Loyal dog walks a total of 40 miles to return to family that gave her up after moving

Loyal dog walks a total of 40 miles to return to family that gave her up after moving
Loyal dog walks a total of 40 miles to return to family that gave her up after moving

Once again proving that a lot of dogs are better at being human then their owners

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What is the deal people with giving up your pets when you move!? Did you not understand what u signed up for when u got the animal? Imagine leaving your kid like that "Hey sorry Billy we gotta move for you dad's job and they only have 2 bedroom apts so your brother Mikey is going with us but we will be putting u up for adoption" are you kidding me people.

Man that's a good dog, how the hell does it know directions to get home?

I struggle to enjoy myself on vacation because I get anxiety that my dog will think that I abandoned her. I can't imagine a world where I'd be able to give up my dog.

I grew up near a military base. There were so many piece of shit military guys who would get a dog and then give it up because they were "getting deployed" or being moved somewhere else. Being in the military involves moving and getting deployed. Everyone knows that. So don't get a fucking dog. Fuckers.

Aw... We don't deserve dogs

True personal story:

When I was a kid (this was 30 years ago), we adopted a kitten. As the kitten was maturing, for whatever reason, she was getting feral. Extremely unsociable, aggressive/hissing towards all of us, etc. My parents decided to give her up and drove her to the SPCA - which was a good 30 minute drive away.

Two weeks later, one morning the cat was found in our laundry room (a small window was left open because it was a warm night) sleeping on a pile of clothes. How she escaped and found her way back to our home will forever remain a mystery - but she calmed down after that episode and turned to a sweet cat (as much as cats can be sweet).

When I first got my dog (lab) I walked him for the first time around the neighborhood after about a week. There was a storm forming off in the distance, and when lightning struck he freaked out and led me all the way back to the house. We were about a 1/2 mile away and he took a different shorter route than we came. I was behind him the whole time. Dogs have an amazing sense of direction.

It just sucks that this pup can't understand that she deserves so much better than those people.

If it was walked often, it would know the area. Plus it probably roamed a lot and happened to find something it recognized -- remember wolves roam large areas, and dogs aren't stupid.

This one, with the picture, was heartbreaking and made me tear up. Poor pup tried twice to return to her old family and was rejected both times.

If I had gold I'd give it to you. I've often said I like dogs way more often than I like humans. It's sad.

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I always wonder why they don't foster instead of getting their own dogs. They could help reduce the load on the shelter system instead of adding to it.

You know what's bad for an adult dog's health? Going into a shelter. 9 times out of 10, they're put down due to lack of space. So unless you personally found someone to take him, that's what happened.

That was me. :) I volunteered at a shelter for a few years and have seen some amazing dogs that were essentially thrown away by their owners when they were no longer convenient, and it broke my heart.

Scent of smell I assume

Honestly it's usually less so that someone needs to give up a pet and moreso how much of an effort they make to find it a new home. One thing to keep in mind about shelters is that if you take an animal there, you are condemning it to die unless it's adopted in a certain amount of time. Even at a no-kill shelter, if they run out of room then animals get turned away or shifted to regular shelters.

Shelters aren't magical places where every animal stays for 6+ months til they find a home. Really crowded shelters have a churn rate of like 2 weeks for an animal before it ends up euthanized.

It doesn't take much for an owner to seek out a local dog/cat/breed specific rescue to try and get their pet put in there. And the benefit of a rescue is knowing that the pet will likely be fostered in a nice home until it finds a permanent place. No kennels, no threat of death, etc.

Emergencies do happen and that's usually what shelters are meant for. But most people are happy to just dump their animals off to die without taking maybe a week or so to try and find a rescue that might take over finding them a new home. An extra week or two to ensure your pet doesn't end up in the crematory within 2 weeks of being dropped off at a shelter is not much to ask of most owners barring extenuating circumstances.

And I get downvoted every time I bring up this harsh truth but that's the fact of the matter. Taking an animal to a shelter is pretty much playing Russian Roulette with its life and hoping it'll get adopted before the shelter needs more room.

Sounds like a lousy family and my heart breaks for this little girl. I hope she finds an actually moving home.

I can give you an example. When my parents got divorced both of them ended up having to move into apartments. We had a St Bernard. Our house had a 2.5 acre yard so there was plenty of room for it, but neither apartment was an appropriate place to have a large breed dog. It would have been bad for his health.

Obviously this isn't the case here and in many others but it's not just a black and white thing. There can be any number of reason someone is unable to keep a pet upon moving.

"Cathleen is precious and her original family loved her very much."

Orly? Thats why they abandoned her after 6 years?

That family doesn't deserve that dog

I'd rather be around a dead dog than you.

You don't know why that family had to give the dog up.

