Marta slips through

Calm down, Sepp.

Nice skill. Didn't realized she did a Cruijff until watching it again. She's been a level above everyone else all these years.

She won it five years in a row and in the four years after, she's been #2 three times and #3 once. I don't know, that's nine fucking years.

She's a bit awesome.

Can you say that you've seen enough of women's football to judge? You admit that you base your view on highlights, so did you seen enough of e.g. Homare Sawa who won it in 2011 to say that Marta is better?

It's like if I (who don't watch basketball) would say "hey, why hasn't Kobe Bryant won it since 2008? And who the is this Stephen Curry guy anyway?"

It's called hair dye

Why does it always have to be "like to see her do that against men" or anything that entices the conversation of Men Vs Women

They are different, high school anatomy will show you this in case you needed to be reminded....why bring it up again and again

Just enjoy the damn highlight, or dont but jesus christ its annoying

ELI5: Every time I watch the FIFA Ballon D'Or highlight reels for the Women's WPOTY her clips are without fail the most impressive by FAR. Yet she's not won the award since 2010.

Is she bribing the wrong people or what?

She would get destroyed.

Magna Marta.

This drives me nuts about any sort of comparison. My enjoyment of a game is related so much more to the matchup than the actual talent on the field. I'd rather watch two evenly matched terrible teams in some backwater league play their hearts out than just watch a clearly elite squad trounce someone.

Yeah that's nine years where she's looked the best (to me (from the highlights)) and she only has five awards?

Is she getting as stiffed as it seems like she's getting or what?

Even in the championship or league one she probably would struggle greatly. The drop-off between elite leagues and ones just below is not as big as you think.

I think that's the whole point of his question. "she looks great in the highlights, is someone else actually better, since its hard to tell from just highlights?"

The german women national team (which is among the best in the world) regularly loses every single exhibition match against U16 and U17 teams from like Eintracht Frankfurt or VFB Stuttgart by a large margin. They are some of the best female players in the world and don't stand a chance against U16 players who will most likely never make it to the pros.

While Marta is the best female player in the world, the difference between her and the other top female players isn't big enough to be able to say that she could play at a top international level when all the other female players are worse than 16 year old boys.

Marta is fun to watch

Didnt know this was /sub/menssoccer

I thought it was /sub/soccer, stop bitching you dont have to even be in this thread


God talk about your first world problems.

Go whine somewhere else you entitled little child.

Not really a Cruyff turn though is it? she didn't fake shoot/pass, it's more of an autopass

Yep, the US Women's NT (currently ranked 2nd in the world) lost 8-2 to the US Men's U17 NT. U17.

Of all the jokes in this thread, this one is...

I think it has more to do with the fact that she would be demolished against men. She is lacking (in comparison to men) in literally every physical attribute that is important to soccer.

Bryan Ruiz has almost a foot on Marta and is male, without question he is stronger than Marta.

Dude, you aren't allowed to say things like that on here. She wouldn't get knocked down at all because she's a strong, independent woman and she don't need no man.

Black Beads from the artificial surface I would imagine.

Or sand, IDK what they use at that level.

I mean she does though. So does that guy. What's the difference? I remember people talking about how they saw so many Uruguayan nipples last summer. Why is it so bad to point out that she's nipping, and not the Uruguayan guys nipping. It happens.

Seriously? I hope you provided the same riveting commentary during the 2014 World Cup.

Seriously? I hope you provided the same riveting commentary during the.

That would be Cho So-hyun

Nobody said they can't play football. It's just that the difference in level between men and women is wayyyy more than you think it is.

You got downvoted because women can't compete against professional-level men in football.

Wenger almost signed her

Women's national teams lose to men's youth teams, she wouldn't make it above being in a U23 squad

Fucking ridiculous how some people lack the ability to just enjoy a highlight or not be obnoxious about it being womens soccer

Like jesus christ its not a hard concept to grasp and the amount of idiots is shocking to me

anyone with a brain should complain. What a joke it is to play a high level competition on turf.

You have to be trolling at this point. She is exceptionally slower, weaker, and less technically gifted than any top male player - let alone Messi. To put things in perspective, there tons of reports a few years back about the U17 USMNT beating our USWNT (who came in 2nd place during the 2011 world cup) 8-2. Now how do you think Messi would do against them?

Soccer isn't Men's Football. Football in general is a sport for EVERYBODY to enjoy. This sub is a sub for that sport, so when someone posts something like this, which is a wonderful example of dribbling and agility, it's completely fine. It's football related. Football is the world's game, not the Men's Game.

I always rated Marta

I think people wanted to diversify, and some years they wanted to reward some spectacular performance, like from Japan.

Nah honestly if you're the best player on the most successful team of the year and the top players are of similar skill you're likely to win it. Marta won a lot of hers when Brazil was emerging as a power in the women's game, she was the undisputed force behind those teams. Brazil has dropped off a bit.

When the Japanese won the World Cup sawa being the best in the World Cup winning team was playing at a level above the field.

Same when the USA won the gold medal and Wambach won (highest scoring American in history) she doesn't have flair but honestly she didn't need it, she made goals happen that won a team gold.

On a year without a major international tournament angerer the German goalkeeper who led a team to a CL win won it. Hope solo is easily the best keeper in the game so this one speaks to players who effect big games get the recognition.

Maybe it'd be different if and when the clubs grow. But for now the biggest measuring stick is large international tournaments.

Vero from Spain is incredibly skilled and had a great season for the Portland thorns but failed to impress this wc. If you just saw highlights of her you might think she would be in the mix. But you have to basically take a team and put it on your back to get the award. Look for this WCs breakout star to win it this year.

What's he problem of asking why he's wrong? Based on the highlights Marta is much more amazing, and he wants to know why is she not getting the awards. He's not trying to defend an argument, he wants people to explain it to him, which barely anyone is doing.

It's not just the women. Most of the federations are as well.

You have Football. The world's game. That's it

A male frame makes him stronger almost by default.

Exactly. You dont need to be a biologist to know theres a massive insurmountable physical difference that manifests during puberty. That doesn't mean that women can't be as good as men in technical aspects of the game only physical. Theres a lot of good skills etc on display in womens football