Mans was invested in this

Mans was invested in this

There is a lamp or vase in front of him that makes it look like he is wearing a girdle or something.

Is that just a young grandfather, or a case of black don't crack going on here

I literally couldn’t figure out what-in-the-world was wrong with his waist until I read your comment.

Man, I hope I still look 35 when I'm a granddad.


Same, i just thought dude was super skinny.

Your dad is Ezekiel?

My man came prepared.

Just become a granddad at 35. Easy.

I love seeing things like this, when people go the extra mile to enhance someone's day. Beautiful moments of humanity.

Hilariously clever response, never seen this before.

She’s having a tea party with King Ezekiel

Real men know how to tea party with a Princess!

Once you become a father/grandfather then you loose all shame in ya game for the little ladies!

Oh shit I thought he just had like a tiny waist a perfectly form fitting clothes

It is pretty easy, my grandmother became a grandmother at 32.

I was about to say he has a weirdly-shaped torso.

No, I thought black people were a lie by the government just like the Filipino people

Why not both?

I have a baby girl. I don't see why it should be weird that as her father I like to do her hair and dress her up pretty for the day.

I honestly thought it was for a second...


The tea is just air, and yet he smiles.

I’m 33 going gray.... great to know public opinion of it. FML


Yup the same i was as confused as a pizza

Bless them! I hope they make more memories like this for a long time to come. I bet she appreciates that he took the time to dress up lol.

(If you still can’t see it—I couldn’t—the object is on the far left of the image, near the small of his back. The “in front of him” wording made me think it was something across his entire waist.)

I think it’s a play off of my username ;)

Yep! I thought he was wearing a corset/waist-trainer.

Every day, after her 1pm nap, my daughter comes and gets me saying “c’mon c’mon” for tea time. This picture sums up what it’s like for us.

It's pretty heartwarming.

Lmao thank you, I was thinking “Damn, that grandpa has an hourglass figure most women would kill for”

This is the prequel where King Ezekiel still has a family.

Why not Zoidberg?

So freaking cute. These are the memories that will stay with her forever. Made me tear up a bit.

I knew someone that by 29 was completely silver on the sides and his sideburns. Had jet black hair everywhere else. I still think he was a vampire.

On a side note, I am now in my 40's, not a lot of gray on my head, but strangely, the newest hair on my body, the hair I didn't get until I was 11 or 12, you know, my nutsack hair. Yeah, silver as can be. I am not a silverback but a silversack. It goes against nature, I tell you!

Yup the same i was as confused as a pizza

Sounds catchy, but what does that mean?

And yet, he smiles!

my dad always did my hair growing up, and that’s one of my fondest memories of him :)

He does look 50, but he looks a GOOD 50.

Like you can clearly tell his age (I think) but you can still tell he looks really good for his age.

Classic example of GrandSwag.

me too


He’s going gray. He ain’t THAT young.

I honestly just assumed that was Bobby McFerrin.

35? Man looks 55

Grandpa lookin fresh af 💯💯

And yet I smile :)

That Ratio!

If I liked trade jobs I'd do one myself. I was an HVAC technician for a few months before I realized I hated every waking moment of my day. I made an awesome amount of money during that time though, and it felt great knowing I was making something like 30.00 an hour plus tips and commission with no college debt.

I just, totally hated it and quit to become a behavioral therapist. I only make 17.00 an hour now, and my hours are sporadic, but I feel really good about myself.

My grandmother is currently 78 and is a great-great grandmother. That is, her first daughter had a son who had a daughter who had a daughter.

That last child is now 4. If my grandmother sticks around long enough, she'll be a living great-great-great grandmother. Which given her health and how that side of my family is may actually come to pass.

I thought so too! I was like wow, a corset-wearing grandpa! He's so fly!

Super thicc

You literally need to take a chill pill

So did mine! He would brush it for me and I loooooved it. And when I was a teenager he would dye it for me!!! Lol

Lol. You can tell he has gray hair, that’s about it. I started graying in my early 20’s

Bobby McFerrin?

Holy smokes! That’s what it is! Something looked off about his torso.

At any rate, this is awesome. One of the best joys in life that I’ve discovered is sharing imaginative moments with kids. It’s something we lose under the weight of adulthood. A while back I saw my nephew giggling uncontrollably when he saw a flock of birds fly out of a tree. Made me well up a bit at how much joy that kid had just from seeing a bunch of stinkin birds that I otherwise would have ignored.

His dad is 44

Stay fit. Watch what the hell you eat. Have good genetics. Drink water instead of soda. Don’t drink booze regularly. Stay off of drugs. Don’t smoke cigarettes.

I couldn’t see it but looked again after your comment. You’re my MVP today !

Thank you so much, that was driving me crazy.

Thank god I'm not the only one. I think if more people knew what Bobby McFerrin looked like, they'd realize that granddad is a dead-ringer for him.

It means they’re experiencing eight slices of cheesy confusion.

You've been downvoted to oblivion but it's the most low effort rudimentary Reddit response that everyone finds hilarious so

He’s rocking them jeans.

damn he look younger than i do and I’m 24 smh

Very nice

“Mans” ?

Just a normal thing to be incredibly upset about on New year's day.

That's why I hated it actually. My area was enormous and I lived on the edge of it. I also live in the Bay Area whose traffic is impressive. I'd sometimes have a call out in Hayward as my last call at 5pm and then I'd be done at 6:30 and come home around 8:30 or 9:00 and he expected to come to work at 6:50 the next day. It got so bad I'd come home and shake from how stressed I was and my girlfriend was getting really worried about me and so finally I said fuck it and asked if they were hiring where she worked. I was hired on the spot at the interview and I'm doing really well with the kids.

If my job was simply to do HVAC in my neck of the woods and come home at 5 or 6 it wouldn't be so had, but the traffic was a game changer for me.

I definitely miss those paychecks. I'm not used to having to budget my money.

Even just being an uncle. My brother is 10 year older than me so he of course started with the kids way before me. I learned once the niece came along that a mother fucker is gonna get his nails painted so you might as well accept it.


why is this person "Laughing their ass off", and why is there a sad face in the end... I am so confused...

You know it's stuff like this that makes me wonder whether we are all part of some borg-like consciousness. I came to the comments for this explanation because I knew it would be here even though it had nothing to do with the post.

Nah man he's just T H I C C

Me as a grandparent