LPT: Use cable binders in this specific way to organize multiple lose cables under your desk (picture in text).

LPT: Use cable binders in this specific way to organize multiple lose cables under your desk (picture in text).Like so
LPT: Use cable binders in this specific way to organize multiple lose cables under your desk (picture in text).

I wish /sub/lpt was more of this and less "If you have a friend who's trying to eat less gluten, NEVER ask them about it or offer them any food containing gluten, you ass!"

Edit: Hey, my top comment of all time. I've gotten a lot of the same comment replies, so here they are in order of what I remember the most:

1. OP's post is typical of what you would find in /sub/lifehacks

2. OP's LPT is stupid/wasteful/not as good as velcro ties

3. People agree that the content of /sub/lifeprotips isn't great lately

4. We should make a new sub for better LPTs

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If your friend is crying get them a tissue. They are probably too busy being sad to get one. #LPT

Velcro ties are used by professionals nowadays.

Don't do this at work. It will annoy the IT guy.

Source: I am the IT guy

And amateurs. Much quicker, easier, and cheaper when making small bundles like these.

Like this? http://imgur.com/a/fqGxg

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And to remove one, you have to clip them all. Looks good, cables are easily traceable and satisfies my touch of OCD but is not expandable and earns a zero for serviceability. If you clip them to a larger tie that's a bit longer than your immediate needs call for rather than through a looped on, you get the same effect and the ability to replace/add one. You could even pass the large foundation tie through a binder clip "handle", pull the zip tie tight then clip all the cables to that one and VIOLA, you not only have the loom look but an attached clip to hang it from something/attach it to something.

I picked up a pack of like 100 Velcro straps for like $8 on Amazon that can be easily cut to smaller lengths, and are leaps and bounds easier to use and reuse than these.

What is a "Cable binder" ? A zip tie according to my very grueling research.

Velcro ties work much better. I use these specific cable ties on my racks as well as workstations. They look nice, secure, and easily removable when adding, subtracting, or re-routing.


I'm IT as well. The owner of the company I work for must have a lifetime supply of these things because every time he sees a cable, he puts 10 of these things on it. I hate these things so every time I see one of those cable ties on a cable, I cut 10 off.

TIL Velcro straps are about 1ยข more expensive than zip ties!

The real slim shady is always in the comments

LPT: don't make that.

nice username! high fives

I did.

I made this. 3,496 bottle caps held together with 9,000 4 inch cable ties.

LPT how to organize mom's spaghetti

LPT: If you want free karma, write something obvious on /sub/lifeprotips.

Preach! Half of the stuff on LPT is obvious, no brain "advice", probably from people fishing for upvotes or something.

"If you have a friend whose Mother just died in a freak car accident 27 seconds ago, then do not make jokes about Mothers dying in freak car accidents."

Say, that's a good tip!

Did you just sketch that?

If you consider each "I" as a 1 and each "l" as a 0 in "IIlIlIlIllIIllIIlIll", you get "11010101001100110100", which can be written in hexadecimal instead of binary as "D5334". Just remember "D5334", and convert it to binary. Converting hexadecimal to binary on the fly is easy because each hexadecimal digit corresponds to 4 bits in binary, with no overlap or anything like that. 4 turns into 0100, 3 into 0011, 5 into 0101, and D into 1101, so D5334 turns into 1101 0101 0011 0011 0100, which you then simply write as IIlI lIlI llII llII lIll, or, without the spaces, IIlIlIlIllIIllIIlIll.

Really simple and practical.


Edit: And thanks for the gold! Not sure if it was really deserved but it's definitely appreciated.

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just a wild guess, but maybe OP is german. In German it is called "Kabelbinder", which is, literally translated "Cable binder"

Who's Mr. Sketchy McSketchpants? You're Mr. Sketchy McSketchpants.

Someones been watching road kill

As I guy who works in IT, I will murder any employee who ties their cables at their desk in this way. If you want to do it at home then that's fine but with the frequency that people reconfigure their work space or move their equipment and their seats at the company I work for, those cable ties would really piss me off.

