Making friends during a thunderstorm.

Making friends during a thunderstorm.

Dog: "Hey Frank."

1st Sheep: "Hey Joe."

Dog: "Nice weather were having."

1st Sheep: "Yup."

Dog: "How's things?"

1st Sheep: "Good... You?"

Dog: "Good."


Those are goats

you're right, goats don't speak english

That's a Pyrenees, that's what they're supposed to do.

I was really hoping that was real

One of these things is not like the others

If it was real I could probably fill up the front page with one trip to my aunt's house.

I had Great Pyrenees when I was growing up! As children, my little brother and I used to fall asleep in the meadows and our dogs would watch over us, not moving a muscle until we woke up.

Long story long, they're great dogs.

That ball of floof will turn into a killer if you threaten his farm bros

They speak sand people.

A woof in sheep's clothing.

Where is the baby Jesus?

Are you sure you are not a goat?

It's a Pyrenees

That dog looks a little like Winston Churchill

Seriously, this is funniest thing I've read tonight!

tHoSe aRe gOaTs

Thunder Buddies for life..