I made this shit a couple of days ago, thought it's fitting to post here

show the reports


I'll just go ahead and open a bag of popcorn in preparation for when this hits /sub/all. (Nice doodle, nonetheless)

E: Already turning into a dv clusterfuck lol

Just a lot of this

What person lowers their head to the drink in their hands? This guy is going places.

Inb4 locked.


Oh man, I can't even imagine what that looks like.

Could use a little more than a half second gif. But, a good idea nonetheless.

One that has a neurological disorder preventing their muscles from receiving the proper signals.

Where’s Putin’s genitalia lmfao

People beyond the mental age of a toddler know not to death-grip a full bottle of water.

If he didn't act like a baby he wouldn't be treated like a baby.

No one would pay much attention cause it wouldn't make any sense

Shortly after the speech, the secret service swaddled him and sung him a lullaby to sleep.

"Trump won, get over it."

Nicely done! How did you make the hands smaller larger?


Admit it, you wanted to say low energy but didn't want to out yourself.


not seen in a positive light

Oh boy OP....

It would never be Obama because he has dignity and is not a manchild.

Not very creative yet... kinda disappointed to be honest. There's more coming in every minute though so I guess I'll let you know.

I'm not very creative myself, so I'd really like to see them too.

/s or no?

Inb4 some says "get this politic shit out of my sub" even though it has nothing to do with politics, it's just a man who happens to be the president in a real life doodle.

Well yes but that dude happens to be POTUS and he has also tweeted about the way others drink water.

Next time Marco Rubio should drink his water from a glass as opposed to a bottle—would have much less negative impact.

6:59 PM · Feb 13, 2013

convincing argument. Memes have replaced critical thinking.

How can you tell while swimming in an ocean cesspool?

Did you know that it's actually an evolutionary trait to bring food by hand to the mouth instead of bringing your whole head to the food? Trump is literally demonstrating a trait of a devolved human.

But not b4 the_brigade

Looking at the post history, I'm gonna guess it's a no.

thanks my dude

Obama never did anything mock-worthy. He also made fun of himself all the time, so I don't think either he or his supporters would mind a silly joke at his expense.

Trump takes himself very seriously, so that makes this hilarious.

Nicely done! How did you make the hands smaller?

But it's a bottle, not a cup? You do this only with cups.

Nope, never been an issue before, unless Trump can't control the pressure he exerts when gripping.

There are old people problems that would explain this gif, but we all he's the healthiest person to have ever held office in the history of mankind.

One argument is that the water is filled right to the top; a gentle squeeze to the sides would indeed spill water.

But this image debunks that as it shows there was lots of leeway.

One argument is that the water is filled right to the top; a gentle squeeze to the sides would indeed spill water.

But image debunks that as it shows there was lots of leeway.

Ah, I see you've seen his Twitter page.

true masterpiece

Physically or mentally? I'll give Trump props for being pretty mobile, but the dude definitely has dementia.

So brave.

Also, who holds a bottle of water that size with 2 hands? That bottle literally holds like one mouthful of water

Haha like this won't get locked the second it hits the front page

/sub/the_drumpf just brigaded as usual.

If he didn't act like a baby he wouldn't be treated like a baby.

Locking? Depends on your point of view? Being in before that happens? Definitely good!

Lmao what lies? Literally everything Trump and the administration does is hot garbage.

They're like Midas except instead of turning things into gold they turn things into shit.

Yeah I'm not here to compare our personal lives (nor mine with yours), if you think being born into a vast amount of wealth doesn't give you an advantage, there's not much room to debate.

I will give you that he was better than Clinton in terms of electability, the DNC forced a losing horse on millions screaming for change. But considering the GOP is ready to elect a pedophile over a dem, I'm getting more concerned by the day what Trump supporters are willing to defend when it's in their camp.

A guy with teeny tiny little baby hands

Found the Fox News trumpet

It actually does, haven't you read his tweets? He throws a tantrum when people call him names.

If he didn't act like a baby he wouldn't be treated like a baby.

Nope, just a massive idiot who doesn’t have the slightest grasp on what reality looks like for 90% of people.

“KILLary is the REAL traitor!!”

He’s alt-right. Any question that starts with “Do you know” the answer will be “no.”

No need to look at post history. All caps and bold = td

Show me where they're coming from.


Do you even know what a meme is or do you just use it to describe literally any and all funny pictures?

A very controversial opinion to be sure. I can't believe he had the guts to reveal his feelings on the man on Reddit of all places. Such a risky thing to do.

The ability to type your own in is still there, among the list options.

Doesn't change the fact that he is crook and a buffoon. Also doesn't change the fact that most of his voters are morons.

Yes, but are there any that stick out that would be worthy of BestOfReports? That's what I'm really interested in seeing.

Uranium one is just the new pizzagate which was the new benghazi.

Just digging on the jerk who made a derisive tweet about Rubio drinking water oddly is all. Harmless fun.

But where are yhe googly eyes

They had to change his diaper first.

Not analyzing, mocking. Because it's fun and he's a pile of shit.

my only complaint besides the quality. why is it all staticky?

I'm incapable of imagination so please post a screenshot

You're too stupid to see the hypocrisy and irony in your comment, aren't you?

just killed a man

Better get my comment in

Progressives sure like to assume. Probably because they didn't have a father figure in their lives

I couldn't make this more hypocritical if I tried. The GOP, folks. Guilty Of Projection.

Let me provide an example:

my butt hurts

Shit if my name was /u/GallowBoob you'd see this vid everywhere

People are being arrested for the Russia scandal but you screaming fake totally makes that so

Here as in “the world”? Because it’s been here for a looong time my friend.

While I have developed the ability to accomplish day-to-day tasks, my Common Core education has left me unable to take advantage of abstract thought. Kindly share the receipts.

Believe that he's not a 70whatever yo baby?

still a embarrassment

Trump supporters = triggered

First time here..?


I had a shitty day at work and this just made me happy.

Also he did it that way every time he took a drink, even past the first.

Hush now fatty


I get what you're saying but this would be silly absent the context. To play the Hillary card, I never get too, I thought some of the altered gifs of her being carried into that one car were pretty funny, or the mouth-agape-crazy-eyes gif, both of which were pretty a-political. These would all fit the sub and be silly even if you didn't know the subject material. I don't think opportunities like a person drinking water as silly as he did should be passed up because it reminds people of politics. Not everything has to be commentary, sometimes it's funny to poke fun at someone doing a silly thing.

That's gif compression to get the file size down. It's trying to make the file smaller by removing colors from the color palate, and making up the difference by dithering the remaining ones. It's dithering each frame differently due to how things are moving, which makes the overall video look staticky.

Yes, we learned it from this guy

Unless he's filled the bottle himself it won't have been filled to the brim. Pre-filled bottles comes with a bit of air in the bottle.

The_donald is being referenced as the base from which bridging may come as it seems to be the only group that would oppose this. Links may not directly come from that subreddit.

You guys realize that Obama and Hillary aren't president, right? Deflecting everything onto them does nothing.

Shoulda gone longer with it lol

What sorta stuff did Obama do that was mock worthy?

So I assume you think this is also petty?

Maybe you should stop spreading your butthurt feelings all over the thread.



George Bush never bragged about sexual assault is all I’m saying....

Gonna report you to check.

Hi Mom! Hi Dad!