@MarkRuffalo: DNC, if you ever want to win another election any time soon you better get this sorted out. Get Bernie’s people back in there and lets hash thing thing out. Full disclosure. Full transparency. Full representation.

@MarkRuffalo: DNC, if you ever want to win another election any time soon you better get this sorted out. Get Bernie’s people back in there and lets hash thing thing out. Full disclosure. Full transparency. Full representation.
@MarkRuffalo: DNC, if you ever want to win another election any time soon you better get this sor...

nothing will happen as long as top brass is pleasing big money. it's just not. if the DNC can't get its shit together after this election, they just wont. the writing is so clear on the wall. fucking idiots.

edit: just an afterthought, i don't think both parties are the same. democrats have the edge over republicans policy-wise, It's just that dems could have a huge edge over republicans if they really wanted to. but they're stuck in the corporate mud right now just like republicans. get your shit together, DNC, and go full tilt with being the party of the people.

Nothing will change. DNC staffers and consultant class still get paid by the donors, even if they lose in 2018 and lose in 2020. They aren't interested in winning if it's with progressives.

You have 3 options:

Take over the Democratic Party with progressives in the senate and congress, and replace all the corporatists. Take over the DNC as well. Justice Democrats and Our Revolution is trying this.

Forget about the Democratic Party and create a new one, like when the Whigs went out of power and the newly formed Republican party (the progressive party of its time) under Lincoln came into power. DraftBernie and a few labour unions are trying to do this.

Move to Canada

Good luck my American friends

Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat. He's an independent that wanted to get the Democratic party nomination because he didn't want to split the vote with the Democratic party nominee if he ran as an independent. The Democratic party is in denial that they are the weak party right now, they lost to quite possibly the worst candidate of all time and there isn't any reassuring data that indicates they will gain any ground in the midterms. We're on the verge of losing the ACA, we have a tax reform plan on the table that doesn't make up for that loss, education reform isn't going anywhere, immigration reform is taking huge leaps backwards, every single important issue to the Democratic party is taking huge blows and damage control is limited. We need strong candidates like Bernie Sanders on local, state, and national election ballots or the Republicans will continue to do whatever they want with this country.

bc the goal isn't to win...they get everything they want from the GOP candidates when they win anyway. They don't need Democrats to win for anything.

Their main concern is to prevent Socialism from taking hold in the USA. That is the true purpose of the DNC...to capture leftist political energy and channel it directly into the ground like a lightining rod where it will have no effect on anything.

Why not vote 3rd party, or work on creating your own party?

IMHO, the DNC is going to do too little too late to win back the Sanders Supporters.

I'm both curious and scared for what will happen in 2020.

Judging by their actions and statements since last November, not only is it the fault of Russia, James Comey, domestic hackers and disgruntled Bernie voters that they lost, but anyone who didn't vote for Hillary is mentally deficient.

They've learned nothing. And their hysterical finger pointing and blame assigning will likely turn people away from the party until they grow the fuck up and accept what happened; and stop shit talking the voters they need to win.

Not really. Jill Stein is/was crazypants. She publicly stated that Wi-Fi should be removed from schools because it might be giving children cancer and also believes in the healing power of crystals.

Like, I want to love the green party. But I also want them to give us more Bernie level candidates.

Geez, no need to go full dark side.

I'm a hardcore Democrat and voted for Hillary to prevent this Trump monster, but at this moment the DNC has completely lost my vote.

Berniecrat/3rd party or a no vote.

No. If you vote Republican, you deserve a Republican president. Your message won't be interpreted as protest against Dems, but as support of Republicans.

Its not going to happen, ever. As such right now the DNC wont change, it wont try to pander. Its not going to happen and as such with the war on the "left" which Bernie is winning right now (well his base). Unless one side wins but than changes there is extremely little likelihood that winning back in 2018 will happen. With no viable candidate 2020 will be difficult as right now the only thing of change I see is "no trump". Rather than actual policy/ideas being put forth, atleast ones that the public which was lost dont hate

Get Involved with the party at the local and state level. It's the only way

Yeah I don't think you'd be doing yourself any favors there. Unless you are extremely rich.

I think if the Dems don't get their shit together - i e make real changes, make serious changes that assure fair treatment of every primary candidate - Bernie will run for president again but as an independent this time.

He's got the name recognition now, he's proven he can raise money, he's got a solid platform and core brand proposition. Maybe he joins up with Justice Dems, but I think he's big enough to do it without the DNC.

And I think he could win, handily.


What can we do to make them change?

Don't make Bruce Banner angry, DNC. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

Yeah the message you send by doing that is that you support all the shit the republicans have been doing

welcome to the one-party system that is America, the one-party being the corporate party offered in flavours of full corporatism (the Republicans) and corporatism with minorities and LGBT representatives (the Democrats)

Idk how this didn't dawn on me before. It seems like such an obvious thing when it's pointed out, but I had previously figured they'd stop funneling money into failing campaigns when it became clear there was no hope in winning...this revelation though means that point will never come because "winning" is relative and losing an election doesn't actually mean a real loss. It's extremely twisted and vindictive.


There isn't always an acceptable third party candidate, and depending on your state, write-ins may not even be counted, so that's as good as not voting.

Complete fabrication. He had friends and family working on his campaign and paid them for their work. Which he did for everyone that worked on his campaign. Also every candidate did this as well.

The only difference is that he paid them less than anyone else. Same can't be said for the others. Who not only had unpaid positions. But also paid those personally close to them more. Despite doing the same work by none close family members and friends.

Oddly enough, the politic subreddit actually has a history thread on it.



