Man reunites with a girl he rescued during Hurricane Katrina

Man reunites with a girl he rescued during Hurricane Katrina

News story, since some of you will want to know

And for the lazy who don't want to click, the Master Sgt there is Pararescue, who pulled the girl and her family out of Katrina. 10 years later, in 2015, they reunited, and since then the girl has gone on to apply for Air Force JROTC because the MSgt has stayed involved in her life.

Serious case of "paying it forward". Good for her. And him, for saving her and staying involved in her life.

PJs are some bad-ass mofos. Arguably every bit as tough as SEALs, if not tougher. Superman School, the 2-year training program, has an 80% attrition rate, one of the highest in U.S. spec-ops training.


These Things We Do, That Others May Live

Wow, just realized it's been almost 12 years since Katrina.

Maybe that's why she married him.

A girl I knew from high school went and married one. He's a great man and a wonderful father, and doesn't look at all like he's some jump-into-a-fire-fight guy at all. That is until you try and work out with him. Dude has stamina for DAYS.

And probably why they have four kids.

MSgt Mike "the abyss" Maroney. Joined the airforce for pararescue back in 2010 and this guy was a cadrè for the program while I was there. His nickname was the abyss because during training he was a demon in the water. But off hours he was a genuinely nice guy. Cool to see his face up here getting some recognition. PJs are rare breeds. Hoo-yah never quit!

HOLy MOley. How crazy to see him on here. I trained under him on a base called Medina in San Antonio. We call him the Abyss because he's in charge of water-con training and will suck you underwater in seconds to mock-drown you and you won't see it coming. HOOYA GREEN FEET!

Thanks for this slice of wholesomeness this morning, gangbangkang


It happens far more often than you ever know about. For every story like this that gets media attention, there are 50 more that only the people involved know about. The kid who goes back to their 1st grade teacher to show off their new teaching credentials. The mom who goes to the local fire station so the firefighters can meet her son, the little boy that wouldn't exist if they hadn't saved her from drowning in a pool years earlier. The cancer survivor who goes back to thank the doctors that worked on them.

Humanity is a lot better than we sometimes give it credit for.

Optimization achieved.

Pararescue Jumper.

Badass skydiving gun toting paramedics (actually trained as paramedics) that dabble in low grade surgery and specialize in austere tactical medicine.

PJs are who the SEALs call when they're in trouble.

Meyer's face after he says it is arguably the best part of the video.

This is a video of one day of PJ training.

I was about to ask another commenter why he called the guy a demon in the water. I guess that would explain it.

And he didn't age a bit


Human interactions like these are what makes me reconsider humanity sometimes...

And rarely heard of. Which I guess is cool with them.

They literally go in and pull people out of the shit while the shit is still happening at peak shitness.

He absolutely beat the FUCK out of the water. Ruthless. Savage. Not a single hydrogen OR the two oxygen would stop him.

Hey everyone, look, this guy is better than a group of people who dedicate their lives going in to dangerous situations to save others!!!!


More like gets dropped or swims into the middle of the field, fights to secure a landing zone or water egress site, while preforming lifesaving emergency medicine and possibly a little surgery.

This is heartwarming. That's awesome that they reunited.

You seem like a cunt lol.

Gratitude: something we should communicate more.

One oxygen and two hydrogen actually đŸ˜†

Thank you for searching the highly inefficient Google-through-another-user search service, the search service where you type your questions in Reddit, and maybe somebody will answer for you.

Our expert team of just me Googlers-by-proxy have found that there are 500+ PJs ... assigned to Guardian Angel and Special Tactics Squadrons throughout the Active Duty,....

ETA: So I actually did more searching, even went through the wiki info linked over at /sub/pararescue and so on (where you will find a link to MSgt Mike "the abyss" Maroney's YouTube channel), hoping to find a more exact number for active duty, however I've only been able to find the "500+" data I've linked above.


This is the America I choose to believe in.

That was the last time Mike Myers appeared in public.

The Love Guru killed his career.

My vagina is sore just thinking about it and I don't even have a vagina.

So a "Battlefield Medic" that actually battles his way through the field before helping someone?

It was a slow day that day.

Oh thats all?

Define a demon in the water

Good swimmer? Or better drowner?

No, but it looks like he did make MSgt

Father was a PJ, can attest. Joining ROTC at my college next semester and seriously thinking about looking into a Combat Rescue Officer position

Irish twins.

You should do that only if you want to make your dad proud as hell.

So, y'know, you totally should.

When America was founded, there was no other democracy. They called it the American experiment.

When President FDR implemented minimum wage and social security, there was nothing like it in the world. Many european welfare states were inspired to do become so from visiting US.

When America put a man on the moon, rest of the world watched in awe.

When I was growing up in South Korea, all we heard was "we want to be a first world, and to become a first world, we have to be like America. America protects the weak. America cares for the elderly, the young, the disabled. We must also care for the weak, because that's what it means to be a developed nation."

America led the world in ways that many Americans don't even know.

America will survive Trump, and it will lead the world again.

Not going to disclose any Defence secrets to a pirate. Lol.

Being a dick ruined his career.

What is PJ?

damn, now that i think about it and looking at his IMDB, he hasnt really been in much since Shrek.. Kind of sad, he is amazing.

Nice to learn theres a rumored Austin Powers 4 though.

Honestly I got a little worried when I saw the username

That woman was an adorable kid! It's heartwarming to see that even in a disaster like Katrina, she could bust out a smile like that.

Bruh you lieing

You're one to talk. Haha


I usually get them yelling "YIPPEE!"

