Lpt: To all young teenagers looking for their first job, do not have your parents speak or apply for you. There's a certain respect seeing a kid get a job for themselves.

Lpt: To all young teenagers looking for their first job, do not have your parents speak or apply for you. There's a certain respect seeing a kid get a job for themselves.

We want to know that YOU want the job, not just your parents.

Be nervous as fuck, but be by yourself. It shows independence and self-motivation, which even if shaky, it's better than none.

If you have your parents speaking for you now at the time of application, they think your parents will be a pain in the ass to deal with when you screw up and your parents come to the rescue on your behalf

I can appreciate an applicant being nervous and I even take it into account during an interview. When I see parents hassling me to hire their kid, I have to guess and take a chance on whether or not the kid even wants to work.

We had a guy in our office whose dad came in to do his salary-negotiation. He did not get a raise...

As a teenager who just started working last month, I can't even imagine how someone would even want their parents to apply for them.

This is a little mind boggling. I grew up in a smallish Midwestern town and it's laughable that I would have expected to get a job if my parents did it for me and I'm a millennial. What the hell is going on?

IDK. Early twenties. His dad scored him another job and he quit not long after. It would not fucking surprise me if his dad was writing his reports.

No way...how old was the guy? That's pretty sad.

This LPT should be addressed to the parents, not the teenagers. No teenager wants their parents to apply for a job for them.

Yea I grew up in a bigger town and not a chance in hell would my parents have asked a potential employer if I could be hired on. Even if they were like that there was no way I would have agreed.

Got my first job when my mom went down to the grocery store and applied for me. I was in the store, so he asked to see me. I came over, small chat, boom had a job as we left the store.

This is to say it really depends on your location and the type of person the manager is. I got lucky, admittedly.

I'm Gen X (so nothing is my fault) and am profoundly disturbed that this is a thing that needed a LPT.

Unless you are rich and your dad gets you a job at his golfing buddies firm.

Offer his dad the job at 2% over what the son makes if he can defeat his boy in gladiatorial combat.

Dangit, why is HR calling me again?

I think there is also a major difference between, "Give me an application to fill out for my kid." and, "Hey, I saw the now hiring sign and my 16 year old is looking for a job."

Last year a kid's parents came with him to the interview. We did not hire for that reason. Sorry, but I don't want my mom here, either :/

I imagine most kids would be embarrassed by it, and not want it to happen, but with parents like that they learn that its easier to not rock the boat and let the parent do their thing.

As an owner of an ice cream shop who gets 5 applications a day, trust me when I say it's necessary.

And also a major difference between applying at some big box store vs. "Hey Michael... how's business? It's good to see you again! My son Frank here is looking for a job and your sign says you need somebody?"

A girl applying for my store did too, did allll the talking for her daughter. One girl brought her boyfriend INSIDE. Like I get moral support, or someone driving you but if you can't function without a security blanket you probably aren't gonna be a good employee.

Edit: oh yeah just to add. The girl with the mom got hired (my boss was really into hot 16 year olds it was gross). If the girl needed to call out or change shifts guess who called the store? Mommy. Question about filling out the tax form? Mommmmmyy! It was embarrassing but the girl seemed fine with it. I guess she figured no one would say no to another adult or something and she wanted to get her way.

Anyway she didn't last long because she uploaded dozens of public social media posts of her smoking pot and drinking. I wonder if mommy knew about those.

I've had parents call in to confront their teenager's boss on issues before (I used to work in a call center for a retail store chain).

"Little Johnny is very upset that he is scheduled to work on his birthday."

No. Stop it.

My mom drove me around to look for my first job. We found a catering meat market type place and we walked in and went to the counter. When the guy asked how he could help us my mom just said good luck and walked away without warning.

I was stunned and confused and the guy started laughing. Shortly after, we had a little chat and I had to go tell my mom to leave and come back later since I had dishes to wash right that second lol.

My parents would’ve whooped my ass if I asked them to persuade an employer to get me a job. Why is this even a thing. Be independent and be yourself. Sure “it’s not what you know it’s who you know” but you can’t depend on someone else to do something for you, even if it’s your parents. Why aren’t kids more independent these days?

Maybe it’s a generational thing?

Doubt it, early 20's here. I'd curl up and die if my parents even walked into my workplace.

In most cases, the reason parents are applying for them is because they want their kids to have a job more than the kid does. Inquiring if we're hiring is a different story.

