MadMan on Twitter: "Interesting how the U.S. sells Taiwan billions of dollars of military equipment but I should not accept a congratulatory call."

MadMan on Twitter: "Interesting how the U.S. sells Taiwan billions of dollars of military equipme...

The Twitter replies are always cancer.

Trust me if they did that to Trump he would not even get off the plane. He'd order it to fly to Taiwan just to make the point.

They won't learn, but at this point everyone should understand that if you attempt to Cuck Trump he is going to destroy you on Twitter in 140 characters or less.

When your President's only fuck left to give belongs to making America great again...

Feels good man

Perfect response to the braindead media's manufactured outrage, Trump is a boss.

China wouldn't even roll out a stairway for Air Force One and then got into an entourage shouting match on the tarmac the last time Obama visited, but NOW we're worried about protocol?

Trump campaigned about being tough on China.

The One China policy. We don't recognize Taiwan as a sovereign state. They are a part of China. (they're not) So we aren't supposed to talk to their president because the president of China is the president of all of China including Taiwan. (it isn't) The last person to talk to a Taiwanese president was Reagan in 79. So we're supposed to pretend they don't exist because big bad China will get upset, but last year Obama sold them BILLIONS of dollar in military arms. Textbook definition on hypocrisy. Does anyone really think Taiwan approved a billion dollar sale of weapons from the US without the two presidents having at least a conversation.

It's time to start breaking all of these retarded rules.

Or the rare 6-post response

They're still going with "delete your account". Very low energy. Sad

Very interesting indeed! KEEP CALLING THEM OUT!

Spot on -- and nobody in the media seems to comprehend that US policy is whatever Trump says it is now

Dems are losing their shit over a US President-elect's failure to ask the Chinese for permission to talk on the phone. Like, Wtf? Let's kowtow to a communist, authoritarian country so a call can be received from the leader of a democratic country.

Yes, Taiwan is a major issue in US-Chinese relations, but China needs the US as well, probably more so than the US needs China. The call will probably be used as leverage for future talks with China since Taiwan and their "one-China policy" goal is so important to them.

wait...whats wrong with taiwan?

Your comment is seriously underrated ... lmfao

"I'd say pilot, how much gas do we have left?"

"Plenty, sir."

"Then turn this plane around and let's get the hell out of here!"

The fat Upworthy 'writer' replies to everything

classic 6D chess move

Folks, we have the best president and we are proud of him. He's gonna talk to China Iran Taiwan Israel - he's going to take actions that actually benefit us and he can give a fuck about their rules

I dislike all the liberals who act as if they have any understanding of how wide a field International Relations is. Since power in International Relations is a zero-sum game, they can't comprehend the necessity in understanding how to leverage that power.

Fact is that this decision might have negative consequences or it might be the best choice ever. In the end it is decision making and it depends on how the other party approaches. It's about what each side can leverage.

If other countries, as liberals believe, think that President Trump would use nukes on a whim, the rational reaction is to de-escalate, since escalation doesn't work against a non-rational actor. In that respect, China wouldn't be able to move without putting themselves in a position they don't want to be in. Liberals mistake the fact that small things can cause a greater snowball effect, with the fact that it will and that civility in International Relations is anything but empty platitudes and attempts at disguising yourself for the powerful countries.

It's just so fitting how easily liberals can justify just about anything when it's them doing it. Ideals suddenly face the fact of realism, but in doing that they only accept the choice that their opponent didn't make.

Trump might've done something similar to a stroke of genius in accepting the call, undoing the standstill that has existed in the ideological war of China and undoing further danger of losing faith in US' will to strike back in a MAD case. After all, China is still too dependent on the US and they are a too large power to ever reach of position of friendly relations with, for them to do anything. By not letting China dictate Trump has won a psychological battle and gained higher ground.

Far much better than constant corrosion of trust in US' leadership's strength and attempts at winning an economical battle with China in their own sphere of influence. if the chinese struggle with predicting our president or to get a psychological or move advantage, then it's all for the better.

EDIT: To further add to it, liberals think that being considerate is what moves things in the sphere of international relations. Hah, it's all a game of power, considering what you might sacrifice and what you might use to get the result you want. It's no secret to China that the US supports Taiwan and has planned to ditch China, you know that right liberals? Being polite in such a case is merely empty speech. At best it could be a way to ideologically save face and resolve a pressing conflict, like in the case of Russia, where deescalation can happen if the compromise is done in a way that has the best outcome for the US, while also ensuring that Putin outwardly looks strong from it (while his actual gains might be small or losses).

Trump did say he would have not gotten off the plane and would leave. I never even thought lf the possibility of him flying to Taiwan. That would be the ultimate troll move. Probably not the best move to make for stable relations, but still.

Gasp! Not very PC. Respect my safe space

Right! Obama essentially ruled by executive order - Trump can do the same, if necessary.

Communist China has been bullying Taiwan for decades now, and is also bullying the rest of the world into not dealing with or even recognizing the existence of Taiwan, and into seeing Chinese culture and the Chinese language as what they are trying to turn it into and not what it has always been. They destroyed countless historical artifacts and buildings during Mao Tse-tung's reign and if they had ruled over Taiwan they would have done it to Taiwan too.

