Mascot Protects Kid From Foul Ball

What a hero! Glad he gets this recognition. Also he rolled with it and stayed in character.

Dude, you cut out the best part!

The kid gives him CPR after

Impressed he even tracked the ball in that suit, let alone that he protected the kid and played it off! MVP

best part is the lady who thinks the clip board will stop that ball

Mascot just tracked the fielder going for the ball

Maybe that dude really got knocked out.

EDIT: The more I watch it the more I make believe that guy in the suit is a pedophile and he is about to make some moves on that kid and then ::BLAM:: he gets knocked out by a baseball.

But she's put it directly on her head, so it's likely the energy will just be transferred straight through

Assuming the clipboard is made of polypropylene or PVC, it will likely absorb and dissipate enough of the impact energy to avoid a serious head injury. In my drunken opinion.

Haha, love that mascot

boooooo! hisssssssss!

Stays in character too, what a great mascot. They definitely deserve some recognition.

The determination on that kid's face.

Probably. Great thinking and timing is also probably why they have that job.

You gotta wake up dad!

To be fair, the ball wasn't going to hit the kid if you watch the trajectory... (twirls moustache, laughs maniacally and waits for boos and hisses)

Yeah, but what about building 7?

Does this qualify as /sub/animalsbeingbros material?

Fun fact: that's actually Steve Buscemi in the mascot costume. He volunteers.

batter and pitcher team up to thwart gator from consuming small child.

What I really want to know is why the alligator was just chilling with some random, unattended kid in the first place. Post theories below.

Fuck us for praising someone doing their job well right?

Go Gators!

Would you have been able to tell that while wearing that suit?


Albert that really hurt.

Sorry no gif


In the original he plays dead and the kid give him cpr. So cute

Have you ever seen the rain?

Time traveller saving younger version of self from accidents, while in disguise

Probably not.

What a hero, are the exact words that came out of my mouth when I saw that.

Probably got his cue from the player in the direction that the guy was looking.

How on earth did he see so well through that thing

Crocodile Dun-deal