LPT: If your milk smells sour, pour a little into a cup/glass and smell it again, often it is the residue in the neck/opening that is sour and not the milk inside.

LPT: If your milk smells sour, pour a little into a cup/glass and smell it again, often it is the residue in the neck/opening that is sour and not the milk inside.

If I even suspect the milk is bad, I can't help but register it as a sour smell.

LPT is really going down the shitter lately.

Or maybe it's just neck of the bottle I'm smelling.

I think I'm broken. Milk always smells sour to me. Always.

Tip it down the drain before it turns sour.

Just grow a pair and chug some back. You'll soon know if it's bad or not.

/sub/lifebeginnertips should be a thing

What if my milk doesn't smell sour?

Pour a little in a glass and dilute with water. If you see white floaties then it's going bad.

Edit: Why is everyone jerking off? Did I say to jerk off? No, I didn't.


Before using a ballpoint pen, take the cap off first.

yup, the cost of milk is much less than if I have to take a day off for being sick or go to the hospital

not to mention ain't nobody got time to wash another cup just for testing purposes

Could be the brand you buy. My wife switched brands and every container smelled off to me.

Growing up, when the milk smelled sour mom would let us add Quik and have chocolate milk. We couldn't afford to waste milk, and Quik was only for doctoring sour milk (not for general use).

I opened a new bottle of ranch this past Monday that expired September 2016. I didn't realize my butt could deliver that much shit in one sitting. Luckily it didn't last an extended period of time but 30 min of a constant stream shooting out your butt has had me reevaluate what I am willing to eat that's expired. Lol

You poor soul.

It's not going to make you sick if it's a little sour. What do you think cheese and sour cream and yogurt are? Strategically spoiled milk.

Before picking the pen up, verify you are breathing

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cost isnt a factor tbh..its wanting your morning coffee or cereal without having to go to the shop..

6:30 Am and i have suspect milk,i take the chance.

Before taking the cap off a ballpoint pen, pick up the pen first

We never went hungry and I don't remember ever getting sick from spoiled food. Considering the fact that my mom had to feed a family of five using whatever was left over (after cigs, beer, bar tab, motorcyle, etc.) of my dad's low-ranked enlisted salary, this is not an issue about which I hold a grudge.

Hell nope. If it is even a little suspect, it's outta here. The only food that can make puke instantly is sour milk. Im not a picky eater at all either, but questionable milk is a no go

It doesn't sound like the cigarettes and beer were his mom's choices. Could be wrong, but that's how I took it.

Once I experience that smell I wouldn't be able to bring myself to take the chance. It's simply ruined for me in my mind. Id be gagging despite if it was actually sour or not

Look at this guy and his $3 milk.

Instructions not clear, jerked off and floaties floated

If you're feeding your children sour or bad milk just so you can afford cigarettes and beer, you might wanna rethink that.

Better pour OP into a glass and have a taste. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Does your wife drink out of the carton? Serious question.

Because I admit to having used to do things like take a few gulps of milk out of the carton after a meal every now and then and the opening would smell before the expiration date. Disgusting, I know but those were my young first time without roommate days.

I stopped doing that and the smell went away. Yes, food residue on the carton or even jug opening causes bacteria to build up.

Welp, can't say I'm surprised

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Ewwww seriously fuck this LPT. If you open up your milk and it even remotely has a sour scent emanating from its opening, toss that shit out and spend the $3 on another carton.

That is correct. Mom didn't smoke and was only an occasional light drinker. Dad smoked 3 or 4 packs a day and drank 12-24 beers (or equivalent in liquor) most evenings. He doesn't smoke or drink any more, but is now quite addicted to Rx narcotics instead.

"Look at your toilet paper after wiping to gauge how much more you need to wipe based on level of brownness."

Hot water, if it curdles it's gone bad

Exactly, sour milk is not subtle at all. If it's drinkable it's fine, if it's sour you'll fucking immediately know about it.

One thing that has worked for me is tip a small amount of milk into water left over in the sink so that they mix. If they don't mix "well", but are climpy, then the milk is sour. Good milk will only fog the water. This will probably not indicate well with really buttery milk.

What. If there's any suspicion of sour milk, it's in the trash. $3 for a fresh new gallon is nothing.

Plot twist: all milk is bad

Thank you. This is what I scroll down for

That's the title of the post dude

General rule of thumb for me: If there is not a chunk, it is ok to be drunk.

The real LPT is always in the comments

That is surprisingly​ disgusting. Do you visit the dentist regularly? Thanks for sharing that, though. I'll keep an eye out for it.

Yeah, food poisoning from spoiled milk is a big deal with unpasteurized ("raw") milk, not pasteurized milk.

If you are drinking unpasteurized milk, it's definitely better to be safe than sorry with "the smell test."

12-24 beers! Holy fuck! I don't feel so bad about my 4...but I still need to cut back.

There's a window where it's tolerable but detectably "off". FUN FACT: drinking sour milk probably won't make you sick - it just tastes bad.

There's also a continuum of aging milk: good milk, then it starts to get sour, and then it pretty quickly drops into bad/curdled territory. You can still do plenty with sour milk; when I start to notice it souring, I use it more in cooking: creamy soups, breads, pancakes, french toast, etc.

You monster! That's precious coffee you're wasting!

If you've ever vomited sour milk back up, you never risk it again.

Ugh, I've noticed that lately I'm haranguing my SO to give me his opinion on if the milk it spoiled. It's beginning to irritate him. I'm always scared I can't tell and will end up tasting sour milk.

"Smell this"

"Do you smell this?"

"Does this smell off?"

"This smells weird, right? No? "


You really know milk is bad when the top pops off due to all the gas that has built up inside. Not that that ever happened to me in college or anything...

