Man loses tug-of-war

Man loses tug-of-war

Tigers like to hunt,fight and work for their food. The zookeeper is doing a good thing for the tigers mental health. I can't think of an animal more unsuited for a cage.

unless there is a computer inside the cage.


Jesus! The whole body just came right off. I hope they get it on ice soon. It must be pretty difficult having to function without your other arm and missing both legs, head and torso.

I expected that to end so much worse.

THIS is what happens when you lose tug of war 



or an ipad in the bucket

You like to think you're better than others, don't you?

I lost a game of tug-of-war once, it was a set up. I was the "anchor" guy at the end and we weren't doing too badly. We were slowly gaining ground on the other team when my team suddenly let go of the rope. Normaly this would not have been a problem except, as the anchor, I had the rope tied around my waist. I ended up flying through the air for about 12ft or so.

I wanted to see arms pop out and go all the wrong way. Then I wanted someone to post the link to the reverse gif in the comments.

In short, I feel let down reddit.

Never use a nylon rope or a rope that stretches. Always use a rope made of hemp.

never wrap the rope around you either