My understanding is that the 1's will still fit just fine since they're pretty narrow when they lay on their side, but the 0's get squished.


Yeah half of them read like advice from Dr. Steve Brule. "If someone tells you a secret, don't tell anyone about it ya dingus!"

LPT: Don't leave your Red Bull in the break room fridge, Debbie from HR will drink it and blame it on Eric.

Ever have some new rack installed and the installers zip tie everything to everything to the point where the cable bundles are 80% cable ties and 20% actual cabling? I love it when something goes wrong and I have to replace one cable, and I have to cut 763 ties to get it out.

Fuck zip ties.

Fuck "professional" installers.

Fuck all those perfectly run cable box pics.

What the fuk

Did you just sketch that?

Normally, yes, that would be tautological. But with Velcro, you can have a non-continuous roll!

So, a roll?

While aesthetically pleasing, won't you end up using five times as many zip ties?


Besides the serviceability aspect, velcro is preferred b/c most installers will over tighten and/or kink cables when using zip ties or similar solutions. This can bring the cable out of spec due to increased impedance resulting in poor signal integrity (reduced link speeds, reduced run length, poor link negotiation, etc...).

LPT: Never, ever use zip ties to secure or organize any type of cable. Twist ties or velcro.

LPT: if you like living, breathe oxygen.

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I think it's primarily people with poor social skills who weren't aware of some social norm, figured it out on their own, and assume other people will benefit from their newfound insight.

("If someone gives you a gift but you don't like it, you should still say thank you and act like you like it because it's the thought that counts--don't explain to them the reasons it's a bad gift for you.")

What did 0 say to 8?

Nice belt.

Plus, if you kink the cable you're severely limiting how many 1's and 0's can flow through.

You can even get it as a continuous roll.

I support Dumbledumb's educated guess.

Whenever I see usernames like these, I can't help but wonder, do you keep them in some kind of database?

I'm sorry but that very clearly says 'Keep Ass'.

Technically, all zip ties are reusable if you have something small enough to push the tab back.

Velcro zip ties are one of my best Amazon purchases to date.

Yes but the swag.

LPT: cables come in more than 3 colours in case you want to colour code them.

LPT: your IT guy will murder you if you have 6 zip ties holding 5 cables together when he comes to move your shit around.

LPT: if you really do what OP does, leave enough of a gap so you can slip the cables out if they need to be replaced or moved.

Real LPT: cable management is a waste of time. Bundle/wrap them up somewhere out of sight and velcro/strap them up there.

Let me try!

If you need a taxi ride fast, use uber instead!

They even become a pain in the ass when you have to trace a cable in the rack to it's source. They won't budge at all. Sure, it looks great but it's not practical at all.

I actually have something interesting for passwords (disregard the username).

What you really want when discussing methods about passwords is to meet all of the following criteria:

A unique password for each website,

All of them are high-entropy, i.e., "strong" passwords that can't be bruteforced or cracked,

None of them is likely to have ever been used by anyone else ever,

You can remember all of them very quickly,

If possible (even though it should almost never matter), make it so that if someone finds one of your passwords, they can't manually guess what your other passwords are. This doesn't matter much because it's almost never a person "hacking" your password, but a bot, and bots won't try to guess how you generate your passwords. But still, if someone specifically invests time into trying to ruin your life, hey it's better to make their life harder.

That looks pretty tough, but it's actually doable. Here is an example method (and, just like an example of a strong password, you shouldn't use this exact method because as soon as it's somewhere online, it's not secure anymore, so just modify a couple things here and there to make it yours):

Take the second and fourth letters of the website or service for which you're making a password. For Reddit, that would be "e" and "d".

Reverse their order (you get "de").

Add a short string of random bullshit that is basically your actual password that you need to remember, and preferably make it easy to type, for instance "Qp10-".

Combine these two in some fixed way, for instance by repeating them both twice: "deQp10-deQp10-".

