Martin Liberman (Anti-Messi Journalist): "What I have always asked of Messi is what he did yesterday. If he really was the best player in the player in the world, he had to save us.... and yesterday he did."

Martin Liberman (Anti-Messi Journalist): "What I have always asked of Messi is what he did yesterday. If he really was the best player in the player in the world, he had to save us.... and yesterday he did."
Martin Liberman (Anti-Messi Journalist): "What I have always asked of Messi is what he did yester...

How the fuck could you ever be anti-Messi in the first place

Especially when you are argentine

I've met Argentines who are so blinded by maradona they can't take Messi seriously

“he had to save us....”

That’s kinda pathetic. You’re basically admitting the rest of the team is a pile of excrement and need the one and only to save their asses once again.

Shouldn’t there be more of a furore as to why you were in this position in the first place? All that wonderful talent that doesn’t seem to work together but it’s ok because “Messi will save us”.

I don't hate Manchester United but I fucking hate their fans.

It's the 'what have you done for me lately' mentality.

The number 10 on Messi's back also means that he was carrying 10 of his teammates.

Yeah, I have one Argentine friend whose grandfather was such a huge José Manuel Moreno fan he couldn't take Maradona seriously.

I hate Real Madrid supporters and Real Madrid even more.

This doesn't make sense to me . What Messi did against Ecuador was great but hardly proof of why he's the best player. He's done far more impressive things in his career.

It's real, people that saw José Manuel Moreno play still claim he was the best ever.

"Maradona Is the best ever in the world, and he's among the best ever in Argentina" is a saying for a reason.

Edit: misspelled his name

But it's... True

I fucking hate Barcelona and I hate their fans even more.

Just idiots that are mad that he couldn't carry them to a World Cup win, thankfully it's only a small minority that just project themselves loud, most Argentines treat Messi like a god (rightfully so).

Isnt this the guy who spread false information about Messi's and their charity organization few months ago?

He insulted Messi's sister live after she tweeted something to defend his brother, he keeps saying that the Argentina NT can be renamed "Messi's friends" since in his opinion Messi is the one who picks the formation, he said that Sampaoli is a Messi's employee and he even went to Spain to confront catalan and spanish journalists who appreciate Messi to spread his hate for him. These are only the most blatant examples that come to my mind.

Insulting the player's sister live and going to a foreign country just to say how much Messi sucks doesn't sound anti-Messi?

I can't even tell if you're joking or not

Not necessarily anti-Messi, but you could be moderate or indifferent when it comes to him. You can appreciate him as you appreciate all other players. I'd rather have more of these people instead of Ray Hudsons. Same speech applies to Ronaldo.

Also launched some sexist remarks at Messi's sister.

Lmao I 100% blame maradona for wc2010

Also Messi is already the goat.

Can we all agree that Liverpool fans from Egypt are the worst?

Fuck this ugly ginger cunt, people like him are the reason the NT didn't want to talk to "journalists".

Well, how about you eat a dick? What do you think?

Old people will always say what they had in their time was better, I mean this sub manages to do with the early 2000s footballers so imagine those who watched 60s football.

News flash: Mariano sucks.

You're welcome for Benzema.

Anyone with reasonable eyes has to love Messi. He is the best and he is humble with it, what a dude.

I've met some doesn't mean all maradona fans are that way lol, stop trying to put words in my mouth

Probably because the journalist is argentine and he thinks the only way to influence a game is through goals.

I hate Real Madrid and their fans equally.

Colorado HDP

"Anti-Messi Journalist" Is that a new expression for "idiot"?

I believe he's a big fan of the rival club, Rosario Central, of Messi's original one, Newell's Old Boys. This is Argentina, football isn't like religion, it's more important than religion.*

All that said, there are many people who are very critical of Messi particularly in Argentina. As someone here once said, people are selfish by nature and they see the miracles he pulls out for Barca and they want some of that for themselves. When Messi hung Bayern out to dry during the semis for the CL, so many Argentines were saying, "why couldn't you do that against Germany?!"

*One of my Argentine cousins [in-law] had baby boy and the day for the bris [circumcision ceremony, 8 days after the birth] happened to fall on the day of Club World Cup final when River Plate played Barcelona. Half the family was River, and so was the Rabbi who performs the ceremony apparently, because none of them showed up until hours later.

Liberman is anti messi though. He has always shat on Leo and at the same time praised Ronaldo, he even got invited to a heavily Madrid biased tv show a couple months ago. He even launched some sexist remarks at Messi's sister when she defended him.

OK but Lloyd Owusu is one of the most skilled, and physically incredible footballers to ever walk the planet though....

So I fail to see how thats "my bias for early 2000's football" when it's objectively factual

That's the big conundrum in Argentine media regarding Messi. They want Messi to be Maradona every game, when not even Maradona was Maradona every game.

My neighbor is an Argentine and he says it's the fact that Messi doesn't feel Argentinian anymore. His claim to not really liking Messi is that Barca came for him at such a young age that he seems more Catalan than Argentine.

Weird but it was right from an Argentine's mouth.

TBF he's been consistently saying the team is shit.

These idiots are always doing these controversial statements just to be on all the newspapers. We have a lot of these specimens in Argentina unfortunately. But the worst thing is that some people actually listen to them.

I'm going to have to ask what qualifies someone as an "Anti-Messi Journalist". Not doubting that this is the case but since this can well be seen as an editorialised headline I'm asking for a bit of a background here.

Did you even watch the TV program where he confronted the spanish journalists?

Not even Liverpool fans form Egypt, the Liverpool fans on here were saying they were better than Barça, and that this would be their year. But Middle Eastern Barcelona and Real Madrid supporters are tied as the worst with Egyptian Liverpool supporters.

Because they think Messi could alone carry the team to a WC title, because they are brainwashed about Maradona supposedly winning the 1986 WC alone.

I've heard this argument but I don't think it's true, Messi could've played for Spain but he refused.

I lived in my home country for only 6 years before moving but 20 years later I still feel as though my home country is my home not my adopted one.

Messi was 12 when he left, married an Argentinian, in Argentina, he's more Argentinian than the blue and white stripes

Same, I don't have this bias, either. I grew up watching Brian McBride play and I consider myself lucky to see the Premier League's best ever forward live.

I don't hate messi but I fucking hate his fans

No me importa lo que digan esos putos periodistas..

"Messi is no Salah" - Martin Liberman

"Why you Messi fans have to blame Maradona and his fans? We Maradona fans never try to put Messi down" lmao