Married 8 months after meeting, still married 40 years today

Married 8 months after meeting, still married 40 years today

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My parents married at 18 after a few months of knowing each other. 48 years later they still love each other.

In the process, they really fucked up my sister's and my perception of what actual relationships are like. Why couldn't they get divorced like normal people?

For real. Great smiles

I was on a week's vacation where I had a fling with a girl. At then end of the vacation we decide that she should quit her job and come live with me. That was 18 years ago.

She recently told my* 10-year-old daughter that story and the response was "Yay! Now I get to do that sometime!"

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*As has been pointed out, I should have said "our".

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Sometimes when you find the right one, you just know. My wife moved in with me three days after our first date. We are just as happy 8 years later and just had our first child together (her first, I have two from a previous marriage). She's my best friend.

On the other hand, sometimes you think you know you've found the one and it ends horribly. So yeah good luck.

The smile is a reflection that they did not lose the feeling of being first time boyfriend and girlfriend, long before Pope Francis gave such advice.

I bet they probably still have sex too.

The divorce rate is not 50% of all marriages.

If you are 18, no diploma, and marry your success rate is in the 20% range.

If you are 26+ when you marry, college educated your success rate is in the 80% range.

If you have divorced previously, your future divorce rate should you remarry is higher. The general consensus is that divorcees tend to carry their problems into a 2nd marriage, or be less tolerant of problems the 2nd time around.

Having in-laws move in, or a chronic illness, or the death of a child are all risk factors for marriages as well.

Marriages outside of the major risk groups tend be very stable. The news loves to boil it down to "50% of all marriages end." Like most things, it's more complicated than a 3 second sound bite.

EDIT: This is pretty dense, but a good start. You can also google, and there are a number of great articles/ books.

First Marriages in the United States: Data From the 2006–2010 National Survey of Family Growth

Well, you didn't know. You guessed, and you got lucky. Congrats though!

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The difference between those two--being best friends for life or breaking up horribly--comes down to effort by both partners.

My SO and I moved in together one month after we met. Soon we'll celebrate our tenth anniversary, and we're blissfully happy...because neither of us believe in "true love."

The people I've seen go through failed relationships one after another have unrealistic expectations of romance. They expect their relationships to be forever flawless right out of the box; they're not willing to build and maintain them. They don't communicate, don't compromise, and don't make the effort to resolve conflicts. At the first spot of trouble in paradise they walk away...or they stay put, silently withdrawing, keeping an eye out for "something better" and hoping their lovers will get fed up and leave on their own.

"Happily ever after" is a choice both partners need to make, and keep making day after day. If you find someone who's willing to make that choice with you, that's the right one.

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Religious or not. It's a good sentiment. Nobody can deny the emotion shown through true smiles. People lose that feeling, but others have it shine through even the smallest of actions.

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FWIW, my sister met her husband on a beach during a week-long trip, and after a brief phone relationship after the fact, they decided she'd move to where he lived. 15-16~ years later, they're incredibly happy, maried and have produced some of the baddest ass nieces and nephews on this side of the Mississippi. Crazy shit can happen on trips. :P

I actually had to do a double-take reading this, because the timing/ages are so close. Like, wait, is that my brother in law?

Alternative plot twist- SHE'S the dentist and that's why he married her!

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That's the fucked up part. Now it really does seem like the norm to be divorced and/or remarried. I use to think it was just shocking when people split up but when it really boils down and you can take a look around at it, most shouldn't of gotten together in the first place

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Sure, but, with each other?

...promise ring? Is that still a thing? For adults?

Plot twist, he is a dentist, and that's why she married him!

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Probably because 40 years ago it was typical for the dude to be breadwinner while the wife stayed home and raised you two. And if they ever got a divorce, the mother got the house and kids by default. Do you have any idea how hard it is to raise kids? How about when you're also poor and may or may not get a check in the mail from their dad?

These days everyone works and women have options. And the courts are a lot more serious about child support. So back in the day they had rough times and persevered through it. In part, if not mostly, because the alternative was so horrific.

If your parents gave you a happy childhood without screaming and fighting and an atmosphere of bitterness, be grateful. They could have fucked you up so much worse. And on that note, good luck finding someone that'll stick with you and not fuck up your kids.

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Further plot twist: The neighbor's a dentist and she's been sleeping with him.

The key to a happy marriage is finding something to do with your spouse for a few hours every day. Like dinner, or a hobby or flossing.

well, they're both in the same room if that counts.

