@MarkDice: Tom Brady skipped White House visit to be with his sick mom, who has CANCER! Liberal media insinuated it was to distance himself from Trump.

@MarkDice: Tom Brady skipped White House visit to be with his sick mom, who has CANCER! Liberal m...

Rush was talking about this today and people were saying is was because his wife didn't want him to go. Brady's mother has been sick for a long time. She was at the Super Bowl and he was SO excited to go down and see her after being given the trophy. Sad to see their memories are so short.

"Tom Brady Skips White House Visit" could have been "Tom Brady Visits Sick Mother"

Weasel words. This is all the MSM is good for these days. Gotta stick to that narrative.

They aren't short. They have an agenda, and they need to carry out that agenda. The truth is relative to them, all that matters is the party.

Brady was almost crying at the SB when he talked about his mom. My guess is that she doesn't have much longer, unfortunately.

Brady could walk in at 2:13 am, stroll right on in, and read Trump a bedtime story if he wanted to...if Trump ever actually slept. MAGA

LOL Brady has a MAGA hat in his locker. The reason he doesn't care about missing one visit with Trump is because they've been good friends for years and have met countless times.

His mom was sick since before the Super Bowl.

Tom said he was going to be with his family after the Super Bowl. I assumed that's where he's been the whole time.

It's more likely that he'll win another Super Bowl than get another year with his mother- anyone who'd choose otherwise is fucked.

Seriously. Both proposed headlines are technically accurate, but one implies something that isn't true. Fake news doesn't always mean direct lies.

And I'm pretty sure Brady could arrange a visit, or probably even a sleepover if he wanted.

I've been there. It's brutal.

Also, you know, if I had been put in his position by the media when my mother was dying, I might have gone on a warpath and decided to dedicate my very existence to the goal of destroying what little semblance of credibility they had left.

... of course, fortunately for them, he's definitely not going to do that.

He publicly endorsed Trump right before the election and had a MAGA hat for a decent amount of time. Maybe he just loves his mom and wants to spend time with her in case cancer gets her?

Silly liberals, insinuating that Tom Brady gives a fuck what they think about him.

FUCK YOU, Main Stream Media.

You people are pathetic. You lying cucks would twist up a story and lie about a man who just wants to visit his dying mother just so that you get paid rather than tell the fucking truth and stay away from causing harmful rumors to spread.

Disgusting. Pathetic. SAD!

Fake news. All season long he had a MAGA hat in his locker. Post game interviews with him in the locker room he always positioned himself so the camera would see it.


That is why Trump says: " The facts are real, but the news is fake."

So what? He skipped on the White House after XLIX, too. Went shopping on Fifth Ave and bought an Apple Watch, then went home and fucked his supermodel wife. Brady is the greatest QB of all time in an age of unlimited salt. He is just going to keep terrorizing the NFL until every QB stat has been plundered. It's going to be one big FUCK YOU to all the haters and cucks in every mediocre shitstained team in the NFL, and he won't stop until he has a ring for every finger and ten more for his massive cock.

That was my thought. It would not be special for him to meet our President, since they're already friends. They can hang out whenever they both get the chance. But no matter how awesome our President is, Brady only has a short time left with his mom.

His wife also whipped him, saying he is no longer allowed to talk politics.

They know that most people read only the headlines and even if it's later corrected the damage has been done. Here's to hoping guys like Mark Dice and even the God Emperor himself can help expose them for the manipulators they truly are.

Yep. The guy needs to stand up for himself before she makes him a cuck.

You know the difference between Tom Brady and Jon Ossoff, don't you folks? Tom is a Patriot and a winner!

This. Brady missing a Trump visit is not a big deal because they have been long time friends. They have hung out countless times, so it's not like he's disrespecting Trump by not going. He probably called to talk to him about it.