Mano a mano

Mano a mano

She probably kicked his ass, too.

Trap card activated.

I wrote her a letter saying goodbye and how I hope she does well in life

Lmfao, what in cachinnation

oh hell no

I'll be fine just hope she's ok, she took it kind of hard

😕 You alright there man

I got accused of talking shit to her ex via text...apparently happened the day I got my wisdom teeth pulled...she accused me going thru her phone and finding the number and texting from a fake number...1.) We had to together for months not one time did I ever mention this dude 2.) I didn’t know his name to find it in her phone 3.) My mouth was throbbing and full of blood gauze when this was supposed to have happened. 4.) She had a restraining order against dude because he had been stalking her.

I just gave I didn’t even know how to respond to those accusations...