Made the knuckles meme into a snapchat lens! Now with sound!!

Made the knuckles meme into a snapchat lens! Now with sound!!

Made a new subreddit about custom snap lenses!!

Do a TIL post or something about being able to make your own lenses so more and more memes become a snap lense, what a time to be alive.

Edit: If this becomes a thing, I witnessed it’s birth.

God bless you, I've already sent this to all my friends

Download the image, go to add new friends and add with snapcode and select the image

How you use dis?

You kno de wey

Hahaha I'll do that when I get home :)

Thank you my brother

God bless u and yur broddas, he has shown yu de wae.

Mai queen

If you google "snapchat lens studio" there's a page documenting how you use their tool. It's pretty complex

Please brudda find da way

How do you create your own snapchat lenses?


God damnit you’ve given me a reason to re download Snapchat

dude doing god's work

Cluck cluck cluck cluck

you have found de wey

Yeah can be used infinite times

I am spreading this like wildfire

O fuk You is correct bruddah Click click click

That requires a lot of complex coding 😅 I might try later

Here's the full snapcode:

Bruddah i doh no hear ani sond Y be dis?

Turn off silent mode my brota

Spit on de non believers my brudda

I hope this blows up

Thanks, I know what my next Uni project will be


Could someone make this for the wednesday frog please?

Yes, but you can scan the code again after 24 hours

Lol just give me the job and I'll make something

Mai brotah

Can you use this code twice? Because its only active for 24 hours.

Please find da wae my brudda

Haha yeah it's mazing

Can you make the little brudda move too?

Just click this, its the link version

Wat do you think brota

I put on story. A qwin already reply bruddah. Fellow bruddah has helped me pull

Doing gods work

Brudda its just a prank! Just a prank my nigga i knoe de wae

Does it only work for 24 hours?

Thank you mah brudda!

This is pure Ebola, it is de wae

We must protect da queeen

Here's the code if you want to share


Nice, this is a spicy one

autistic clucking

Dis is de whey!!

Add mi on snapchat brotah, I maek more like diis


Bruda the picture doesnt appear in my picture list for snap lenses

Add me on snapchat, I make more of these


Also /sub/snaplenses is for you

Spit on da fake queen

Tank Yu brodda

Try a screen shot brudda

Yeah, it's a buimt in limitation by snapchat. You just scan the code again and it pops up again

Yeah bro ⚰️


We will pray for you brudda.

He noes de wey

23 views in 4mins, yis brotah

Is my ebola not allowed in this lens?

Thank you for showing me da wey

Brudda, it does not accept da code. Please show me da wey!

I'm totally whelmed right now.

Thenk u brudda

It already is blowing up my brudda

Show you da wey. Someone post this.

Yeah wtf is this bs? I’m gone for the whole day now I can’t get to fricking use it!

Edit: oh u can rescan it

Dis is de wey, bruddas

Hahaha thanks

Thank god. Saving this now.


The complexity of Snapchat is the reason the Snapchat Spectacles failed and it’s why Snapchat stocks are garbo.


Open this in safari or chrome b

You were born in 1905?

Yes please!

Thanks, bruddah. I now know deh way.

It says i only have it for 24 hours... is that on purpose?

Wish it would last for ever and not only 24 hours. Still thanks a lot. Youre a god!

I can show you de wey

Yuo skan de_code again my brotah

Works infinetly

Thinking about creating a youtube channel

Whoever made this is a god.

ya broddas who help show u da wae

The day lens studio came out I searched all over for this

/sub/dankmemes just killed this meme in 1 day

Use this

Dude this is the Best thing ever!!

No you da queen

I've made a post on meme economy since there's great investment potential in this meme format.

Wait my bruddah we must smell her first. This is de way.

Great job. Thanks!

-hwut phu-

What have you done?

Doesn't recognize the code, any idea why?

it does not work brudda. my snapchat cannot seem to find da wae