Mark Cuban Still Has Absolutely No Idea How Net Neutrality Works

Mark Cuban Still Has Absolutely No Idea How Net Neutrality Works
Mark Cuban Still Has Absolutely No Idea How Net Neutrality Works

If you read his tweets, he's against government regulation including Net Neutrality. He is for the principles behind NN but thinks market forces will correct for abuse.

What he misses is that the consumer broadband market in the US is distorted so market forces are as well (favorable to monopolies, unfavorable to consumers).

Based on Cuban's tweets used by the author I would say at least 2 things:

Cuban supports net neutrality, despite this article desperately trying to paint the picture he doesn't. Cuban understands net neutrality, online business, and probably technology in general much better than the author and because of that the author entirely misinterprets what he said.

I don't really care enough to dig into u/mcuban's opinion on the matter, but based on what I know about him I'm pretty confident I'm right.

Users have a choice not to use the Google or Android app stores or devices

We do? Where? Amazon app store? Use a symbian phone? Windows mobile? Rotary?

Get the fuck out.

edit: It looks like I was wrong about Cuban's stance, based on information & links in some of the other replies here. But the article did not present a good argument for it. I do believe he knows exactly what Net Neutrality is and what it means, but it seems like he represents a third-party opinion on it.

Mark Cuban was an early investor in Charter Communications (before they were even nationwide) like 12+ years ago because they were one of the first telecoms to do HD programming and he saw that as the future.

His opinion on this matter is not to be trusted imo.

Yeah, he doesn't seem to realize that free market theories require corporations to compete with one another and right now the largest ISP's in America choose NOT to compete with each other. Plus the combination of a regulatory body like the government and the Citizens United decision makes a 'free market' in the US a pipe dream at best.

When he says "No ISP can mess with anything that impacts Apple or Google." he doesn't seem to understand that ISPs (like Comcast) have already gone after companies like Netflix, and successfully extorted them to pay more for "fast-lane" internet.

And if Comcast wants to give preference to it's own movie-streaming (and throttle Google or Apple movie-streaming) there will be nothing to stop them without Net Neutrality rules.

And before Mark Cuban or Ajit Pai says "they wouldn't dare do this against Apple or Google" -- that's the point -- they might not, but they could. And they will definitely do it against all the new startups who think up the next big thing.

Net Neutrality is about protecting the innovators and new companies that invent the next big thing, not protecting the giant corporations like Comcast, Apple and Google who can afford to buy their way out of the problem.

He's mostly just worried about giving the feds full control of everything which is a legit point that you could argue against.

no he's not

He is 100% against making the net free and open.

That's because he's never had to deal with trying to get residential broadband. Or had to deal with any of the issues that eventually pops up.

Only one ISP in my area. Cost is astronomical... Return the cable boxes, still charged for not returning the boxes until I hound comcast with my evidence of return. No evidence? Get fucked.. Oh yeah, they do that to a huge amount of their customers.. Have a problem with something wrong on the bill or bad service? Feel free to call their phone lines where the wait is 20-30 minutes. The spanish or indian accented speakers don't give a fuck. They make that clear by using half the time they are speaking to you with useless apologies. Have fun bouncing through 3 different people in the phone, all the while waiting forever...


Sitting in his crystal palace, he doesn't understand certain aspects of regulatory capture. If he does, then fuck him.

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Exactly what my question was going to be, what investments does he have on the ISP side?

Hey, take a stroll back through the post history for u/Eace1935 and you'll see this guy is pretty much here only to promote some website. This sort of thing is kinda frowned upon here, buddy.

Nor would I expect him to

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