Maintenance Man STEPHEN SCHUCK Speaks Out About LV Shooting

Maintenance Man STEPHEN SCHUCK Speaks Out About LV Shooting

Yeah, this timeline is a cluster-fuck

This is inconsistent with the "Open Door Alarm," supposedly bringing Campos to floor ? And he didnt have keys ? Needed to get Campos' keys for police ?

This guy is a fucking actor. Suddenly shows up 10 days after the fact.

More Bullshit

"Check out a fire exit door that would not open" who was trying to open it and who reported it.

I ain't buying it. He claims that he called in over the radio to someone right at the start, yet police still didn't know where exactly to go for quite some time. Police didn't know that there was a security guard shot until they met him in the elevator they say right? When grabbing your radio for something like this, don't you think you'd be shouting something along the lines of "SHOTS FIRED ON THE 32nd floor, 100 wing. security shot, we need police here NOW!!!!"

My other problem with this is that we're just hearing about this guy now, over a week later??? What about all the other people staying in those rooms that line the hallway that just got hit with 200 rounds? We've heard from nobody that was roomed on the same floor?

No Fucking way! If that guy opened the door and went into the hallway to continue firing at the guard, that guard wouldve been shredded to pieces. 200 rounds come on

Alden's musician friend's daughter and nanny were supposedly on the 32 floor..

1:22 "i started to hear shots go off they weren't in the hallway yet"

then he saw security guard jesus get shot

hm thought the sec guard was shot 6 mins before shotting ever began?? hm...

So the new story that seems to be correct is that the shooting began inside, and the outside shooting only started later. The security guard was the first person shot. The comment "not in the hallway yet" seems to mean that the shooter first shot through the door, and then went out into the hallway to continue firing at the security guard and this guy. That may explain the discrepancy between the claim that 200 rounds were fired inside and the much smaller number of bullet holes seen in the door.

In other words, it starts with the shooter firing at Jesus through the door, and then opening it and continuing to fire from the hallway. At some point in that he hits Jesus in the leg - he misses this guy and doesn't hit Jesus again, despite apparently a large number of rounds fired. Then the firing outside commences.

If that is all correct, then the question becomes, why didn't the first police to arrive go after the gunman? They had said the reason they didn't is that the firing at already stopped by the time they got to the floor, so they took the time to clear the floor before the breach operation. But that was based on the belief that the shooter shot himself when interrupted by the security guard - which clearly can't be correct if that is what started the whole thing.

If the police are correct that the outside shooting had stopped by the time they reached the floor, then the issue is that the outside firing lasted fully 10 minutes. Why did it take them more than 10 minutes to get to the floor after the security guard had already been shot?

Sure, but we don't know where the police got the 200 and whether it is just completely wrong.

We do know that this guy says he was shot at and rounds went by his head and he had to duck into a doorway (recessed from the center of the fall) - which wouldn't happen with rounds fired straight out the door, perpendicular to the hallway axis.