Just call in sick and lie ffs. It's your sick days you are entitled to them.

Nothing in your answer provides a justification for abandoning a pet.

I feel that way too, actually we are at a point now where one of us will go on vaca while the other stays home to be with our cats because they won't eat if they are alone. Honestly I don't regret it. Those cats give me so much joy its worth not having couple vacations. I too cannot imagine giving them up.

I do wish people would be less quick to judge. The rescue even said that her original family loved her but we're unable to keep her where they moved. They did what they were supposed to when they realized she couldn't come with them.

I'm sure it was already a painful enough decision for them without people on the Internet assuming they're heartless.

Your wife can walk in volume?

I noticed that with my cat.

She would non stop keep escaping from the secured yard (high fences, but alas she is a cat), after about a year and a half of that I got sick of it and left her outside for 3 days and completely ignored her (while putting her food out there each day).

On the 3rd day she broke, after that she completely settled down and became the most snuggly cat I've ever known ( and sometimes once every couple of months I let her "escape" to explore and she comes back in a couple of hours).

Cats love there humans, but every cat is different on how they show it, I guess when she saw I abandoned her it freaked her out enough that she thought it would happen again.

Wonder if it works for human teenagers the same way...hmmm....

Rescue agencies that foster really check you out before they work with you. They have to make sure you are going to be responsible with their limited resources. The local shelter, on the other hand, is far less strict. Short application and a low adoption fee and you've got a dog!

I'm assuming these folks went there and got a dog on impulse. Most of them have the attitude of "well he/she was gonna get put down anyway so I gave them a good life for X months/years and it's even because they are just back where they started."

Very true.

But yes, we found a very good home for him. My parents breed and showed St Bernards before I was born so it wasn't like they didn't know people that would take him and give him a good home.

This is like the episode where Charmander waits for its owner on that rock after being abandoned. Heartbreaking

Ugh, this hurts my heart cuz she loved them so much and they still didn't take her back. I hope they have some amazing reason for it. I dunno how anyone can give up a pet unless you're literally having anaphylaxis from an allergy or dying or about to be homeless.

If you care you will find a way. I say this from experience. We did all sorts of things to make sure our cats were okay even when we had nothing at all. We aren't even in a great place now but those cats are happy and healthy as hell and that helps us to keep going.

So it isn't that people don't always understand, it's that some people look at these animals as children and you wouldn't do that to your children no matter how bad it got.

No. Kids are for earning Facebook likes.

Not a dog expert, but they have pretty good sniffers. Probably helps navigation.

essentially thrown away

I don't doubt that this happens, but I think people jump to conclusions way too quickly when someone has to give up a pet. I got a couple cats when I got a nice job and apartment coming out of the recession. Brother and sister. They were adorable Russian Blue mixes that I named Leto and Ghanima. Then the company I worked for went under and I worked remote tech support to make ends meet, which lasted about a year. I moved back in with my parents (stepdad is allergic to cats) and stashed the cats at a friend's house for 6 months while I looked for work. Then I gave them to the Humane Society and got the dirtiest looks from the staff (I'm sure some of their hearts were broken because I "threw away" these adorable cats). To be honest, it has made me gun shy about adopting another animal now that I'm better shape. I'm just saying, sometimes people give up pets because they have to.

Absolutely this. I would sleep in my car rather than move somewhere my dog couldn’t go. And my dog would be much happier sleeping in the car with me than being abandoned. I hate the excuses people make for themselves (there ARE legitimate reasons to have to do it, just not that many of them) in order to feel like they are still a decent person. They aren’t decent, they are garbage people.

The good news is, most likely, this lil doggo will go to a new home where the new owner will love this good girl to death.

I’m wondering if some people assume that the family did just drop the dog off under a bridge or something, and not leave it at a foster home. I mean, that’s what I thought when I saw the title, until I read the article.

We're honestly really lucky in that regard. One of the vet techs at my vets office will board pets at a reasonable price and my pets absolutely adore her. When they're with her I have the added confidence that any medical issues that could come up will be appropriately handled.

That city must be really stinky.

I used to be a foster screener for a large rescue organization. We would check people out pretty well and ask a lot of questions, and someone like a student or military personnel who would be unable to commit to permanent ownership but was willing and able to take great care of the dog for a few months would be considered an ideal foster.

That's heart warming. Shame you all had to take those steps.

And sometimes dogs aren't good with kids. For many dogs, there could be happy homes for them to get adopted into. Some people keep dogs out of guilt or to avoid admitting it was a mistake initially. That's not good for the dog. Maybe let another family adopt them.

An animal is like a child or member or a family. Imagine if you had a son and you made a decision to move to a home where an occupant was allergic to your son. So your decision was to give him up for adoption. Sometimes people give up pets because they think its like a piece of furniture.

