LPT: install a plank in your evilbuilding to dispose of any undesirables

LPT: install a plank in your evilbuilding to dispose of any undesirables

Remote location ✅

Built inside of a mountain ✅

Has a fucking plank ✅

http://k2visual.com is the artist for this CGI Fridays post

Seems pretty defensible against zombies.

Fuck, it's CGI? I've always wanted to build a house inside a cliff. I have this idea of a house that starts with a lift that takes you underground, then once you exit in front of you is a massive glass opening out onto the sea.

It’s a perfect place. But what’s gonna happen is your mom or gf is gonna be infected and won’t say anything to you till it’s too late and then your brother will pull out a gun and be ready to shoot the zombie person but you’ll stupidly scream out nooooo and push the gun away. Because you still love the person and are to enslaved by your emotions to see the person you love as a threat. And then the zombie will kill your brother and you’ll be forced to shoot the zombie. Making your brothers death absolutely pointless because of your selfish idiot ways.

Well odds are if it happened you wouldn't notice because being dead would preoccupy you.

Would you never be worried that there's a slight possibility that one day you might be crushed by the mountain?

Man, you've been through some serious shit.

Why have I had the same fantasy my whole life?? Why have so many other people apparently had the some one? Where did this image come from?

Also, I always imagined having dance parties on the glass floor overlooking the sea.

So cool, brother!

As evil as that building may be, that view is just gorgeous

Edit: looking closer, the power lines kinda ruin the tranquility

You guys should get married and make it a reality. Gay couples always have great houses!

Then I would just stay in my bunker for ten years, reveling in misery, until I decided that it wasn’t enough to survive as a sad lonely hermit. I’d leave the compound and fight my way through hordes of zombies until I lose all will to live in this post apocalyptic hell. It’s at my bleakest point that I relinquish myself to a horrible fate when I am rescued by a group who have a community of survivors like myself. I’d live with them, but my hardened despondency would be difficult to shake.

Also, the drowning.

Unless you die inside

This looks like 99% of the houses I build in Minecraft.

Moreso relevant on pirate ships, but could you imagine how truly terrifying walking the plank would be? Dropping into the pitch black water to your immanent death? At that time, we knew jack shit about ocean creatures and just assumed monsters were everywhere, which only adds to how absolutely terrifying the drop wouldve been.

If you're already a zombie you can't get attacked by zombies

Wait, really? Where is It? - gay guy

They also have wonderful, passionate sex. I was on the internet and I just found some videos of two men having sex in a beautiful home and I thought, “Wow. That looks like a great time.”

Can confirm. This is how I became a zombie.

I'm not gay, but I get it. Being a gay millionaire somehow sounds more millionairy, too.

People have been building into cliffs for thousands of years.

It's actually quite simple.

People have been building into cliffs for of years.

It's actually quite simple.

username checks out

Being crushed under 60 tons of rock is pretty distracting.

odds are


What's more crazy are stories from slave ships. I've been taking an Atlantic history class and we had to read some of the first hand accounts from both slaves and non slaves and it seemed more terrifying than this. Sharks would follow the boats all the way across the Atlantic due to all the waste and dead people that they'd throw in the water. There was one story where the captain punished some women who was trying to escape by tying a rope around her chest and lowering her slowly into the water. When she was about halfway in she let out a heart wrenching scream and they pulled her back up but a shark had bitten off her entire lower half.

Every single zombie movie, probably.

Where is It?

Probably in the theater.

Heh. We had a minecraft server at the last place I worked. A bunch of us in IT played on it, and we didn't really advertise it or anything, but apparently this one guy just decided to try to connect his minecraft client to the host "minecraft", which we had a CNAME setup for.

One day, we're all building stuff, and he just wanders out of the water and we're all like "ohhhhh, what the shit, how does he even know about this server." Then types in chat "check out what I built" and we all follow him down this mountain staircase into a glass fortress built underwater.