It becomes easier and easier with practice to apply this method to create or to remember your password for any given website. You can modify that method to suit your needs, like make it easier to type on your particular keyboard, make it more secure by choosing a longer sequence than Qp10- (honestly it's better to have a longer sequence once than to repeat that sequence twice in terms of security, but it's slightly harder to remember, so repeating is a tradeoff). People can't guess from looking at your reddit password ("deQp10-deQp10-") that your Google password is "goQp10-goQp10-".

Methods like this are really good. I've been doing that for more than 10 years now and I've successfully converted most of my friends to it: they all have their own methods with personal quirks to them.

My guess as well.

Muh spark plug wires!

You got ripped off.

Don't include the capitol P or the number 1. Too complicated. "password" is much easier to remember.

It just makes for extra work when something has to be installed or moved.

Man, this comments section is chock full of top-notch LPTs. /s

What would you do for passwords?

The real LPT is always in the comments.

Can you show a pic of this being done with Velcro? I can't imagine it being done as neat.

Installers will likely keep using zip ties but for cable management I see a lot of velcro, usually in server rooms and offices the ease and versatility of velcro wins.

Probably a password manager like KeePass or LastPass.

Paging /u/Sketchy_McSketchpants

Its more like passive aggressive tips...

The pricing on that item is bizarre. The unit price triples from buying sets of 100 to buying sets of 200.

Buying 6 100 packs? $75. Buying 3 200 packs? $204.

Great gif. RIP.

Yes but they cost you almost nothing. Last time I bought a 100 pce bag on amazon for less than 7 $.

I really just want to run as fast as I can into it and hope it explodes like Sonic when he runs into and lose his rings. Except when it happens, I would feel like I won the jackpot in FO4.

they are just better in general. I really only use twist ties and velcro ties. The only time I use the thick zip ties are when it needs to be completely waterproof and will be there permanently. This is usually when I run cat 6 cable through the walls.

Ugh, I remember when my belief of tidy and neat cable management via zipties was shattered. Having to try and trace a cable in the thick of ~60 cables ziptied by the strength of Zeus is the one of the most frustrating things i've dealt with and it had nothing to do with looking into a monitor screen...

LPT: Get reusable cable ties like these.  

OPs LPT is stupid because you not only waste a lot of cable ties, it is also completely useless if you have to add or remove a cable.

LPT: Get reusable cable ties like .

OPs LPT is stupid because you not only waste a lot of cable ties, it is also completely useless if you have to add or remove a cable.

Offer them Velcro ties instead?

Yeah, much easier and cheaper and sometimes a better idea. Usually only for patch cable run or builds designed to never be serviced (which means it will still need to be serviced one day)

Especially if it's a small business and multiple vendors will be working in it, the world would be a better place if they all stuck to Velcro and didn't take the easy way out. I have had to cut more misplaced and stupidly inaccessible zip-ties to replace them with serviceable Velcro than I can count, just to be able to access regularly used equipment. It's usually within a day of them tying it up since it's always immediately following an addition or change that something goes wrong.

Huge downside though, dust. Dust loves Velcro.

The pre-cut straps are sold in a roll actually, so I think continuous would apply

It's just bundled. Making it flat like this is only useful in a few case. You can of course just bundle with cable ties too.

And Lastp Ass.

Like this?


At first I was intrigued and then I was impressed!

he really wasn't a pleasant poster based on his comment history.

If you lose the cables first how can you organise them?

The real LPT is always in the comments

While that is a LPT the real take home for me is to scream 'VIOLA' when I do something well.

I relocate IT equipment for businesses (up to 700 systems at a time). If we do any kind of cable management under desks it's always velcro (really fine stuff) not cable ties.

Also the tail of another zip tie if it's the same size as the locked zip tie. Slightly more difficult, but won't damage the tab... if you're into that kind of thing.

Umm, yeah! Good old anchoring ties and... Cross-looped ties and individual braces with daisy chains, can't forget those daisy chains!