Yeah but being retarded is, I think.

Sometimes that head start is all you need.

Oh man I remember my first interview, came totally unprepared, lost my voice a couple times due to nervousness, rambled on when asked questions, and when asked "do you have any questions for us." "Nope."

I don't think its a matter of a kid asking their parents..its more a matter of the parent wanting their kid to work so that they can get more stuff or get more time off

LPT: your goal should be to not need your parents to do anything for you. once you have achieved that level of independence, be a good kid and allow them to do things they want to do for you, because it makes them happy.

Sometimes a small loan of $1 million from your dad is enough to get you to the presidency.

A few years ago the father of an employee contacted us to let us know his son would not be returning to work as he did not enjoy it.

Maths teacher.

I'd feel a lot different if a 14 year old mom was involved

Fuckin me too mate that would be insane.

"Being too dependent on your parents" isn't a protected class.

This.so.much. I run a farm shop and I get mummy and daddy asking for a job for little jimmy (who’s not even with them) probably 3-4 times a week. Even if I’m hiring I will say no if little jimmy can’t even be bothered to come in and introduce himself to me and hand me his CV. I have hired two young men alone on first impressions and friendly attitudes. I don’t need you to have any experience but I do want you to give me the curtesy of asking like an adult and not sending your Mum in to to it.

Sorry for the rant it’s my biggest bug bear at the moment!

Haha look at this guy with normal parents who haven't tried to smother him to death his whole life because they don't want their baby to grow up

The only excuse I'd accept from someone's mother is:

"My son recently got in an accident and is in the hospital temporarily unable to communicate directly. He apologizes for missing the interview. When he gets out, he would appreciate a second opportunity for an interview from you."

I'm going to guess that the teacher had a massive mental breakdown and his dad found him two days later bathing in a tub of his own tears and singing a Dora the Explorer song to himself. Probably "it's a map it's a map it's a map it's a map".

Source: am a high school math teacher.

Dude I'm fucking 23 years old and my mom still calls my work to make sure I'm there. Baby boomer helicopter parents will be the demise of me.

*I'm getting a lot of "its your fault". I was sent away at 16 and was independent for years before now.

I actually think that would fall under discrimination laws. Don't think I'm allowed to.

Also around me Grocery stores are one of the few places that still hire at 14, other places are 16. I'd feel a lot different if a 14 year old's mom was involved than a 16 year old or older.

Edit: because typos change everything.

I would give anything to have one my employees bring their dad into a meeting like that. I'm getting riled up just thinking about it. I think the first thing I would do is ask them politely to wait a moment so I could email my bosses a quick invite then I would lean out my door and yell to the other managers down the hall that they had to come down and see this shit then maybe start a facebook live stream just for good measure.

After a certain point, you realize interviewers are just people, and it's usually just a conversation. Seems obvious, but it's hard to internalize.

Haha just doing the work for him. Sounds like he makings of a 40 year old man baby.

Had a friend tell me about an interview like that recently. The kid (fresh college graduate) missed his interview and his mom called/wrote multiple emails about how he asked her to wake him up early for it, but HER alarm clock didn’t go off and it was all her fault etc..

It was even more convoluted than that, somehow there was an autistic brother in the story who got thrown under the bus.

How could anyone not realize the interviewer doesn’t give a shit about the excuses and that if a potential employee can’t manage to get himself to an interview on his own, he’s not getting hired?

I think it's specific to very aggressive helicopter parents.

Please tell me you give the parents this LPT and explain to them why you aren't going to hire their son/daughter.

It says a lot more about the parent than the child though.

Yeah.. This isn't a thing, is it? I've never once seen this in my professional life

How long ago was this? Years ago, having parents tag along was more acceptable. Its no longer that way.

I've been harping on my 16 yr old for months now about getting a job.

I showed her how to find li'l strip malls and shopping centers on google maps to find places to work. I explained how to fill out the app then call a couple days later for a follow up. I've made myself available to take her to interviews (zero) and back n forth. And a bunch of other stuff.

None of these conversations were aimed at my 14 yr old, but simply by osmosis, he found, applied and followed up to get his first job at McD's. (got his first $115 chk today and immediately made Gabe Newell $70 richer, but that's not the point)

So the problem is not necessarily helicopter parents, it's the kids self motivation.

