LPT: On a long car ride, stand-up comedy albums (found on Apple Music or Spotify) can make time pass by quicker than actual music.

LPT: On a long car ride, stand-up comedy albums (found on Apple Music or Spotify) can make time pass by quicker than actual music.

OP you need podcasts in your life.

Edit- Podcasts:

I've listened to either all the available episodes, or a good proportion of them.

self help? Tim ferriss show. Jocko podcast.

History History of English History of the world in 100 objects Life of Caesar Hardcore history Revisionist history In our time The dollop (history comedy) Stuff you missed in history class (personally I can't handle these two. Adenoidal pronunciation and the format reminds me of an eighth grade shared speech. They literally take turns at reading from their pieces of paper, which they summarize from Wikipedia. But people seem to like them so I'll include them.) Rum, ratbags, and rebels

Politics Common sense with Dan carlin

real life stuff Serial. The Joe Rogan Experience Waking up with sam Harris Freakonomics Planet Money

chatty kind of stuff Hello Internet Chat 10 looks 3 - if you ever want to feel inadequate about the amount of stuff you achieve in a day, these two incisively intelligent people will make you feel even worse. But I like to play along. Radio Diaries Garden fork tv Beer smith home brewing A closer look with Pam Atherton

Science The infinite monkey cage Sleek Geeks Gastropod The science show (ABC radio) Stuff you should know (really light)

Skepticism The scathing atheist The Skeptics Guide to the Universe The herd mentality God awful movies The skepticrat Cognitive dissonance The

comedy Plumbing the Death Star The Dollop (history based) God awful movies No Such Thing as as Fish

Music Song exploder Like a version

design 99 percent invisible Australian Design Radio

i don't even know Benjamin Walkers Theory of Everything The Allusionist That Movie Guy

Philosophy Philosophy bites History of Philosophy without any gaps

spiritual Beyond belief

There's more, but I've forgotten them

-oh yeah, Learn to meditate

-and radiolab

This has helped me through many long drives. I've switched to audio books on Audible or through local library digital lending just because I feel like I'm learning more than from comedy. That being said I think stand-up is better for group trips.

Edit: added links

What you don't like 10 minutes of music followed by 5-7 minutes of random advertisements? You're missing out!!

I know. I haven't listened to the radio in years and my life is better for it.

Followed by the same songs you listened to 5-7 minutes ago.

I actually found the a collection of short stories is great for group trips. They are long enough to get everyone interested but short enough that they won't have to listen to multiple sessions. It also allow variety so if a someone doesn't like a story they know it won't go on and on.

Pandora comedy, This American Life, The Moth, Criminal, etc. Far better to pass the time. Good lpt, OP.

Podcast by Mike Rowe: That's the way I heard it. Self proclaimed "podcast for people with a short attention span"

Short stories about famous historical figures. He doesn't reveal the identity (usually) until the end. Typically around 5 minutes. Great mystery/learning cool things about people you might not have known.

I need to really rep You Made it Weird by Pete Holmes, 1.5 to 2 hour long conversations with mainly comedians but also spiritualists, scientists, popular figures etc. It's unedited, hilarious, and really makes you think. Also have a lot of love for Pete himself he's a great person

Books on tape. Comedy especially, to follow the theme of your post

Repeat stuff, repeat stuff,

Repeat stuff, repeat stuff

Repeat stuff, repeat stuff

Yea but on the 2nd time I half know the words to the chorus and finally feel included somewhere

My Brother My Brother And Me is a good one for road trips. Or just in general

I second this. Comedy podcasts from radio 4 are brilliant.

I don't think anyone has called them "books on tape" since 1996 :)

Louis C.K. is my go to.

Got any that are actually funny tho?

Plus, Mike Rowe's beautiful speaking voice. sigh

It's a good one for life.

Three good podcast boys.

WTF podcast anf Bill Burrs podcast. Im good for another 1000 hours of driving

Joe rogan's podcast is the shit.

Panties so wet you could drown a toddler in them.

I listen to comedy podcasts. My personal favorite is Joey Diaz.

This is why I can only listen to BBC Radio 1 and Radio 2. Adverts do my fucking head in.

BBC radio is why I'm so out of touch with people complaining about radio advertisements.


With Spotify premium you can download playlists to your phone so you don't have to stream them on the road

Man I wish I could learn the words after just one listen.

It's a shame that Griffin lost his very very good plaque that he used to have

Unfortunately I'm a visual thinker and I daydream easily, instrumental music is the better option for me. I tried comedy and even audiobooks, but after a while it gets extremely difficult to stay focused on reality

How has no one mentioned Comedy Bang! Bang! yet? absolutely brilliant comedy p-cast, out once or occasionally twice a week

The Adventure Zone is really good too if you haven't checked it out yet


Ezra Klein show Josh zepps Mixed mental arts


Joe Rogan Fighter and the kid Your mom's house Bill burr Race wars Bodega boys Kill Tony The church of what's happening now This past weekend The brilliant idiots

Politics/news/thought provoking

NPR Planet money The daily Trumpcast Fivethirtyeight politics Radiolab Freakonomics radio

Its funny how people associate Joe Rogan with weed and other bull shit. His podcasts are phenomenally insightful and the conversations are respectful and deep unlike several other interviewers that I know. The Neil Degrass interview was just top notch and so was the Lawrence Krauss interview.

Bill Burr's podcast in a nutshell


Bill Burr's podcast in a nutshell

I'd say there's a 50/50 likelihood of this. Case in point:

Recently I was on a business trip where the distance was just shy of being long enough to fly, so four of us drove there in a single vehicle. On one leg of the trip, the driver decided to throw on some standup.

