Mafia 2 no longer available to buy on Steam

Mafia 2 no longer available to buy on Steam

Happened back in august

You mean the feature that's infamous for never working?

Sure: - Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Well, I missed that. Thanks for quick reply.

That's a pretty stupid strategy. Unless Mafia III contains both Mafia II and Mafia I. Something like how L4D1 can be played with L4D2.

Almost a year ago, GTA:SA got its fist update in 10 years, it added some stuff, like 1080p native support and 360 controller support, aaaand it also removed 17 songs. Source:

I downloaded and played it when it was removed just in case they were going to pull music from it, as happened with GTA.

I think this is one of the scenarios where pirating is okay.

So, no way to get the DLCs now :/

Mafia 2 is one of the few games that I actually got for free.

Having a bit of a rough day little guy?

Not statement but pattern. Same thing happened when II released Mafia I was removed. Now verge of Mafia III, II is removed.

Is there a list somewhere of digital download games, which had it's music files removed?

No worries

Surely, a more sensible option for them would be to gift Mafia II right now for free to anyone who pre-purchase Mafia III?

It was free with Civ v 2 years ago for voting in Golden Joysticks.

Then 1 year ago they gave away XCOM Enemy Unknown.

And this year not free but if you vote in Golden Joystick you can get Bioshock Infinite for 1 euro.

So in my experiance 2K gives freebies, at least from time to time.

Even encouraged.

Unless a trader has them as steam gifts, not sure if they'll still work or not though.

Because reddit search is that broken.

if they exists in an inventory as a gift its still possible to gift/use them. valve never removes those. i think they cant because of the law and ther tos

Man that sucks.. I remember playing it through way back when on PS3..Had a wonderful story. Loved how time progressed as well. If there is no legal way to buy a game... Resort to other means?

Did they make an official statement for it? Can't find anything in that thread other than speculation.

You may have been downvoted because of a potentially sketchy/third-party site. Your help is appreciated though!

Direct link to Mafia II steam page

There are some available on czech-ebay-like site called Aukro. Even steam keys.

Edit: downvoted for trying to help? okay...

lol, do not expect gifts from 2K

I bought GTA Vice City some years ago but never redeemed it, kept it in my inventory. A year or two back it suddenly changed. The GTA art Icon went to a gray default steam icon and the name changed from "GTA: Vice City" to "GTA: Vice City old audio".

Still haven't redeemed it to check if it's even valid.

Holy shit what the fuck.

if you own the PC game on steam and want the full music experience just pirate it. I mean, whatever music rights Rockstar owes or deals with is not your problem. As long as you paid for the game you're entitled to the game experience. Not the user's problem Rockstar has to remove or add songs post-launch.

Also, I'm sure someone out there will non-officially patch those 17 songs back in along with the native 1080p and X360 controller support. People are resourceful like that. Maybe it's already out there.

Pretty sure this was a thing before Obama.



I know what I'm altavista'ing later.

watch the trailer also there was a gameplay video over at game spot or one of those console sites.

considering how they 'support' '''''works''''' i would go with the TOS. i highly doubt they are under any pressure against any law :(

I see nothing relevant other than this post

It means it still has the old Michael Jackson song on the radio. IIRC, they removed it after that update.

the law and their tos

Pretty sure one of these is more important than the other