I wish someone could fuck up my perception of long term committed relationships. All I've seen in my family is divorce and fighting, and I feel like all long term relationships are doomed. I'm actually kinda concerned about how it'll affect my relationships in life.

....Screw it. I'm just gonna get a puppy.

Bringing up religion on reddit in a non-religious sub?

The kind of comment that's not really that funny but it makes a reference to something old so we'll pretend it's great because we're in on the joke?

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Sometimes, you just know you've got the right one.

My wife and I were married after three months, the second time we met. First time was 13 years before, when we were kids and she kicked me in the crotch. Second time around was much more pleasant. Because we got married so quickly, everyone, inclusing my parents, thought that she was pregnant. Nope, just in love.

Now it's been almost 13 years, and we just had our first kid. The entire family was shocked again, but everyone is happy.

Edit: Added details.

Well, you're not actually out of the "new relationship" stage, timewise, so check in ten years from now.

Is is awful being that cynical all the time?

Thank you for this OP, my parents have about the same story. They met on a blind date while they were waiting for the friends who set them up with each other to show up. They got engaged 3 months later and had been married ever since. They would have had 35 years together this year. Unfortunately my father passed away about a week ago. I'm glad to know that no matter what they shared that same love for all those years. Cherish they time you have with your parents. They look so happy together.

My grandfather saw a friends picture of a neighbor girl while on ship in the pacific during WW2. He wrote her mother asking permission to write to her and she agreed, so he did. After the war was over he asked if he could come to Pittsburgh to meet her, he being from Iowa, and she really didn't want to but her mother gave him the okay. They were married on the sixth time they met face to face and had their 71st wedding anniversary, so I think it's going to work out for those two.

Follow the rabbit hole as deep as you want.

Lots of other sources but this one at least cites where it got the facts.

Bill Buckner's flub.

For the uninitiated, hey're referring to

is is

This was the best lesson I learned in therapy after a devastating breakup. Very few people have a fairy tale romance where it's all true love and everything is easy. If you're not actively choosing to be with your partner every day then it can go wrong quickly. You shouldn't want someone who NEEDS you, but someone who wants YOU.

It's cheesy as fuck but The Mastery of Love touches on this subject really well and makes it make sense.

The kid was born with a black eye.

Here's the thing. "True love" does exist. And everyone should believe in it. However, true love isn't what Disney and romance movies make it out to be. True love isn't "We were meant to be together. It's true love." No. It is more along the lines of "We love each other so much that we are truely willing to work out our differences and see past our flaws to be with each other.

Basically true love isn't what magically makes a relationship work. True love is all the work you put into the relationship to make it work.

What he commented wasn't even necessarily religious though.

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I remember my grandpa inviting to watch Back to the Future at his house when he got in on VHS, I walked in on him and my grandma in bed. I didn't realize what was going on at the time, and then as I got older I gagged at realizing what I walked in on. Now as a married adult I thought it was really sweet and encouraging that they were still fucking after 42 years of marriage (at the time)

Similar with my husband and I. We married almost six months to the day of our first date. It's almost 8 years we've been together and we're inseparable.

5 out of 5 dentists recommend his dentist

Reddit is friendlier toward Pope Francis than they were to his predecessor. Pope Francis is a pretty neat guy.

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Spoiler alert: that's probably going to end in a fuck ton of sadness, too.

It's nice to know that feeling doesn't necessarily fade. My husband and I moved in together two weeks after our first date. Shortly after we got hitched. We've been married two years and I still have a crush on him. (:

You reversed it, he's saying kids are in school so the adults make the jokes now.

It looks like John Stossel, Bill Buckner, and Jerry Seinfeld all had a baby together

And still a very handsome couple. Congrats!

Even further alternative plot twist: They both lost their teeth at a young age and have been hiding their dentures from each other for 40 years

Believe it or not, my parents used to do this every day before my dad passed away. Married for 35 years

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My sister met her husband on a beach trip too. He said he'd always wanted to live where she lived so he moved. They ended up together too

My parents have only been married 35 (together for 40, though) and they definitely still have sex. They've gotten a little too used to nobody living with them anymore. One of my siblings and their spouse and kids recently spent a weekend there and apparently the parents had loud morning sex and we're all giggly and smiley at breakfast. Sibling was trying to let the happy for them feelings win out over the grossed out feelings, but I'm not sure they succeeded.

