Man punches a bear trap!

Man punches a bear trap!

My grandfather used to be able to do this trick. It was usually during a family gathering after he had a few shots of whiskey. It was both exciting and nerve-racking when he pulled out the old bear trap - but mostly for my grandmother who wouldn't even stay in the room when he did it. My grandfather said he learned the trick from his grandfather back in nineteen ninety eight when the undertaker threw mankind off hеll in a cell, and plummeted sixteen feet through an announcer's table.

just a split second from youtube to liveleak

Every time I start to forget about you I end up falling victim to another one of your comments...

I love the sound of that panicked audience after the guy tossed the piece of wood aside. He is a fucking badass.

He punched it with his bear hands.

He is a fucking badass idiot


That is unnecessary and stupid

The video is at 30 FPS. He moved his hand away in 3 frames (0.1 sec), and the trap snapped closed in 5 frames (0.167 sec)

This guy isn't as successful.

Edit: added timestamp. It happens at 1:50.

I don't think this guy was trying to do the same trick. He doesn't even try pull his arm out, he just punches it and leaves his arm there. He would have picked the whole thing up if he really was trying to pull his arm back out.

So he only needed 60% of the time he had

For some reason I thought he was going to prove that his arm could withstand a bear trap, so that was /sub/unexpected

haha what a moron

If it goes well you're badass. If not, idiot

It is both of those things but if the man gets a kick out of punching beartraps who am I to judge, he isn't putting anyone else in danger.

The risk vs benefit isn't exactly worth it imho.

I upvote him every time I fall for it because, damn it.


60% of the time it works everytime

"is the bear trap okay?" YouTube comments are the best comments

takes the fun out imo

Because the trap he used is too small. The smaller the trap, the faster it shuts.

He's back! Hail to the king baby

it doesn't even look like he was trying to pull his hand away lol

This fuckin guy

Dang, Mutual/Boy Scouts is getting intense

That man is too old to be doing something that stupid

This guy wasn't attempting to pull out in time, the stunt was just to put his hand in the trap

but that just ruins the fun!

i'm going to be honest with you that smells like pure gasoline.

Was this filmed in the cultural Hall of a Mormon church??

Why are you like this?

Then it worked perfectly and he is a true champ

Maybe they have their moments but I'd say overall they're pretty bad haha

Hahaha I was going to say, I can recognize a cultural hall basketball court and the back of the kawaii piano anywhere. Sounds like a joint activity too.


The way I look at it, if he's that old and still doing shit like that he's winning

It's a very thin line.

auto zone?

his writing style is incredible like that. it draws you in, it gives you hope and then it throws you onto the announcers table.

"Eeehh, what a maroon"


God damnit I kept trying to reread the words 1998 because grandfather learning something from his grandfather didn't make sense combined with that year

He just wants to enjoy Obamacare Medicare while he still can.

I particularly when he does it after a long relatable story and you get to the end like... mother fucker I just read all that got attached and bam Twist ending

The trick is to friend him, so his name shows up as a different color as everyone else's.

With an upright piano? No question

Americans don't understand them either

I tried that. At first I forgot to even notice the tag and I read the whole comment anyway and it made me even more mad. Finally when my brain learned to pay attention to the tag, I realised it was only sucking the fun out of it and I ended up just being left out of the joke really. why would you want that? To fight it is to fight yourself. or something.

The video is at 30 FPS. He moved his hand away in 3 frames (0.1 sec), and the trap snapped closed in 5 frames (0.167 sec)

I don't know where to either categorize this as Badass or Dumbass

Dumb reckless shit used to impress me when I was a kid but not anymore.

I love how you post under the same username every time.

I don't like Trump, but red ball caps were a thing before his campaign.

And this was uploaded in 2006. Over a decade ago.

DEITER!!! I'm from Cleveland and this guy used to do a bit on the local radio station called "Dare Deiter" and that's where this clip is from. He did all kinds of stuff like snort a co hosts grandparents ashes, lick a bug zapper and roll down a hill inside a barrel. He got so hurt on that one that he stopped doing the bit. It was awesome to listen too. I recommend looking up other videos of his "dares"

And that was the last time Bro. Johnson was asked to give a lesson to the deacons quorum on avoiding Satan's deadly snares.

You like to play on Easy Mode, nothing wrong with that.

I bet being in the process of rapidly pulling your hand out when the trap begins to firmly hold it in place may cause a little bit of damage though...

I think that when something like this is done everyone is already aware it is quite stupid, but they still find it entertaining and are able to enjoy watching people do stupid things. So pointing it out is just kinda being a downer. Some of the most memorable and best stories I've heard involves someone doing something stupid.

Remember, he's old for a reason.

I wonder how many bear traps you need to punch until you can pull that off at his age.

Herein lies the essence of living. I kind of enjoy being fooled by his posts, it's almost the 'shaggy dog story' of reddit posts.

100%. That's the first thing I noticed

not bad at all, no blood or anything, hand just gets stuck, not a big deal


I have him tagged with big red text so I will never fall for it again.

That, doesn't make sense

First thing I thought too.

The line is often thin.

Eyy! My people!

Eh, Steve-O put his hand in a bear trap and the damage done wasn't nearly as bad as you would think. They're just to hold you in place, not break bones or something.

it's been years but i totally know what the room smells like

Youtube comments allow you to see exactly why aliens wont communicate with us

Too old to.

0.2 seconds, exactly

Yeah except the 2-inch spike that was literally IN his arm... no blood, but that looked ridiculously painful. Surprised his arm didn't just snap

Read his comment history. It's his shtick.

bah gawd im broken right in two.

I don't think choosing to not put your hand in a bear trap is wrapping kids in candy floss

Man, this would be great for a prank. Get a fake bear trap with foam instead of the steel/iron and fake blood packets in them... would be great for a halloween prank

Well he sure impressed those kids for some time to come.

I still need my "bear trap punching" merit badge.

I really do need to tag you

Can you believe this fuggin' guy?

Should I really include a /s here?

Yes reddit puns are so much better hahaha

At least 2

or just use RES and tag him "hell in a cell" and change his name color

Is there history to this? I'm confused and out of the loop.