Man saves driver's life

Man saves driver's life


Glad that prick was just filming instead of helping.

Someone is always filming.

"yeah, just walk around this flaming car recording."


A true cameraman always gets the shot

This is Singapore.. Not every Chinese person you see is from China. The yellow cab at the end of the gif is comfort delgro.

Yes. Please add more jump cuts. Also, the red circle was 200% necessary.

Content aside, that is the jumpiest gif I've seen in weeks. I have no idea why "" watermarked this; I can only think worse of them for it.

Folks, hold onto your hats, because /u/-CIA- is exactly right.

Now the hero will head to work, put in a 12 hour day and not mention to anyone. He looks like that kind of guy.


Pop quiz. What am I doing right now?

75% population being Chinese means we are racially obligated to let people die by no action? Is the man who pulled him out not Chinese also? Isn't the bystander effect a prominent thing in every human rather than every Chinese?

And anyway, has it crossed your mind that not everybody is as brave as you are to stop their car on a 90km/hr highway to run into a burning car that may explode to rescue a guy that someone else is already pulling him out of?

"Far out, there's like a dude still in there. Sucks to be him, right?

Oh this guy's, gonna save him, huh? Cool, cool.

Nah, I'm not gonna help, you got this, lemme just- no, waitwaitwait, stop, I gotta get him in frame first, don't pull him out until- ok, we're good, go for it."

Not every Chinese person you see is from China

I think you meant to write "Not every Asian person you see is from China" :)

I know right he was ready to film pretty quickly. I always start too late and miss everything.

Not... Really.

Since Singapore and Malaysia consists mainly of Malays, Chinese descents, and Indian descents, many of these people still identify as "Chinese" or "Indian".

Outside of their country, they'd say Singaporean/Malaysian Chinese, or Singaporean/Malaysian Indian.

"You won't believe what 8 things /u/aclickbaittitle does with his free time!"

Well in this case probably because the car was on fire.

Well.. Isn't that mighty racist of you to suggest that all Chinese people are cold hearted assholes based on the whatever few you've interacted with.

If you're unaware, Singapore has a good samaritan law just like any other countries. If you do work to genuinely help people, you'll not be faced with any form of repercussions. The only reason no one else stopped is because we are all afflicted with bystander effect. Not all of us are heroes like you, willing to put our lives in danger for others. We have fight or flight response, some just chose flight rather fight.

Act done in good faith for the benefit of a person without consent

You can go to court to argue all you want that Chinese people are heartless bastards.. But the truth of the matter is that we all suffer from bystander effect. Not just all Chinese people.

Bystander effect

What if my problem wasn't that I don't understand people but that I don't like them? What if I was the kind of person who was obliged to hurt you for this? I mean physically. I think you'd have to believe afterward, if you could, that agreeing to participate and then backing out at the critical moment was a mistake. Because that's what I'm telling you, as clearly as I can.

Alternative title "Man does not save driver's life"

Damn. You just shut him down.

Get fucked u/seen_unseen. And hopefully no one helps you out of a jam because surely your theory holds true.

He doesn't want to see what I do with my free time

This is what I define as a hero. Someone who doesn't go bragging about the good deed they just did. A hero does the deed without expecting anything in return

The problem isn't that a burning car isn't interesting. It is and I would film it too. The problem is that there was a person dying in the car and he could have been saving them instead of filming.

"Man films guy burning to death"

Holy shit that was some quick thinking.

Yeah that's a sane opinion on people doing nothing wrong.

It'd be so awkward though. I've seen horrible crashes up close and personal and I can never bring myself to film. It feels so grimy and wrong. Maybe it's just me.

Couldn't even finish watching it I was so aggravated by it.

Oh comon. Who wouldn't be hyped to tell his family and friends that you just pulled a person out of a flaming car?!