Map of Logos of European Postal Services

Map of Logos of European Postal Services
The logo for the Danish Post is outdated, for more than a decade it has been this.

The logo for the Danish Post is outdated, for more than a decade it has been .

In many places in Europe when a package is delivered the postman blows a large ceremonial horn to let you know it's arrived and to celebrate another successful delivery.

postnord more like postmord amirite fellow pølser

Am I doing this right?

The post horn (also post-horn) is a valveless cylindrical brass instrument with a cupped mouthpiece. The instrument was used to signal the arrival or departure of a post rider or mail coach. It was used especially by postilions of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Thanks goodness its not called Itella anymore

How shall we get rid of nuclear waste?

-Send it with Postnord, it will disappear.

Greece with our boy Hermes !!!

Newest delivery vehicle in Sweden, link

Newest delivery vehicle in Sweden,

Is true, for example, here you can see some Switz postmen just after a delivery...

Is true, for example, you can see some Switz postmen just after a delivery...

Jävla postnord

can someone explain the reason for the horns?

Nobody knew wtf Itella meant.

Posti sounds a lot cuter than Itella

In France if the postman comes to deliver a package and you're not there he leaves a notice instead and you can come pick it up at the nearest post office, leaving on your doorstep or even with your neighbours seems really risky.

Sounds a bit like a brand of Nutella

I miss our old horn logo, the death star just doesn't work that well as a postal logo I think


"You've got mail!"

Who was the messenger of the Gods.

Can't wait. Even now people say "Eesti Post" when talking about post-related things. Omniva doesn't even mean anything.

Postnord, finally uniting the people of Sweden and Denmark against a common enemy.

Ahh, Eesti seems to have taken the Finnish way with the branding. Give it a couple years and there will be Eesti Post again.

They wanted to compete internationally but thought that Posti would get mixed up with all other national post services. Some idiot decided that it'd be a good idea to get rid of the "outdated" name for local customers as well. They switched back to Posti after a couple of years but still use Itella for International B2B stuff.

Same reason as always for mergers: to save money and be more effective.

Of course the opposite happened. Fuck PostNord. Worst thing that's happened in Scandinavia in the last 20 years.

Well, almost, anyway.

I was expecting even more horns

Flair checks out


Is it some sort of custom in Iceland to urinate on your mail?

Same in Slovenia. Why would it be done any other way?

It's not about size, but quality of blowing

Our women swing bigger horns than that.

Our women swing than that.

When I moved to the Netherlands I was surprised to learn that postNL will not leave packages on doorsteps, but instead will leave them with random neighbors. I remember once going from door to door trying to find my package coz everyone kept passing my package off to the next neighbor lol


For Faroe Islands:

For Faroe Islands:

There was a silly trend in the early 2000s where all sorts of Finnish organizations and companies wanted to change their perfectly cromulent Finnish names to more "international" faux-Latin or faux-English ones. Examples:

Posti - Itella Tieliikelaitos (roadwork agency) - Destia Lääkelaitos (medicine safety agency) - Fimea Liikenneturvallisuusvirasto (traffic safety agency) - Trafi

(okay, admittedly the last one was a mouthful even to a Finn!)

Iirc, in the early days they would just ride the post carriage into town center and blow their horn to "open the post office"

Atleast that's what I remember from high school

This is how Polish postmen look with their horns

is how Polish postmen look with their horns

I guess that's quite common in Europe. We do the same in Germany. I mean, leaving it on the doorsteps? Wouldn't that be a bit risky?

Not gonna lie, Sweden and Ukraine (as usual) are the best.

The postman left my laptop on the doorstop.

Another time he left a box so big it couldn't fit in my car. He popped the doormat on top of it, then posted a small note through the door saying : Left parcel under the doormat.

I think my postman has a sense of humour.

Ours is legit the best one.

No one knows...

true story


Vad menar du? Fantastiskt företag. De skickar mina räkningar, inklusive hyra och elräkning för min lägenhet, hem till mina föräldrars adress varje månad, och skickar mig mina föräldrars reklamblad från Ica och Åhléns. Vi bor 5km ifrån varandra.

It's a little off-topic but for all of you who are interested in how postal services "know" how to send a letter from Country A to B and how they "calculate" the price should check out this video:

For Luxembourg (the old and more traditional on top left and the new one on the right):

For Luxembourg (the old and more traditional on top left and the new one on the right):