$3 isn't an insignificant amount of money for a lot of people

Raw milk isn't even legal to sell for consumption in many/most places in the US. I think there are only like 13 states that allow it.

Actually it's not made up, I worked in a dairy plant for awhile after I graduated college a few years ago. It's based off how well the milk is processed through hydrogenozation. When the milk is ready, we would take samples and start testing them. Some of the tests take a week or two to see how high bacteria counts are for spoilage. Once that is complete the number is derived using guidelines set by the government. If it the plant did make it up, I'm pretty sure the UDF and USDA would fine plant into oblivion. Also, apologizes for any misspellings, English is my third language.

Sorry to hear that :( It sounds like your mom did her best to try to take care of y'all in a shitty situation.

Yea this LPT is something my granddad taught me a long time ago. You can keep drinking that milk for a while passed that date.

I'm usually agitated when friends throw that stuff out as soon as the date hits. One person told me "The milk only lasts a week." And I was dumbfounded.

Give it to me, dammit. I'll drink it.

Watch John Oliver hilariously explain why expiration dates are completely bogus

As it turns out, that handy "sell by" or "use by" date you'll find on the edge of your cereal box is pretty much made up.

That's right. The dates are picked - basically at random - by manufacturers.

"If I were a food manufacturer, I would make those dates a tight as possible to convince people to buy a new one of my products," says Oliver.

You'd seriously get sick if you drank a tiny amount of sour milk? Or go to the hospital? That's insane. It's not like you're going to chug a thing of sour milk just to taste if it's gone a bit off. Even if you were it's unlikely to cause you to get that sick (you'd be more likely to be sick because you just chugged a gallon of milk).

I used to love Mayfield because it was consistently great. Then, like 15 years ago, something changed and I now think they all smell sour. I switched to Horizon and life is better.

The real "the real LAT is always in the comments" comment is always in the comments

Not sure about where you live, but here in Canada, the date on a carton of milk is not an expiry date, but a best before date. There is a difference.

I drank sour milk one time as a kid and spent a good bit of the day vomiting. The smell/taste of sour milk has stuck with me since, so I'll wretch if I smell it and it's even slightly off, just because it brings up the memories.

Fortunately, I drink a fair bit of milk, so it's very rare that it has enough time to spoil.

Throw it away before it goes bad.

People are right to be paranoid about food safety, but they also don't know very much about it. As a result they panic about foods that are very safe to consume, even after they are no longer appetizing. Pasteurized milk will be way too disgusting to drink long before it is dangerous to drink.

If you feel sick after you drink some lumpy milk, it's because it's disgusting, and you either gagged on it because of the smell or are expecting to get sick so you interpret normal variation in how you feel with illness.

Yeah, drinking milk from another species makes so much more sense ;)


smells a bit sour

swirl around


Still not good hmmmmm

take a swig

yeah a little sour

pour it in a bowl of fruity pebbles

All good here

It's not just you, I can't smell milk to test it either for the same reason.

You're smelling the rim of the anus, that's why.

Right, but there are a lot of Reddit users who aren't in the US. I remember some Indian children died from drinking milk at school though that's been a few years.

Except in NYC. We're lucky if ours lasts until the date. No idea why.

Enjoy your dry ass cereal

Buttermilk, sour cream, yoghurt, and almost all cheeses are nothing more than "sour milk". Whether you get sick totally depends on the type and quantity of the different bacteria that have taken over.

If it looks good, smells good, and tastes good, it is good.

If you spent $3 on milk in the first place and didn't bother to finish it in time.. then yes the $3 is insignificant to you.

What are your thoughts on cheese?

Women are actually more sensitive to smells, so you might actually be smelling something he doesn't :)

Jesus how much ranch did you drink?

Yeah once I've come to the decision that it smells like it's sour I think it would register as sour on my tongue and I would gag

Edit: Why is everyone jerking off? Did I say to jerk off? No, I didn't.

It feels good. And you didn't say not to

Same. I just toss it if it even seems bad. My toddler drinks lots of milk though now so it's been a long time since any of my milk got to the ripe age of soured.

Lpt: buy almond/soy milk

Edit: fine enjoy your curdling tit juice

Eeew. This entire post is gross.

And if your milk IS sour, don't throw it out. Mix it into bread dough for a better rise. You won't taste anything off in the bread unless the milk is already at the chunk stage.

just suck it up and take a chug..9/10 its sweet..

chunk stage

i did not want to read these words

Well when it comes to dairy products there is a much more narrow and defined shelf life because of bacteria build up, but I think the point of the post is more for packaged, canned, or dry food where the expiration date is largely bogus. Hell, some products with a relatively short shelf life last weeks beyond their date, like eggs. LPT submerge eggs in water. If they float they've gone bad, if they sink they're still good. Eggs will consistently be good 2-3 weeks beyond the date on the carton.

Sour milk makes great biscuits!

Just buy buttermilk, you heathens

LPT: Don't drink milk.

There was never a time when LPT wasn't shit.

In the case of milk, you start to smell it as sour quite a ways before it will actually do you harm, FYI.

I usually take a sip even if it smells slightly sour. It usually still tastes fine. Honestly, you can drink milk past the expiration date and it's completely fine. Unless your fridge sucks.

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Not necessarily. I've taken small sips of bad milk and it tasted fine. Poured a bowl of cereal and it had a sour aftertaste.

Now I have to smell it twice? no thanks.

Me too! I don't know what it is.

It sounds like you've never had to struggle in life. Good for you for always having those $3 that are "nothing" to you.

It's always here. In the comments.

Based on the comments I really feel like I gained something here.