LPT Throw some silica packets in your toolbox to prevent your tools from rusting.

LPT Throw some silica packets in your toolbox to prevent your tools from rusting.

Sorry folks, silica packets only work in closed environments. Once exposed to ambient air, they will draw moisture only for a few weeks or even just days, then become useless.

"But what about the silica packets in my new purse or whatever?" Chances are that product was made overseas and encased in a closed bag so as not to pick up sea odors on the long boat ride. Once ready for retail, the plastic is removed but the silica packet remains... and if it's already been in the store for a couple months, it's already useless.

Wouldnt you also have to vacuum seal your toolbox, otherwise the silica will absorb all the moisture it can then just do nothing.

At work we dry them out so they can be reused (we have massive packets of the stuff). Just out them in a big oven for a couple of hours and there good to go again.

That works but that's for the big industrial ones meant for re-use, not the little disposables you get with consumer goods.

And my wife thinks I'm crazy for saving the little silica packets that come in shoes or whatever. Found a use for it! I win!

Yes, this generally gets brought up whenever this LPT is posted. You're right. Silica gel is basically useless for your toolbox. It's good for storing dry food in a vacuum sealed environment. Not so good for your toolbox, which you presumably open every now and then (otherwise why have a toolbox).

It'll work with the little ones too, but they'll still only absorb a small amount of moisture, making this basically pointless.

They also make a great snack while you work!

Well if you didn't have a use at the time and you saved a tiny bag of poison she's half right.

Which you were too...

Edit : not poisonous. Dangerous if swallowed but cmon what isn't if you don't chew it?

Instructions unclear, dick stuck in big oven, fumes are reaching eye-watering levels. Please send help

It's pretty ridiculous that this has to be brought up whenever this LPT gets posted. It's a shitty LPT that doesn't work. So why the fuck do people keep reposting it, thus necessitating someone pointing out that it doesn't work every time?

Theyre actually not poisonous. Theyre just a choking hazard for children, thats why theres all the warnings about it.

Anything is poisonous with the right dose.

Apparently, 2 first graders tried to kill their teacher by putting silica packs in her coffee. It didn't work, the stuff isn't toxic like that.

Assuming you have a metal tool box, and most of your tools are in contact with the metal, couldn't you just use a sacraficial anode?

The only Rusty tools i own are some I got from my grandfather that were probably made in the 40s and most of them arent. Or they're inexpensive screw drivers.

Since everyone has confirmed that the silica packets will do nothing after a few days, here's a real LPT: Don't keep your tools in an unheated moist shed. Keep them in a warmed up place, and if not, just give them a thin coat of oil or WD-40 to keep the moisture away.

Because people forget that it's bullshit and thus continue to spread false information.

Thought, since they soaked up water, like their usage here, they were toxic and dangerous if swallowed. Not because of the choking hazard. Interesting if true, off to google I go!

Edit : they actually adsorb water not absorb it.

TIL what adsorb meant; and that silica packets are dangerous in different ways than I thought

Keep going for few hours and you are good to go!

I switched to Hot Cheetos. The silica packets just don't do it for me.

I'd like to know how they got caught exactly.