Making the best of a bad situation. (reposted to comply with rules) Artist: Bruno Santos @ Dublin Ink, Dublin, Ireland

Making the best of a bad situation. (reposted to comply with rules) Artist: Bruno Santos @ Dublin Ink, Dublin, Ireland
Credit to /u/HeroWords for the link earlier

Credit to /u/HeroWords for the link earlier

This is like the badass version of that adorable Pikachu cover-up.

Amazing work, man. The style is mesmerizing.

That is a really good idea for a cover up. I especially like the red "Hahahaha."

If only there was a way to show your agreement without posting

That is so adorable!

Came here to say this

To each his own. He likes it, and it's extremely well done, why the fuck do you care? Is this something you do on a daily basis? Run around shitting on things people like because your opinion is better than everyone else's?

Holy shit, amazing.

Please: DON'T put a "J". That is the universal symbol for the Jack, not the Joker. 

For reference to the Joker (card) you already have, see here.

Please: DON'T put a "J". That is the universal symbol for the Jack, not the Joker.

For reference to the Joker (card) you already have, see .

It does, but I think that adds to the effect. The card looks old and worn, so it's nice that the jester does too.

I can see how that would've worked really well, although I would imagine getting the 'J' to match up with the aged look of the original ink would not have worked too well and may have detracted from the overall image rather than adding to it.

God damn. Makes me kinda wanna go out and get myself a shitty jester tattoo

I love letting people know, the tattoo artist that did the Pikachu cover up is Lindsey Baker at Nite Owl Tattoo Northampton, Massachusetts!

Sorry to hijack this comment. Fantastic tattoo, OP. I love the joker.

Or: making a bad situation worse

Seriously, I cannot believe how many people think the new tattoo looks good. Why the fuck would you want the joker tattood on your arm with "hahahahahaha" unless you're 16 or you wear a trenchcoat to the mall.

Holy fuck. That is so awesome

I see your point but most coverups aren't for being "sick of" but to cover up shitty work. I have a couple quality tattoos that are I don't care about but I won't bother covering them because they don't look like turds.

That's my $0.02 at least.

It's a fucking internet forum for tattoos. Are we not allowed to have opinions here. What a fucking boring sub it would be if everyone just said how great everything was.

Too edgy

I'm just upset the bottle wasn't ketchup

he's supposed to be drunk (see: bottle of heineken).

I'm pretty sure that's called "doubling down"

Looks great, the jester on the card looks a little light in comparison now though.

her·o·ine - /ˈherəwən/ - noun

a woman admired or idealized for her courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

her·o·in - /ˈherəwən/ - noun

a highly addictive analgesic drug derived from morphine, often used illicitly as a narcotic producing euphoria.

If your problem is "oh god why did I get a jester tattoo on my arm" this doesn't make sense.

If, for like most coverups, your problem is "oh god this tattoo was done really poorly and looks like shit" this makes sense.

I'm guessing we are getting people from /sub/all who don't get the general purpose of coverups.

That tattoo is so awesome, props to whoever came up with the idea. One suggestion though, shouldn't the cars have a "J" or 2 on it? Just a suggestion, still a sick tattoo either way.

Homie do you even know the definition of an opinion

Well, it is an opinion. Cause I like that part of the tat.

Yeah because Batman is such an obscure film

Nice tattoo for sure. One thing I don't get is when people cover up such a small tattoo with such a large one. What happens if you ever get sick of the larger one as well?

I didn't even notice that it spelled that! I thought it was just red accents. That definitely makes this (already awesome) tattoo more awesome.

I like how he added a bit of speckle to the card. Nice texturing

There is a differece between saying the linework is bad or the placing is not chosen well and arguing about taste. There is no value in arguing taste, there is a lot of value in arguing other aspects of a tattoo.

Edit: forgot a word

Clearly he too was taking the piss.

It would be funny to hype a new tattoo to your friends, get something like that and show everyone, then finish it and be like "oh did I show you my new tattoo?"

I don't see wonder woman under him

Sure, the first tattoo isn't clean, but it's interesting, looks like it has a story, and adds character. The new surrounding work deviates aggressively from the original style, pays homage to a corporate media bohemith, and (let's be honest) is memed to death already. The Joker is an amazing character, and I love the Dark Knight, but I'd never consider this work to be an improvement on something original.


For kids born this century it is.

No it isn't, stop your special snowflake bs

I love that Pikachu is drinking a beer in that tattoo.

Yea, if I were going to get the tattoo I'd probably like it more just grey.

But there isn't anything wrong with the text, it's just personal opinion.

Like if it were done badly, or written on top of his face or something actually dumb.. yea you could say getting rid of the text would be better.

But as it is, the craftsmanship is phenomenal, regardless of what was tattoo'd it was done very very well. The lines on his face that make it look like it was drawn with pen, think about how a tattoo gun (it's essentially a tiny jackhammer, stroke marks don't really work) works and try and imagine how you would make lines like that. The way he shaded the fingers on the gloves is amazing too, you can see the 'pen' lines that go vertically across the gloves, and how he actually left ink out to make it lighter instead of shading or using a different color.

Like I said, personally I wouldn't have the text, but I also wouldn't want a joker tattoo. It's not a bad design, just peoples preferences might be different.

Most people here can appreciate a quality tattoo, even when the design isn't one they'd personally want. I honestly don't know as much about tattoos as a lot of people on this sub, but this is extremely well done. This is quality that you book a year in advanced just to see this artist kind of tattoo.

of course there's value in arguing taste. if da vinci drew dickbutt it's still dickbutt

A lot of Joker tattoos have the "Ha Ha Ha" around it. It's in a few illustrations too.

Makes cents*

What do you not like about it?

But now the original tattoo doesn't seem so bad.

You made it worse....

Everything is just off with the face...especially the eye behind the card.

He's taking the piss of you, not agreeing with you.

who don't get the general purpose of coverups.

I'm not sure you have to be "in the loop" to understand coverups...

No way! I live right by that place. I should go check out her portfolio.

i concur

From the thumbnail I was expecting the shitty charmander tattoo, nice recovery

Damn. That's some awesome work.

Why didn't I concur!?

Come on though, sure Nicholson's your favorite Joker, okay. But to say Heath Ledger was just "copying" Nicholson is such a great misunderstanding of Nolan's direction with his trilogy.

Ledger, for me, brought a sense of realism, grittiness, and dark humour that Jack Nicholson never quite reached. He was good, great even, but Ledger smashed it.

What I'm trying to say is, for their respective films, they were both perfect, but based on ability, dedication and sheer ingenuity I'd say Ledger did a better job.

That's just my opinion though.


Yeah. Makes sense.

og tattoo was sick..

This was all I could think about once I saw it. Nice work though, looks mad.

but if you fucked that up you could just put the rest of the letters under it

Then he gets a tattoo of Batman looking at this tattoo on that giant bank of monitors that Lucius Fox was pissy about.


I'd like to think Ledger would have received plenty of praise regardless of his death. Between the two performances, I think I do like Ledger's marginally better, because of how unsettled I feel by his version of the Joker.

Also, when I watch Batman, I see Jack Nicholson, one of my favorite actors, playing the Joker. When I watch Dark Knight, I see The Joker, and it's much more difficult for me to identify him as Heath Ledger.

It's the difference between watching someone like Tom Cruise, who is a pretty great actor, but always acts a bit like Tom Cruise, vs. someone like Gary Oldman, who is able to portray their role without leaving there own signature on it. It's too bad, I think Ledger could have been an amazing character actor.

Personally, the thing that bothers me is the anatomy /angle of the head. Ol' Joker boy would have to have a cone head for his hairline to work that way