LPT: A small compliment takes less than 10 seconds, but could make someone's whole day. 😊

LPT: A small compliment takes less than 10 seconds, but could make someone's whole day. 😊

“I bet you’ve got a real sweet asshole”.

It’s unisex which is nice.

I always want to complement people but I feel like they would take it wierd/creepy.

That can make somebody's hole weak!

Edit...I feel dirty for even typing that.

Good tip.

You sound like a great person. 😊

Just don't go too personal, or do it more than once with a stranger. If you already said he/she looks nice, you're done.

And despite other comments I would steer clear of complimenting assholes.

Compliment clothes.

Everybody makes a conscious choice on what to wear and they love to have those choices confirmed or praised. Except uniforms ofc.

Lose the edit. Be dirty with pride.

I don't hate your face.

This is some wholesome shit, have an up vote.

I mean they are already assholes, no need to give them a huge ego too.

That's how you get dicks.

"your tits look fantastic today"

Careful, don't use if you're an ugly looking guy. You'll come off as a creep

I think upvote is one word but I appreciate your individuality. Keep it up.

"You look hot in your uniform. No homo."

Works perfectly, even with superiors.

I would steer clear of complimenting assholes

Dammit, my go to compliment is "Your asshole looks really nice today."

An insult takes less than 10 seconds and makes you feel better for a bit

Pick something out, but not something weirdly specific or personal.

"Wow that's a beautiful pattern" or "Dude I really like that shirt" or "Your hair's a really awesome color" or... well, you get the idea.

I think you're really clever at fishing for compliments!

I kid. Nice tip ;)

Your onion looks great!!

A compliment makes my day but anal makes my whole week

Do you want dicks? Cos that is how you get dicks.

That's a bit weird but i like your originality

I love lamp

No no YOUR onion looks great

Nah trust it makes my whole god damn month, I've rarely if never gotten a compliment for the past 2 years or so. And my mum saying I'm a handsome young man does not count. Perhaps for girls not so much, but for a guy it will make a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE difference. Also, I like your onion.