That's similar to how my first one went. I was shaking I was so nervous and my mind blanked for every answer. After dozens of interviews it gets soooo much easier though.

TIL: People actually bring their parents in to interviews

My father arranged a summer job for me when I was 15, which I really didn't want, that was supposed to keep me from "strealing the streets". That was in 1970, and I totally would have strealed.

My head is about to explode reading these comments. Wow.

But she wasn't outside. He never saw her again.

Suburbs. It's not just millennials, they (we) are simply the generation that had the most exposure to the suburb lifestyle. A "safe" place without a lot of conflicting lifestyles or ideas. Protecting kids from the harsh reality of life. It's what parents want to do, and more and more of them have the ability than they used to.

That is epic. What an awesome mom you have, haha.

Then fire the winner a week later because "at-will employment".

Maybe it’s a generational thing? I’m in my 30s and when I was a teenager we didn’t want ANYTHING to do with our parents.

I could never shake my mother, it was to the point where she withheld my social security number so.i couldn't get a job. Sometimes parents are just that convinced you're unable to function or make decisions yourself.

Death would also be a good excuse, but would probably disqualify him for the next round of interviews.

Sometimes the parent willl com with the kid and say "he needs to get a job, he just sits around and play video games all day"

Ok we are business and not a baby sitting service... we need someone who will work... you're not making the best sales pitch for him

yeah as a hiring manager any applicant who shows up with their parents goes straight on the no hire list. I'm not dealing with your mom.

A 14yo mom really needs the job to support her baby

Sure, that's an advantage for that guy. But favors from daddy only go so far in life. At some point you'll have to do the work yourself.

You should check out some of the old askreddit threads about worst interviews. They're gold mines of stuff like that.

I had a girl come in and get ice cream with her parents. She saw the hiring sign and inquired. She's one of the best employees I have right now, and her parents did nothing to help her. Sign of personal responsibility.

Beware, this could become a routine which is her way of keeping you from growing up on your own and leaving the nest. You'll know for sure when everytime you take a step towards becoming more of an adult she tries to sabotage it or becomes needy and starts relying on you to take care of her so you can't get ahead. Some people like this also can try to convince you that you aren't capable of accomplishing your goals to try to talk you out of trying. It could be something else and not this bad but I'd watch for the signs and in the meantime tell her to stop calling your work.

I've seen this kind of thing too many times.

As a parent, only go as far as to ask if the place is hiring. If so, say my son/daughter is looking for work, I'll let him/her know.

As a hiring manager, you have no chance if your parents show up to do the legwork for you.

Also be assertive. There was a local grocery store near my high school that EVERYONE applied to in their teens. I applied then simply called every 3 days and said "Hi this is,_____. I'm just checking on that status of my application." Sure enough, the manager did not give a shit about who he was hiring. My interview was maybe 40 seconds. Qualifications are not necessary for remedial jobs, so just set yourself apart from everyone else by annoying the shit out of them.

I overheard a kid sit through his first job interview at ChickFilA yesterday. You can tell he wasn't prepped or had an idea of how to answer many of the interview questions. You know what though? The kid did his best and you can tell with little to no parental help. Hopefully he'll learn from that interview and knock out the next one. Also, hopefully he doesn't say "hey lemme get my food" to the next hiring official...



Do not underestimate the power of nepotism my friend. :)

Then little Johnny can fucking take it up with the manager himself.

WTF? I can’t even wrap my head around this as being a real thing. We are raising our daughter to be max independent. How do these parents go so far astray? My 8 year old can cook, clean, does her own laundry, keeps track of her own commitments. No way would I ever dream of doing something like that, she has to be able to function in society on her own. Yikes

This only applies to normal kids. My 18 year old is high functioning autistic and can read at a 2nd grade level. If we didn't help, he wouldn't have gotten a job for MANY years from now. He loves his Walmart job now.

Frank doesn't seem awfully motivated..

=Stroll + steal

Sad part is this shouldn't have to be said for a minimum wage job for a teenager...now when a mom shows up to my professional workplace I really cannot believe how set up to fail these kids really are. Last time it happened the applicant was 27 years old and his mom asked to join us on the interview. He had no confidence and zero communication skills - as you can imagine he didn't get the job.

