Male to female transgender weightlifter gets out-lifted by a natural woman; can't outlift men, competes against women, can't outlift women, either

Male to female transgender weightlifter gets out-lifted by a natural woman; can't outlift men, co...


"Mentally ill weightlifter is bad at weightlifting"

We need to stop this now. Men and women are biologically different. If 10 random college basketball players (good highschool players could probably do this too) got together and decided to identify as women they'd win the WNBA title and it wouldn't even be competitive.

Don't mind me, just waiting for one of these gender/race fluid people to use it in a way that is not advantageous. Never see them turn Asian before applying to college or becoming male to compete in sports. Weird.

It's not even fit. It's a sloppy piece of shit.

Juwanna Mann 2: Electric Boogalo

There’s a term for that: loser.

Their testosterone levels are low enough to qualify them as a woman, but their muscles were developed while they were chemically a man. MADNESS!! An embarrassment for my country.

I can't help but remember that South Park episode where Eric infiltrates the Special Olympics.

There is a reason

men were the warriors

since the beginning of human history

and it ain't because of Nazi racists Patriarchy reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

“When Sarah beat Hubbard in the snatch we were congratulated by multiple coaching staffs."

Good Lord, the jokes write themselves.

This needs to happen. Make a WNBA team from “guys” who barely couldn’t make the NBA. Go undefeated and win games 382-2 all season while feminists and SJWs can’t say a fucking word and cry.

WNBA attendance would increase exponentially. Hell I’d pay to see it.

Affirmative action sports. I can't wait till a midget in a wheelchair participates in the slamdunk contest at NBA All Star weekend.

My reaction

Don’t worry that cats will eat her/him/it.

This needs to be a literal suicide watch. Not because i care, but because she might have pets.