Think of the People's Republic of China as the communist-bloc half and the Republic of China (Taiwan's official name) as the "free" side of the two countries. East and West Germany, North and South Korea, Communist and Nationalist China.

Taiwan has risen from postwar poverty to become a prosperous nation producing amazing high-tech stuff and sending top-class brains to universities and laboratories everywhere in the world, including thousands of extremely successful immigrants to the USA. It's a fantastic country that preserves lots of traditions and Americans don't need a visa to visit.

Our president has every right to accept a congratulatory call from Taiwanese president Tsai. She is the rightful chief executive of her nation.

ahhh i got you....yeah this needs to be thrown out the window. Fuck China

In short, Trump is BTFOing them and saying "Fuck the 'rules' that these idiots have put in place".

This is why its so damn great that you have someone who is able to do the 'real life shitpost' and don't give a fuck what anyone thinks.

Perfect description, he is the hero we need.

But still ... The Red Chinese are bullies, Trump stands up to them. What a man.

Whose the 15 year old boy who replied with "you don't know what you're doing?"

But it will all be in vain if we do not work independently to purge globalism/communism from the media and academia

Xi ain't gonna like this! Fuck china they have been slowly trying to take over Taiwan and they need a fucking friend right about now.

For almost eight years…


Wait, they're not really are they?

I am Taiwanese, so I'll try to explain it from our perspective. After being released from being Japanese colony after World War II, the status of Taiwan was not yet determined (whether it was to be a separate nation or given to China). Right after World War II, there was the Chinese Civil War, which the Chinese Communists (PRC) won. The Nationalists fled to Taiwan after losing and established their base to retake China in Taiwan (obviously not being very friendly about it (February 28 Massacre). Bear in mind there were native Taiwanese already in Taiwan (Chinese immigrants living in Taiwan for hundreds of years and aboriginals), which were suppressed by the Nationalists, in a 38 year long period of martial law. Up until 1979, the US recognised Taiwan as the real China under the Nationalists, after warming US and PRC ties, the US recognised the PRC as the real China. Meanwhile, the Nationalists refused to rescind their claims to Mainland China, even though in this day and age that is clearly ridiculous. Even after becoming a democracy in 1996, it is impossible to take back those territorial claims on China anymore, because doing so would be treading too close to Taiwanese independence. I cannot stress enough that Taiwanese claims to all of China are forced on us, first by the authoritarian Nationalists and now by the PRC. In the event of such independence, the 2005 anti-secession law in China would automatically be triggered authorising the use of "non-peaceful means" against Taiwanese independence. Although "non-peaceful" means aren't anything new: 1st Taiwan Strait Crisis, 2nd Taiwan Strait Crisis, 3rd Taiwan Strait Crisis.

tl;dr....Taiwan used to be recognised as the real China, the States switched to the PRC but kept close ties with Taiwan. The issue regarding our status remains to be resolved. If there are more questions, feel free to ask, I'll do my best to explain.


Everyone BUT a TIMES SOURCE says she called trump. The TIMES SOURCE said a "Taiwan friendly staff" setup the call!!! Are you kidding me!?!

and donald is pretty much hinting that if china don't stop fucking us on trade then he'll sell fucking awesome military weapons to taiwan

she is the personification of a libtard stereotype.... millennial, lesbian, hipster, liberal, journalist... i bet it's her job at Upworthy to troll his twitter lol.

so we're supposed to bend the knee to China in the name of "Diplomacy"? Isn't that what liberals are always shouting from the rooftop about equality and justice? Are libtards OK with China oppressing the poor people of Taiwan? What a bunch of cucked HYPOCRITES!


It is like Christmas almost every day. Like that time Trump hired "Mad Dog" for SecDef. (That went through, didn't it?)


Delete your account

Does that person honestly think President-elect Trump is going to be like "ok tammy212, I give up" ?

(Made up a name off the top of my head btw, don't give Tammy any shit)

Not as interesting as a white officer shooting a black somalian.

dude...we sell taiwan F-16s, radars, and US navy destroyers...what difference does it make if trump keeps this up with taiwan?

This tweet puts it squarely in Obama's lap if anything gets fucky. Answering telephone calls doesn't start wars, it prevents them. Selling arms, on the other hand...

It also tells China that he's a business man, not a warmonger.



I was stumped as a young Attack Helicopter and this triggers me.

Taiwan is all that is left of the REAL China. The mainland was taken over by murderous commie revolutionaries and turned into a brand new (bad) country.

This. We have our leader. Now let's follow his lead.

"It's true"

-China probably

If Trump is recognizing Taiwan..... is he going to recognize Tibet?

Yeah ikr, we are a country of white supremacy. (/s don't deport me)

Taiwan actually has more historical Chinese items than China itself.

Very apt comparison to North and South Korea. China was torn apart by communism and our allies had to flee to Taiwan.

Favorite president ever

Is your user name from the office?