Just bought a 100 pc bag for $3 at walmart and a 50pc for like $1

edit: packs were different sized zip ties, that's why I didn't get 2 of the $1 packs

LPT: The real LPT is always in the comments

What kind of "professionals" are you talking about? I installed security systems home theater for several years, professionally. The only time I ever used velcro was directly between the wall and AV components to keep things looking tidy when I knew there was a good chance wires would need to eventually get moved. Everything else got plastic zip ties, cheaper, more permanent, more durable, etc.

Thank you, I was starting to worry I was the only one that noticed.

nods along

Having a hard time visualizing this but it sounds fucking rad. Any chance of a picture to show what you mean?

its almost like we should just stop even bothering to read what the post is about and just cruise on in to the comments to get the real LPTs

They make reusable zip ties though. Not sure if they come small enough for cables though.




Someone will appreciate your work in 22nd century.

Fuck zip ties, velcro master race

Secretly set up gluten free situations to delight your feeble minded friend or family member and make them feel useful.

Check this out!

Working in IT, I've switched to Velcro straps. There's nothing more annoying than finishing a bunch of cable organizing only to need to change something and be stuck having to cut a bunch of zip ties and redo them

I was too relieved it wasn't "Wallaa" to notice.

Like the edge of a knife, boxcutter, paperclip, fork tong, nail cleaner, or screwdriver

I'm actually totally into damaging tabs, especially the ones on chrome. I abuse them until the whole thing crash.

That's a pretty common way of separating spark plug wires too.

In OP's picture, use a longer black thingy so there's room to the right of the last blue thingy. Add another white thingy to keep that blue thingy from flopping around. Also add in a binder clip to the left of the yellow thingy so you can clip the whole thingy to your thingy.

As a sysadmin, if someone did this I would direct all their web traffic to meatspin.com then punch them in the nuts/vagina.

And most of the other half is inane, weirdly specific social practices that'll make you overthink every interaction you have.

That's brilliant! Thank you for this! I have so many cable ties and haven't gotten to sit down and think of a good mesh anchor scheme for my wiring. This is perfect!

That looks like anal beads.

Unless you're a plant.

Might help it look nice, but my cables under and behind my desk aren't under and behind my desk to look nice. Would be helpful if someone makes something that does this particular function, but is designed to be re-opened and re-used. (imagine a clam-shell style device, with a bunch of slots for wires to go through) I imagine something like that already exists, but not entirely sure what i'd search for to find it.

Otherwise, having to cut and redo the entire thing to re-orient a single or several cables, would suck.

The first rule of tautology club is the first rule of Tautology club

I thought this particular piece of knowledge came from Finnegan's Garage.

LPT: If someone close to you has a relative die, be nice to them.

Gotta admit, I did clean up my spark plug wires this way back in the day when I had the time and energy to care about that sort of thing.


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Looks like an ad?

Trust me. I come faster than anyone.

Or learn to cable lace like a real pro. :D


This is actually a method for binding wires in a communications facility. This would be used for a permanent fixture on a wire rack, not for your desk. For you desk, just use Velcro ties.

np. Thanks to /u/fugolo for starting the conversation and /u/cellulosfibersurgeon for advancing it. I'm going to have to try one or both of these methods at home.

Here's a picture of what he's talking about.

I've always heard called them zip ties or cable ties. Cable binders? never!

I down voted this because it goes against my desire to allow my cables to run free, tangled, and messy. #freethecables

Pop! Pop!

Try to change one on the fly... Not LPT for me.

i demand an expanded view to see the satisfying possibilities.. go go go

You don't actually need to clip them all - just the black one cuz it holds the rest of them together.

Sorry to sound like a drag but im not too sure I understand. Do you have a real picture or video of this so I can understand?


Oh /sub/magnitude, always there with a timely Pop! Pop!

Def an ad. Living in Chicago grabbing a street cab is almost always faster. More expensive and smellier, but faster.

It's pretty clever, actually. You take the cable and the zip ties and make a mesh with the anchoring tie and lash out according to your requirements with the appropriate number of cables and associated ties with the cross-looped ties acting as individual braces against the original master tie while maintaining multiple options for expansion via daisy chains and excess length.

Hope that helps.

Velcro ties