In my case I was 14 or 15 the legal age for hiring was 16 but I had fallen in with a "bad crowd" and my parents were forcing me to work a few towns over where I was unlikely to be seeing those "friends"

TBH it was a good move on there part I ended up enjoying work...still found bad crowd people to hang out with but hanging out with them at a job vs where ever kept it a bit safer.

Teenagers? I am a hiring manager and Ive had the parents of people in their THIRTIES call me to help their kid, with a few even asking why I didnt hire them.

If your parent calls for you I will not hire you.

When someone start on complaining about millenials I just think "who raised them that way?" It was their parents who handed thm the participation trophies.

I don't think that's any sort of discrimination.

I've gotten phone calls responding to a false (incomplete and factually incorrect) resume my dad circulated to retail stores, between harassing me to drop out (to become his live-in-slave/run the family business) when I started college.

Q: ""Easy" Can you come in early to start tomorrow, lynx?" A: "Start what?" Q: "The retail job." A: "I don't have time for a job, I have classes full-time." Q: "Bullshit! It's the middle of the year, and your application says you are available to start full-time immediately!" A: "What application!?"

repeat variations 3~5x Q: "Why did you send fill out an application and attach a resume if you didn't want a job!?" A: "I did not apply for any job."

Q: "You are lynxSnowCat?" A: "Yes." Q: "Recent graduate of Catholic School?" A: "No, my diploma is from Public School after transferring." Q: "... I see a phone number, area code ### ending in #### on this resume, is this your number?" A: "Yes, I assume its what's in phone book." Q: "Your e-mail hosted by lynxsnowcat@hotmail.com?" A: "No. It's-" Q: "Thank you, someone with your name put the wrong contact info on their application and resume." A: "That's -- a coincidence.?" Q: "We'll email them and tell them to correct their information on the next round of applications." A: "Okay. Bye and Good luck with that." Q: "Yeah, Thanks."

three hours later

F: "lynxSnowCat, What the hell is this email about you refusing a job, [ pejorative ] Take the job and drop-out!" A: "What the hell are you on about!?" F: "Shut up and give me your correct contact info! I won't hire you unless you have retail experience!" A: "No, I'm studying." F: "No you aren't. School is too hard for you." A: "Honours with distinction." F: "You need retail experience!"

-F calls again while I am trying to sleep... -F calls and coerces landlord into admitting him for a "wellness check" ... -F sends messengers... -F calls police for "wellness check", again... -F repeats this until he shifts his obsession with "helping me study"...

#F him.

I did that and they got sick of me and told me to fuck off.

This is oddly specific

Michael is notorious for running his own business to the ground due to excessive nepotism.

Timeout. Since when do you have to prep for an interview at a fast food job? I know it's been a long time (15 years) since I've had a fast food job, but I literally got interviewed at the same time I dropped off my application and was hired on the spot, even though I was covered in sweat and grass trimmings from mowing the yard beforehand.

Aw I always liked it when my parents showed up to my restaurant jobs during my shift. My manager would comp something for them and it was a nice "worlds colliding" moment.

Would be a little weirder if my dad showed up at my office now though.

I’m British :D

Same thing with talking to a professor in college - disputing a grade or deadline, anything of that sort. You'd think that would be a given at that point in a person's life, but you would be surprised how often people argue with teachers on their adult children's behalves.

Thats how I got over talking to girls in high school. I would be so nervous that I couldn't get two words out but then one day I heard somebody talking about my crushes flaws (in hindsight she was not the brightest bulb). After that it kind of clicked that everyone is just a person no matter how intimidating that seems.

I actually prefer when people get nervous, as it can show they care about whats going on.

That and that the child will be unable to perform the duties themselves.

I have literally told a mom the reason I will not hire her son is because A: she wrote his resume and B: She showed up to the interview with him.

She got super pissed and wrote a review and everything. Completely oblivious to how bad she made her son look and how she was affecting his ability to get employment. It was one of the most awkward experiences I have had.

It's hilarious when I see boyfriend/girlfriend apply together. Not only are we usually hiring one at a time, but I'd never hire a couple in a million years. Too much baggage that comes with it.

He's a right proper lad.

I thought you were going for "My son was recently in an accident and he died."

I had an employee who had his mother call in sick for him. I spoke loudly, "ok, Mrs.Greggory, take good care of your baby." I made sure the biggest gossiper in the kitchen heard. He never heard the end of it from his coworkers. He really stepped up and became more independent at work after that.