Mark Ingram and Marshon Lattimore are ACTIVE for Saints at Falcons.

Mark Ingram and Marshon Lattimore are ACTIVE for Saints at Falcons.

ingram it is, no time to get cute in the playoffs. let‘s pray for a good one.

This is gonna be a great fuckin game

Saints 56-46 would please everyone.

I was thinking about ordering a pizza tonight, but I remembered Publix had bogo on some frozens and I picked some up the other day. I'll probably just heat one of those up.

If I read this sentence a year ago I would have an aneurysm

16-10 confirmed

I'm hoping for a 49ers - Rams level of TNF awesomeness

Ingram and Julio owner.

Off-topic: Digging the color rush

Kamara gonna look TOO SWEET in this.

can Jesus microwave a burrito so hot, even he can't eat it?

can confirm. mark in one league, julio in the other. no opponent players in either league. give me an ole fashioned shootout!

Ingram take me to the promise land

The two best one-two punch RB combos going head to head is exciting.

Obviously the Ingram/Kamara pair is way better but I'd like to see all four light it up

Wouldn't mind him having an off day, I already know Kamara is going to clap my cheeks.

Boom and Zoom!

Unless the chicken tender sub is on sale. Then you gotta get that. It's automatic.

Especially with those white stick on bandages he wears on his arms. He's gonna look like a power ranger.

Like some form of Seth Rollins, but WAY better

If I had an the RB2 and an RB4 on my team, I'd start them both.