Marie Brennan (@littleloislane)

Marie Brennan (@littleloislane)

Putting out a re-post as an excuse to ask what happened to Marie Brennan?

She was a favorite on /sub/hardbodies just a few months ago... with a ton of Instagram followers, and a front-page appearance here at least once a week. I just checked today, and it looks like she recently shut down her Instagram altogether.

Her only presence left is a "nutrition plan" website with her husband/boyfriend/whatever, and a Facebook page where she posts pictures of her dogs and what she ate for breakfast.

It's one thing to disappear from the Internet altogether... due to creepers, or getting older and leaving the fitness game, etc. But it's kinda weird to still be in the online fitness business, yet shut down the Insta that's the main promotional platform for it.

Anyone have any idea what happened there?

Couple of topless/nude here:

I remember seeing a topless (well she exposed one breast) pic of her in a Reddit thread a few months ago. Maybe it was a leak and she just decided to backed off a little

She moved back home from California to the Deep South awhile back. I remember that someone posted a recent bikini pic here a few months ago, and it drew comments about her putting on a little fat. Maybe she's just backed off from dieting and working out as hard, and isn't proud of her figure these days?

But yeah, it's pretty weird to delete her Instagram account altogether when she's trying to a get a health plan site off the ground.

Instagram is flooded with fitness model / trainers trying to make money with product endorsements and paid coaching-by-appointment. Flooded.

I think a great many of them come and go as their life circumstances change. Some get a decent job as a full time trainer for a large gym in town, and back off the Instagram stuff because they're tired of creepers posting overtly sexual comments about them all over the internet. Some marry and their priorities change, wanting to raise kids, and not count every microgram of chicken and oats they eat. Some move to other fields, becoming realtors, or sitting in an office all day.

TL;DR the "Fitness Industry" is oversaturated, NASM, ACE & ISAA certifications cost only a couple grand and a few months of cramming textbooks creating a very low barrier to entry, and if you don't build up a large clientele for personal training or sign on to a large gym willing to pay a livable salary, the odds are against it being your lifelong career.

As a few PTs have posted in AMA's recently, the job is really about networking and building relationships more than the certs.

This girl probably checked one or two of the boxes I listed above and noped out. Married? Took a 9-5 with some Fortune 1000 as their "Health Coach" ? Being a mommy? Burned out and no longer lifts? who knows. Eventually unless you're very lucky a combination of one or all the reasons hits them all. There are extremely few, if any 40+ year-old female "celebrity trainers" on Instagram, Jillian Michaels and ChickenTuna not withstanding.


Stellar stuff thanks. They're just as great as I'd imagined