Give Bernie the keys to the party, like they did for HRC. Fair is fair.

ffffffuck no. that is the exact wrong response. why would you go republican? that's insane

I just said Canada because I'm Canadian and it's close to America. But any of those places will do really. Every place you've mentioned, including Canada, has an actual democracy, a multi-party system (not just a two but actually one party system - since the same donors fund both parties - as is the case in America), a non-oligarchic political system based on differences in political opinion and not on donor money, free and fair elections, universal healthcare, affordable or free college, effective and ubiquitous unions, lower rate of wealth inequality than in America, and so on.

I'd donate maximum if he ran outside of 2 party system.

That's exactly what we said in November. Problem with soul searching is you have to still have one and not have sold it.

I'm with you but be careful on voting to the right. Dems take that as a sign they should swing more to the right. Voting for a third party it even a write in doesn't give them that out

Why would the donors keep giving money if they keep losing elections?

Best place in Canada to move for a talented and experienced web designer and developer? Honestly everytime I consider expatriotism, I always think Ireland, UK or The Netherlands to put a fucking ocean been me and the Republicans.

Green party is on every ballot. Surely they are acceptable to any bernie voter given the circumstances.

And then they feed this bs to the MSM, and my surprisingly gullible relatives believe it and spout it as defense. Unbelievable.

It doesn't seem the most popular, but people can leave the party in mass (DemExit) and make them earn our votes back.

In the meantime, look to unite independent voters (Berniecrats, Greens, remaining Union organizations, maybe some Libertarians or follower of Ellison or Warren) into a competitive third party.

You joke but if they haven't got their shit together by 2020 a Trump win would make them so some soul searching.

I have never heard this more aptly described.

I wouldn't discourage people from working at the local level - if you get progressives at the local level they gain experience and as they progress in their political careers they gain more and more influence and can eventually change policy at higher levels.

But don't get me wrong - I'm not saying that's the only way to change the DNC, I'm saying it's a necessary part of it. If you have progressives demanding fairness at the local level then you're going to hear sooner if someone hijacks (hi-hillarys? hillarys? Shillarys... that might work) shillarys the funding system.

I changed to Independent after the election and I still refuse to switch back until this party starts to truly represent me. It's an absolute disgrace what has been allowed to transpire. Is there still not talk of creating a new major party with Bernie at the helm? It's not worth it to waste our time with these corporatists in my opinion.

This is stupid, a Jill Stein Presidency would have been immeasurably better than this shit, she wasn't going to legislate healing crystals.

I couldn't vote for Trump even if I hated Hillary. Had the Republican nominee been literally anyone else my vote would have went there. I also voted Hillary bc Trump was a disaster.

That is a misrepresentation of what she said. She said that we don't know what the long term effects of all this radiation is on our bodies which is very fair imo.

We should not be subjecting kids’ brains especially to that. And we don’t follow that issue in this country, but in Europe where they do, they have good precautions around wireless—maybe not good enough, because it’s very hard to study this stuff. We make guinea pigs out of whole populations and then we discover how many die. And this is like the paradigm for how public health works in this country and it’s outrageous, you know.

u/AdSin15 described it pretty perfectly. I will use the expression by Jimmy Dore: "Democrats would rather lose to Republicans than win with progressives. The donors want strong Republicans and weak Democrats."

The answer is quite simple to why this is really: low taxes.

I don't think that'll help as much as we wish; it's got to come from on high. I didn't work for the DNC directly but I interned for a democratic congressional candidate, last year. We lost the primary (and the R won the general, easily) and the biggest problem was funding from the DNC.

I still talk to the candidate and the DNC rep that was hired for her and there is so much frustration related to how badly the DNC botched funding for not just her campaign, but of her primary opponent and other local elections, nationwide. I don't have the answer but Perez and other tumors like Brazile have got to go; working at the local level is great but it won't solve the problem.

Edits for wording and grammar. Also, when I say funding, I also mean support, in general.

For whomever is downvoting my comment, I welcome any counterpoints or explanations as to why the DNC doesn't have a problem with funding local elections instead of funneling money to a terrible candidate at the top.

The only message sent is to yourself.

Third parties are a disaster in the USA because the US uses the primitive "first past the post" electoral template. Ross Perot put Bill Clinton into the White House, Ralph Nader put GWB into the White House. It's a horse-drawn democracy that America should be ashamed of. FPP guarantees the two established parties will always survive however corrupt they are.

You do realise that at least some portion of people who voted for Trump were people who were trying to send a message, or who simply thought Clinton was just as bad as Trump?

Finding Democrats to put in power in their own party who represent your interests works. Voting for indepenendents or thinking of forming a third party might work in the long run. Voting for Republicans just because Democrats are bad right now will only strengthen the current two-party status quo. Democrats will not learn from that, they do not seem to have learnt anything from the last elections. Why would a similar tactic work the next time?

What's your opinion on voting republican in spite of the DNC? I would say it would be better to not vote if you have no alternative and don't support the republican?

Just curious is all

That's completely insane. If anything, a protest vote would be an abstention, write in, or 3rd party. Not voting for the colossal white supremacist death cult that's currently in control of the entire US government and waging relentless class warfare on the mass of the American population.

Vote for another Trump? /s

Only way is time and to vote hem out.

"winning" is relative and losing an election doesn't actually mean a real loss. It's extremely twisted and vindictive.

The same logic applies to wars, and for the same reasons. We clearly failed to fulfill the "official" objectives of our foreign interventionism in places like Iraq, Libya, and Vietnam, but we succeeded in removing viable threats to the hegemony of American capital. I don't know that the DNC is consciously working towards that goal, but money talks. Accumulated wealth begets accumulated political power which perpetuates accumulated wealth. I'm not a hardcore Marxist materialist but there is no understanding what is going on within the Democratic Party without accounting for the corrosive effect of class interest on institutions in a capitalist economy.