Me? I love good standup, and this was delivering well enough. I was cracking up laughing, and so was the driver. The two in the back though? Not so much. For whatever reason, it wasn't their cup of tea, and even though they were unseen from the back seats, their silent contempt was palpable.

TL;DR, the two up front loved the stand up (and time sped up). The two in the back seemed to hate it (and time slowed down).

examples, please?

I've grown to like satellite radio, since I don't have a large data plan those streaming services aren't really feasible. I download some podcasts to my phone from home though, but the XM comedy channels are pretty good for long car journeys and on my way to work. I can usually get some promo which comes out to about $5/mo, which is worth it for me.

Keep it crispy

My gotos:

A Short History of Nearly Everything - Bill Bryson - 17hrs

Pushing Ice - Alastair Reynolds - 19 hrs

The Art of Immersion - Frank Rose - 10 hrs

Neuromancer - William Gibson - 10 hr

1Q84 - Haruki Murakami - 46 hrs

Alexander the Great - Arrian - 11 hrs

edit: happy cake day!

This is definitely better in my opinion. My boyfriend and I were listening to the book Mistborn on a very, very long drive and I felt like I got more out of it than listening to standup comedy. That, or educational podcasts. Long drives are a great opportunity to improve yourself.

"this? is Audible."


Dammit, Pam!

Cleanup in the men's bathroom!

Fellow weirdo!

Spotify also has some audiobooks if you don't have Audible. For example in know they have a number of Doctor Who audiobooks which are pretty good.

I love the dude, and he has some great guests, but I can't stand how often he passes off junk science as being proven fact. he is spreading a lot of wrong information that could be really harmful if interpreted the wrong way

Hollywood Handbook is life

I would give Bill Burrs podcast a listen. I listen to it everyday and it always makes me laugh my balls off.

David Sedaris reads his own audio books

isn't a problem

Jeff! JEFF! We're there! Wake up Jeff! Oh my god someone call 911, we lost him to daydreams again

BBC 6music is where it's at

Bill Burr's Monday Morning Pooooooooooooooodcast.


Bill Burr's podcast is my favorite.


Stuart McLean/CBC Radio's The Vinyl Café

He's my first, too! After him, for me, is Nate Bargatze

Any David Sedaris audiobook

I love You Made It Weird. Pete is such a sweet person. You can tell he's just really into having a relaxed conversation about whatever.

The only podcast I listen to. I've never gotten into them but this one did it.


yeah the podcast with Neil degrass tyson was super all about weed.

Lore is a killer podcast about supernatural...well...lore, from all over the world. Origins of superstitions, real cases of supernatural hysteria, history lessons even.

They're about 30 minutes give or take, and each episode has been awesome. They (the creator of the podcast, along with the X-Files director and I think one of the Walking Dead creators) are actually in the works of producing a television show which is supposed to air this fall, based on the same sort of stories.

I highly recommend it, especially on long trips with people. Or alone.

Oh shit! Kick that mule lee! Going deep into the murky waters of the underworld.

Remember that time Merle cast a healing spell? Me neither.


Shout out to Radio Lab, and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me

Lol you definitely remember the "I AM THE VOID" part.

Comedy Bang Bang, Hollywood Handbook, Spontaneanation, The Dumbbells, The Doughboys, High and Mighty, With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus, The Dollop, and Cum Town and Chapo Traphouse if ya nasty

I listen to npr and c span radio. It's great.

Unless you're the driver, this really isn't a problem.

I actually can't remember any of the other words, so I think Bo did what he was trying to

"...And whatever my equivalent of sploosh is...which I guess is just sploosh.....only with semen."

I commute 2 hours a day and podcasts are a life savior. I lean towards comedy so I recommend Joe Rogan, Joey Diaz, Bert Kreischer, your mom's house with Tom Segura, kill tony, Bill Burr, Legion of skanks, Kevin Smith just to name a few. Also can't go wrong with hardcore history and radio lab.

What up what up

me undies... me undies...

Comedian podcasts. Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, and Anna Faris is Unqualified are all great and hilarious. Also, Neil DeGrasse Tyson makes it a point to have a comedian on his panel for Star Talk, and Bill Nye is on often. Bill Nye should do science-y stand up...

MBMBAM discussed this a while back, though it was geared more towards long trips with other people (which is useful knowledge to have on standby). Podcasts and standups are great to listen to because they fill in the conversion for you. Music is nice to hear but it's generally background noise. Playing a stand-up routine is like having another person in the car with you, so none of the riders feel compelled to fill in those miles with conversation.

"Club going up on a tuesday" was always very hard to remember.

Im not caught up and he has tons of episodes. I listen to it everyday while I am sitting in traffic on my way to work.

Arian Foster was great too, calls Joe out on why he didn't believe in the moon landing for a long time.

This is our generation's Paul Harvey's Rest of the Story.

He must have a very good dentist

Check out bill birds podcast it's hilarious

Edit:Bill Burr

I didn't know this, my friend has an available Spotify Premium account he was gonna give me but I didn't think I'd have a use for it. Maybe I'll check it out.

Great podcast to listen to while packing your bags and moving away

Comedy Bang Bang on any car trips.

What are these tapes you speak of? How do I get them on my phone? :)

I have driven many miles on Bossypants (Tina Fey) and Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (Mindy Kaling)


But does time pass faster than listening to unactual music?

I'm frickin' zooted off some fat sticky kind bud right now.

Ol Billy bird face

Commas bruh, commas.

Joe Rogan Podcast and Tom Segura/Kyle Kinane Pandora station

Don't forget about snap judgement and 99% invisible

The problem with these is I nearly laugh myself into a car accident. I'll have to find some good podcasts.

I've heard Bill Burr's podcast is good