We were all so dumbfounded that he built this thing that was way better than what any of us had built, (mostly because my boss would randomly log in during the day and grief our stuff), so we all just kind of stopped playing. It was weird.

And yeah, one time my boss called me into his office to "have a talk" and he says "watch this" and points at his computer as he throws a torch on my wooden fortress.

Looking back, I should have filed an HR complaint. It would have been great.

this is eerie because as a child I had a reoccurring nightmare/dream and this is very similar to what it looked like. I would be chased thru the forest by huge wolves and was trying to get back to my home that was built into the mountain like this. I would climb and scale the side and then fall and wake up.

It would be concrete lined so non-existent! This would be a very costly endeavour... I'd basically be building myself an underground bunker that looks out onto the sea, ha! It would make a quite good evil lair...

This is fucking breathtaking

Why have I had the same fantasy my whole life?? Why have so many other people apparently had the some one? Where did this image come from?

caveman instinct combined with modern living

Looks like the place in Ex Machina

Fewer kids. *Originally typed "less", but my inner Stannis corrected me.

CGI Fridays? How long has this been going on? I've been bamboozled!

still upvoted cause it looks cool

If it was 7 Days to Die the zombies would carve out the freaking mountain under you and bring your house down =(

That game makes zombies so much more than "slow shambling corpses". The first few nights, the Lumberjack zombies are basically like getting into a fight with Superman and trying to take him down with a bunch of card board tubes

Big part I would say.


If you have a bunker like this, chances are you're the one responsible for the development of the virus and the one behind the outbreak in the first place.

Go to sleep one night and never wake up.

I don't get it... I posted this 2 weeks ago and only got like 100 up-votes. What's your secret?

or if one of your fellow occupants is patient zero

Concrete is terrible in tension. One earthquake and that multi-million dollar home is gone.

Ain't no working around this issue. You don't build a home under a huge, unstable landmass that is constantly moving

Killed to death

Only briefly.

This is rad! Reminds me of a cool Hitman Level, or that Ex Machina movie.

So what are the chances of the top of that cave caving in?

Having the right timing, posting when most people are online

I have a feeling the incredibles has something to do with it. But is been a while since I’ve seen it.

I think it was when they were docked on either the west African coast or one of the subsequent islands during the journey, I should've made that a little clearer.

You have to make moisten the knot before you foist in the cot.

But you should have a tunnel that leads deeper into the cliff to an actual bunker.

Supervillains actually have to think about getting blown up, in adittion to looking awesome... sigh

Who said they had to be gay?

edit: not that there's anything wrong in that.

How does one escape from a ship in the middle of the sea?

The real LPT is truly always in the comments

Future dream house

Damn it, thats one potential buyer out of the running.

runs for 30 minutes to meet up with friends and establish base


swarmed by zombies as soon as friends come into view

...being veryextremelymega dead...


It's a fantasy, he's got the cash to fix it or they're made of some transparent aluminum Scotty set him up with.

Except 10 times cooler


MARY had surgery this morning and is now with the Lord.

shut the fuck up

Yo I had a really weird dream that’s almost exactly like this. I saved the photo because I had a really weird dejavu reaction

Honestly, I think it's one of those ideas that sound better in your head (and imagination) than they would be in reality. Probably true with a lot of architecture to be fair.

Yes, but only if rocks fell on top of you

Solution - MGTOW. No bitches to get infected in the first place.

You are nice! :) Your body will ņo͏t̢͢͟ be harvested for Rare-Earth elements

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Ok so here's what you need to do:

Step 1: Build your cliff-house to completion with pictures and documentation of every step

Step 2: Post pictures to /sub/diy

Step 3: Attempt to address every issue they bring up for how you've built a literal death-trap

Step 4: Assuming you haven't died in your death-trap or the attempt to fix its death-trapiness then congratulations! You now have a wonderful cliffside lair!

Burns plans for Antarctic home.

ctrl+f 'ex m'

Thought the same exact thing. That movie had such a gorgeous set.

How exactly does one build something into a cliff...