Man teleports through kiddie pool

Imagine looking out your window and seeing your neighbor in the backyard doing this.

Edit: For clarification I meant watching your neighbor falling into a kiddie pool with arm floaties and swimfins

This guy was really lucky. I did that once and ended up frozen waist deep in the ice of the North Pole. I had to walk home.

Doing this video or teleporting?

?? Teleporting ofcourse. Didnt you watch the video?

Do you want sharks? Because this is how you get sharks.


since OP isn't courteous to give a link

No, but he got better

Well he would see him go into a tiny pool, disafuckingpeer, and then come back several moments later.

Did you survive?

worst nightmare for people at /sub/thalassophobia

In case you're asking seriously, is a website dedicated to organising and collecting fictional stories of the "SCP Foundation", an organisation whose objective is protecting humanity from anomalous, supernatural objects and entities. Some of them are pretty interesting. I suggest starting with the original one:

you mean several seconds 1 year later right?

I'm starting to feel people on this sub didnt even pass Teleportation 101.

even if we were to suspend belief disbelief, a spectator still wouldn't see the part where the neighbour disappears into the ocean.

"They opened the gate, nothing can stop us now."

Not to mention Time travel 101! That course took ages!

I feel bad because he's a new creator and OP probably just took away a huge chunk of his views.

It is █████ but highly classified █████ ██████████. You can see it as a ██████████ █████ ██████████.

What. The. Hell. Is that? I don't understand...WHAT?? Is that real?

Damn, I said 120 because its a kiddie pool that teleports you, but yours fits the gif better, GG

damn, fooled again

Yep, I came into this thread to say that this is one of my worst illogical fears and I also happen to be subscribed to /sub/thalassaphobia.

Nice cover, agent Mandoto - crisis averted.

Or because some people think up an idea, and want to make it happen, because that's what they enjoy.

Why be so cynical?


Making such assumptions about people based on the fact that they uploaded a video is in no way realistic.

Op didn't post the source though, we only have it because another user knew it /found it.

This is fake.

It's from this guy. The whole video is really well edited. The other 2 on his channel are equally well edited. I think he's some incredibly talented guy that is trying to figure out how long it takes to get famous on youtube. Or, just a clever dude with a super attention to detailed editing.

Edit: Oh yea, if you have anxiety issues... well, be careful watching these. His main thing is meltdowns and anxiety. He does it quite well.

The gif caption is hilarious

Thank you for the link! That shit waa hilarious!

Yeah, everything is true on the internet.

"How it feels to chew 5 gum."

See I'm split on things like that because on one hand yea he took away thousands of potential views but everybody that came and found the source is a viewer that he wouldn't have without OP or /u/sobrohog. Soo in a way OP helped him?

My first thought was SCP-120 too!

Reminds me of the Bad Motherfucker video by Biting Elbows. Lead singer is the same guy that made Hardcore Henry.


Except your missing the underlying problem with most posts of this kind. Full credit should be given to the original creator, OP should've put the man's channel link in the comments, in the gif or (if he wanted to murder the title) the title. Yeah the man will still get some views but not nearly as many if the original poster made it the first comment in the thread or if it was in the gif. Saying he's "helping" is really an unintentional byproduct of his posting shit taken from Facebook on Reddit for karma.

I clicked on them black bars way too many times. I thought I was just "fat fingering" the touch area...

Sure it's a funny gif, but it doesn't belong in this sub..

Oh, you just don't have enough autorization


Yeah mate, it's been spotted in the North Pole.

Obvious camera cut. Who you trying to fool, OP?

What they meant was that this was just someone in their backyard doing this, not like a big movie production. I'm pretty sure we're all aware this isn't a movie lol.

I thought it was cool, good on you for not being impressed tho. Sometimes when you don't know how things work, you find them cooler. I imagine if you were a magician, and I showed you a cool magic trick that you'd already seen, you'd be less impressed than someone who has never seen magic before. So what, tho? Like... props for not being impressed by something that other people find "woah"? I don't really see what you're getting it, it comes off kind of smug..

I actually came here to ask the comment if anyone could point out the exact moment where it cuts from the kiddie pool to the larger body of water, you sound like a film person, could you help me pinpoint that frame? Thanks!

Prove it.

Or that episode of Courage with the lady in the puddle.


This is true, but still, OP uploaded that gif himself and it garnered 700,000 views. Thats 700,000 people that most likely wouldn't have seen this person because hes such a small creator. Now not all 700,000 people are going to hunt for the source and I can't give a decent percentage of what people did hunt for the source. But I can say without a doubt that I subscribed to him solely because I found the gif here and subscribed to the dude over there thanks to the plug by /u/sobrohog. A lot of people talk shit about people stealing content and not crediting the person but in a way people will still find the original creator. Not in the exact numbers that the gif got, but more than if it wasn't shared at all.

Now cancer facebook pages actually making money off of others peoples content is a different story in my opinion.

Mind Blowing

i'd say he's just using the format for a much more creative idea