara but gimple the fucking troll kills Carl

Gimple is honestly ruining this show. Has been for the past 3 seasons. It's slowly going into a ditch. Plot is everywhere, holes are everywhere and he's acting as if he's fucking David Benioff and D.B Weiss combined.

How the fuck Kirkman hasn't realized is beyond me.

edit: I did not know Kirkman abandoned the ship some time ago. That's too bad. :/

edit2: Kirkman seems to still be involved with the production of the show. Just not the narrative of it. Stop spreading false rumours, people. That shit is so not cool.

It's funny because they basically recycled Bob's death for him anyway. Such a lame way out.

Let's have Negan take a bite out of Carl and have Carl scream "TAINTED MEAT" too

Anyone else bothered by how perfect that bite mark is? Like each tooth was a well soaced razor sharp entity of its own? And every single tooth cut through perfectly?

Let's not forget how the walker had all his teeth even though they've been decaying for years

oh my fucking god, this kid is a gem

I don't think Kirkman is involved with the show anymore.

Edit: He is. But doesn't have say in the plot.

I don't mind them killing off main character but Carl has so much more potential and most importantly his death is meaningless. He literally die for nothing.

DnD at least have the excuse of having nothing to adapt, George was supposed to be done with the series by now when the show started. What the fuck is this with Gimble having seasons of material left? Neagan should have been the shows saving arc, but it’s somehow worse than what they did to the Governor.

I lost interest after the 3rd or 4th episode this season. I used to be in love with this show but I just don't care anymore. I realized this after hearing about Carl's death and just finding myself not really caring. What a shit way to kill off such a great character. I defended this show up to this point now I'm just done. It really sucks too becasue this show had so much potential..

What a horrible example. Those deaths happened back to back within a matter of minutes, at the hands of the same exact guy, by means of his signature way of killing.

Revealing a bite he got ~2 episodes prior that we didn't even see happen? Exactly like Bob's death.

reduced to cleaning Darabont's toilet

Gimple just needs to go, or just be reduced to a smaller role.

Some walkers are fresher than others. Not all have been decaying for years.

Gimple basically killed him off just to give Rick a “everyone can be good. Give everyone a chance” speech so that he doesn’t kill Negan. Gimple could’ve picked Morgan which in my opinion would’ve been the best because his motto was that. What does Rick have left to fight for? He lost it when Lori died and now that Carl dies what is his motive? Judith was basically confirmed to be Shane’s.

Chandler said that Season 8 will be "one of the last few seasons of the show," so TWD is gonna end around Season 10 or 11.

Good idea for it to finish up.

The look of the walker suggests he's been a walker for quite some time.

& Andrea's with the slumped against the wall "oh here's my bite!" bs

yes, it is. they wanted you to feel the horror and powerlessness when these people confront Dany and her dragons. They wanted you to see Dany's rage, to build it up for that final moment in the north. we saw similar scenes in Meereen but we never saw it against a great house of Westeros.

what's the benefit of showing Stannis die? we already know Brienne is a warrior. we already know he was a shell of what he once was. why did we need to actually see his head plop off? what would it add to the story or Brienne's character?

edit: how to know when you've won a debate with a troll: when they downvote you and stop replying. thanks for the vote of confidence, kind stranger

While I sincerely think that Carl will die. There is a chance that this is a perfect ploy.

We know that the bites cause an infection that's kills you. If it's an infection, it can be thwarted. What better way to convince everyone of an impending death than to have people's families etc... comment on the death. Full blood transfusion by Rick is on it's way.

on the talk show after, the first question that the host asked was something like 'is this it for Carl?' and the response was heavily indicating that this is the end for Carl and the actor on the show. He said 'the bite will play out like all bites do' and he praised Chandler for his performances and contributions to the show.

He is of course, still involved in the making and production of The Walking Dead, but that goes against the narrative people here want to push about how Gimple deserves to be crucified for doing his job.

Someone posted a link replying to you which says absolutely nothing about Kirkman no longer working on TWD.

Here is a link confirming he still does and has no intention of leaving;


According to this interview which was published today, Chandler Riggs was told he was getting the boot shortly AFTER he purchased a new house close to where they film.


I really hope that doesn't end up happening.

Ironically, Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan is one of the few things I still love about TWD. The writing for Negan like the writing overall has been subpar, but JDM has done the best that could be done with the character.

But Negan should die in the show. I'm so over the Rick cycle. Ever since the beginning of the show, Rick cycles between "hope and we're better people and doing the right thing" and "kill anyone who even looks at me wrong." And it's happened with a bunch of other characters. That is not character development, to constantly cycle between these two mentalities.

So Negan really has to die on the show, because otherwise we're stuck in the Rick cycle forever. And it's completely unreasonable. Negan killed a lot of people who mattered to Rick. And Rick his group have killed a lot of Saviors. They think killing a few hundred of them is okay, but then they're going to spare Negan in the name of some moral high ground?

Virtually no human being in Rick's position would let Negan live.

Kirkman jumped ship earlier this year I'm pretty sure

It's, How Its Gotta Be.

He's currently suing AMC, so don't try tell me their relationship is rosey

You're purposefully simplifying the other guy's point so you can feel right. Honestly man this show is so trash that I don't even care to argue it further

Here is the image.  It is a request from Chandler to TSDF.  Note the wording he uses about the future of the show:


Here is the image. It is a request from Chandler to TSDF. Note the wording he uses about the future of the show: