Malcolm is back and destroys Joe Cumia

Malcolm is back and destroys Joe Cumia

Did he seem delusional when you watched his embarrassing People's Court Episode?

He seemed like a guy desperate to promote a lame band that’s never gone anywhere. Just sad and angry and lost. That Judge was looking for a reason to deny his case but ruled within the law. M.

even M. can't deny that racists are allowed to enter legal contracts

Atta boy, M.

OJ is a murderer

White people went to the moon

Black crime statistics

Pick one

If he thought 🐜 was an easy target, oof

Thank you

Can't wait for Joe's well thought out crafted response

He's right, and all Joe managed to do was help his band lose more potential future gigs. He did that all on his own without any help from Reddit and "imag-er". I wonder if he sees the success of this cover band and cries:

While OJ murdered a white woman (typical), we went to the moon.

He links to that Twitter account from his professional website, jackass:

This man will be under only Colin Quinn in the power rankings.

I guess we shouldn't laugh at the Cumia Brothers then.

Im gay

Joe needs to change his tagline to "The world's 2nd best 2U show."

Anthony is a pedophile. I genuinely want him to shoot himself. If that makes me an SJW then I guess you're just a stupid faggot who should mind your own beeswax.

At least you're not a pedophile.

How has U2 not sent Joe a cease and desist letter yet?

I always thought playing for free in parking lots outside football games and at beef and beers kept Cumia under the radar, but he is now been on synicated television, proudly gloating about being a racist, protesting way too much that he is not a pedophile, and dragging U2's brand through the mud.

He should replace Kevin on the newly retitled 'Burning Britches'.

When people see you upset that's going to encourage them to do it more out of spite. That's how the internet works and why Anthony keeps getting bullied.

I would congratulate Malcolm on breaking Joe down properly, but the truth is that this sub has already done the hard work. It is kind of like the Navy claiming victory when we know the Marines did the work.

Better set aside a couple hours as it's probably gonna be the longest Facebook post in history.

I hear yah but 'trolling' refers the fishing tactic of placing bait and capturing a bunch of fish at once with a net. They're baiting you into getting mad because they think it's funny.

Even Not Pedophiles are allowed to enter into legal contracts.