Interesting thing about the divorce rate for marriages after divorce. I've heard that before and I think a lot of how predictive it is for individual people depends on how they go about processing the failed marriage and whether they learn from it and change the way they go about dating/partner selection/relationships. I met my first spouse at 19 1/2, got married just shy of 21, separated when I was 22, finalized the divorce when I was 23.

My ex was in a serious relationship before the divorce was finalized and was married within a year of that (with a tattooed wedding ring...eek), divorced again a year or two later (as we were on speaking terms my ex admitted to staying in that relationship longer than they should have because they feared the stigma of a second divorce...interestingly enough they'd admitted to me during our divorce that they wanted to dump me 4 months into dating but stuck it out because I was what they should want, so similar pattern there) and is now on the third marriage (we're no longer speaking because I asked them to stop contacting me, but from what I hear, they got a tech degree and a stable job and got depression meds balanced between relationships, so I'm really hoping this one works out for them).

Conversely, I intentionally took a solid year completely off dating to get to know myself again outside of that marriage and think about what I wanted in a partner (and what I didn't want in a partner, a lot of which I learned in the course of my first marriage) and what I had to offer a partner. Then I wasn't in a rush to date and didn't feel pressured to keep dating someone if I wasn't feeling it (whereas before I'd felt bad if I didn't give a potential relationship enough of a chance to see if it could develop if, say, I was miserably bored the first date but they asked for a second date. I had become confident enough in my own feelings to be able to say, look, you're really great, but I'm just not feeling the spark I need for a relationship to work and I know myself well enough to know that if I'm not feeling it at this point, it's not going to develop later). After a year or two of casually dating assorted people and being firm about the things that were deal breakers for me (politely and kindly, there was no shouting "that's a deal breaker" and storming out of dates) I met my current spouse. We clicked really well and tried to take things slowly so as to not rush into things, but it didn't wind up going quite as slowly as intended because we were both really into one another. We got married 2 years and change later and are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary next month. We've been through issues and worked them out, we discuss things that are problems or potential problems relatively rationally and without name calling, and we still love one another quite a bit even with all the flaws that we're well aware of.

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Just wait till the honeymoon period is over.

Well, if it helps my perception of what a relationship should be like was shattered by unexpected divorce

True love isn't what magically makes a relationship work. True love is all the work you put into the relationship to make it work.

— chiefs23

12:20 pm

Further alternative plot twist: The neighbor is a dentist and he's been sleeping with her! Also, wife's teeth look so good because she feels guilty about it. :(

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Nice. One of my coworker's parents did the same. Married 3 months after they first met. Still happily married today.

Not sure if browsing Facebook or /sub/pics

We're still early on, but my husband and I met in May last year, moved in two weeks after we met, and were married by October. I've never been happier in my entire life. It makes me look back on failed relationships and think, "This is what it was supposed to be like."

I assumed it was some ring for abstinent tweens to demonstrate their chasteness or whatever, but I just looked it up and it can also be a pre-engagement ring.

Each to their own I guess.

He was worried I would give up my career to have babies.

This is amazing and mind-boggling to me. In contrast, I was raised in the Mormon church which teaches girls from a very young age that their highest achievement in life is marriage and motherhood, and very strongly discourages choosing a career over children.

I wish so much that I'd had parents with your dad's attitude instead of mine that talked about their near-future grandbabies when I was only 14. Having one's success in life judged based on their reproductive choices is really demoralizing when you don't plan on having kids.

My family was similar to yours and I'm in a very happy, loving, long term relationship. We're planning on getting engaged next year. Some people look at their parents for what to do for a happy marriage, I look at mine for what not to do.

However I am also getting a puppy.

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Congratulations on losing the moustache!

First date on Friday, married the following Tuesday. Married 37 years.

I'm sorry for your loss. I wish you and your family the best.

I live in Utah. With mormons, that is a normal timeline. Average is knowing each other 5 months. I get judged for knowing someone for 3 years and we just got engaged.

Three men and a mustache baby.

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My third date with my boyfriend was basically me moving in.

We'd known eachother for less than a month at that point and had been sleeping in the same bed together (no sex) since the second date, because I'm too spoiled to sleep on the couch. I had come home with him that night to see his apartment and we vibed on the couch until we brought up roommates. I knew he needed one and I was being evicted, so our agreement consisted of a very stoned appraisal

"so...does that're roommate now?"

"Hellllll yeahhh"


I should mention we didn't start dating until a solid month after I had moved In. We just did things because they felt right, and being together was just easy. Everything ended up working out beautifully. I just got my promise ring last night :)