Apparently, the record is 69. The fact that it is "69" makes me doubt it but here's the source:

LOL you'd never make it through either PJ or CCT training pipeline. You're obviously not sof and will never be. Oh and that PJ makes more money than you ever will also :)

I don't know why this was the first thing that popped up in my head, but Kanye has definitely become more eloquent-- granted, probably with the help of some liquid courage, but for him to go from this to his hour-long concert rants is huge.


If you look closer, you can see his complexion is also different.

The air force doesnt really have a moto call like the other services so they just do whatever we want. Most common is the army hooah though.

Never quit!

She's gotten super tall I think

Jesus titty fucking christ. I remember Katrina really vividly because I was working at Lowes in Southern Ohio, and church groups kept coming through and buying us out of generators and other equipment to take down there.

Feels like it was yesterday.

I remember Katrina because i watched it happen from the windows of the hospital i was working in.

I remember because I lived in Mississippi, and my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer two days before it hit. Then my boyfriend broke up with me, and then Katrina. Fun times! My boyfriend also lived in the apartment below mine, and he had to come over when we combined our water and food during the ensuing power outages and gasoline shortages. Had some epic Hurricane/hate sex, so it wasn't all horrible.

As somebody that's in the PJ pipeline, this whole discussion is retarded. Shut up, be humble, and send it.

Or make yourself proud

thank you dear google special program.

Most helpful of Dear Google.

PS: while I was THINKING about my question, It seems your BRAIN READING AI feature failed. I was expecting to only THINK my question and have a text to my Android phone with the answer and source.

However , your Human backup did a great job

PJs also

Well, until Avengers. Falcon was a PJ.

edit - actually, I think it was in Cap : Winter Soldier rather than in Avengers.

edit 2 - to remove confusion that I meant the film, not Bucky.

meds. he's still just as crazy when hes off his meds. he talks about it in his songs

You are a fucking pig.

This makes me wonder: what is the most children a human female could have during her life? Is that even answerable?

Assuming a female starts at puberty, ends at menopause, has a six week break between children for the c-section to heal, and has 8 children at a time while on fertility drugs. From a quick search, it looks like puberty, on average, starts at 12 for girls and menopause at 52 for women. So 40 years of babies. Assuming the woman always got pregnant on date of ovulation, and like Octomom had the babies after 31 weeks via c-section, weeks in the womb (usually counted from date of last menstruation is 40 weeks), you could optimally give birth to approximately 450 children during your life, assuming that you and/or the children don't die in the process.

Maybe she had a bit of a tan from standing on the roof of her house waiting for someone to show up and rescue her?

I'd rather see a new Wayne's World.

Could be funny to see how middle age treated Wayne and Garth.

Or maybe the picture wasnt taken in the same light with the same camera.

Thanks for the link, that was a very interesting video.

Exactly. Lots of people focus on the negatives way too easily because they're what usually make headlines.

Good things happen a lot, all around us, every single day. The only difference is that an act of kindness/goodness is like a conract between those involved and that's it. It's not really for showing off.

Chris Tucker's facial reaction was pretty good as well.

The most impressive thing about that is that she hasn't even killed herself.

Inside Combat Rescue 01 - Whatever It Takes

I remember seeing a documentary about them. One of the instructors was quoted as saying about their training, "Its like SEALS Hell Week, just a lot longer."

If you want a taste of what they do, check out the series that was on Nat Geo about them. It really opened my eyes to the stuff they do. Real fucking hero's, every one of those guys.

Not quite, but that is also in their wheelhouse. The Airforce needed folks to go grab downed pilots who might be injured. Boom, PJs.

And why Chuck Norris spends every night with PJ's.

Those smiles in the reunion are so big

Didn't your mum tell you she'd be out of town that day?

I don't disagree with the spirt of your comment, but had it not been for this guy, it would have been 837. He deserves the recognition.

The broader points are another subject entirely.

If that guy's not married I want his phone number

actually i feel like dave chappelle knew how kanye was going to be before all of us. You ever hear dave's story of the first time he met kanye? It's hilarious.

Once on the ground, they also make a mean slow churn Pina Colada ice cream.

"Jim, we've been talking it over and we decided you really don't need children."

grabs hacksaw

Elaborate? I've never heard that.

"Special Forces" refers to the Army specific (AKA Green Berets) who have their own medics.

Calling either of the aforementioned (PJ or SF) "EMT's" is an insult.

These guys are more like Paramedics on steroids.

But how about your arse

Or quadruplets

holy shit that is majorly hardcore, respect

She hates it when I call her a quadroon

No such thing as too much fried chicken

Pretty much. They're basically EMTs for US special forces.

The eye is the calmest part of the storm? I've been in a few eyes and it's the 30-60 minutes of no rain and hardly any wind.

Edit: Both responses so far assume I don't know anything about the anatomy of a hurricane after stating that I've sat through several of them throughout my entire life.

Well yeah you're going to die if you're standing next to your fence when the wall of the eye hits again. It's common sense. "Go inside before the hurricane starts again."

lol so you're saying you were apart of either CAG or NSWDG? CCTs only get attached to delta and NSW so you're definitely full of shit


Tomorrow on the Ides of March we are having SuckFest 2017

wait, what?!

Timelord confirmed.

Well the Love Guru was really bad and panned as shuch by critics, it didnt kill his credibility rather he was very emotionally invested in the film and its reception kind of made him give up.

Source: speculative bullshit ive read over the years

Isn't hoo yah the Navy?

Quite the job description. And I thought flipping burgers was hard.