Sadly it's just like anything else in life, sometimes there is just nothing you can do about it and your only option is to find a good home for your pets.

The worst people are the ones who bring their 15 year old dog into animal rescue because they just don't want it anymore. My mother works for one and she's had that happen and then the people want to shop for a new dog. Scum bags plain and simple.

If you have a pet that's your companion for life, if there is no other option available then turn it into a loving no kill shelter. If it comes down to you or the dog eating, split your meal with the dog.

That's good. Sorry if I came across as a prick. I volunteer at a shelter and I've seen so many sorry excuses as to why people give up animals that it kind of gets you jaded after awhile. It's particularly heartbreaking to see older dogs given up, especially when its a case where their owner died and the family doesn't want to deal with the pet.

It's something I've been thinking about a lot. I have a dog that just underwent surgery. She is in pain, scared, and confused (by the cone of shame mostly). yet, I can't be home with her because I have to work.

Why is it considered socially acceptable to call off for a sick kid but not a sick pet? Either way, it's a living creature that depends on you for comfort.

I live on a street once that people for some reason would choose to dump dogs. It was heart breaking watching them looking confused and abandoned.

I hate people.

my friend comes and stays at the house to take care of the dog. My dog is obsessed with him. It's like a vacation for her too a bit. that puts my mind at ease.

Oh fuck off

Or, don't explain yourself. You don't need to say why you are sick.

Shit even homeless people take care of their dogs

I was recently diagnosed with Parkinson's. I'm only 36. Having to take my adopted ferrets back to the rescue agency was heartbreaking. I did it now (before my symptoms get bad down the road) because they are still young enough to probably get adopted again. If I'd waited another 5 years they'd have been old and unwanted and I wanted to give them the best chance.

Is that why people have kids?

Since when can 2 year olds find bombs, drugs, help disabled or mentally ill people, and comfort you in your lowest moments?

They're to dumb to consider it. I'm not even trying to be mean or anything. I got my dog from one of my wife's coworkers while I was stationed in England. It was a rough and expensive ordeal to bring him back with us when we came back to the States, but I made sure my wife knew that we were taking this dog in for the rest of his life (barring him being a danger or something). Her co-worker was one of those who got and got-rid-of pets all the time because she or her husband was deploying.

At least we saved one.

How much should I allow my human children to suffer for my commitment to a dog? If my dog needs an unexpected $5,000 in medical care is it morally acceptable to put my family in danger of not being able to pay bills to cover it? If it comes down to paying for my children's health care or the dogs, which one gets preference? Should I let our house get foreclosed on and cover the vet bills first?

Some of you people are downright extremists about this topic.

That family doesn't deserve such a good dog.

She has large, square-ish feet

Precious baby. If it wasn't so far away and I wasn't having major surgery soon I would totally take her. My last perma-foster passed away on New Years so now I have space for another rescue pupper alongside my corgis.

I try not to judge owners who give up their dogs because I've fostered for a long time and for some of them they are genuinely doing what is best for the dog. A couple that was suffering some serious money issues (about to be homeless) sobbed as they handed their corgi puppy over to the rescue I was fostering for. It's hard not to be heartbroken for them. But then you have others who just dump a dog because they don't want to keep bothering with it.

So I won't jump the gun on this family for abandoning their dog but them not finding a way to take it back in after it walked back to them TWICE makes me shake my head.

Someone please adopt this cutie and give it a good home so it doesn't want to go back to its old owners, please!

Agreed. We foster special-needs cats and dogs and we take the hospice cases with us on vacation (assuming it won't stress them out...a few have had to stay at home with the pet sitter). Our pets make our days 1000x better. It's our job to return the favor.

Thanks for the gold. We also foster little dogs and have so far had over 50 dogs successfully adopted.

Or move with the dog. My father worked for the government when I was a kid. We moved every two years for fourteen years. We had two dogs and four cats. And you know what we did when we moved? We took EVERYONE with us (including our turtles and guinea pigs...it was easier to get away with this back in the day). And he had us on a list to not move to any countries with quarantine laws. TLDR: If you are in the military and you really love your pet, you'll make it work.

sometimes people give up pets because they have to

I totally understand that certain situations are unavoidable, but in my case, the majority of dogs we took in were given as Christmas or birthday gifts, or were originally adopted by people who didn't realize that having a dog meant responsibility.

A few were instances of someone that had to move to a place that didn't allow pets, but most of them were just dumped by irresponsible people who couldn't be bothered to do the work.

This almost sounds like a /sub/shittyaskscience reply

Good work :)

You do you, but I'm not going to risk joblessness or bankruptcy, or severe health problems because of pets. They're pets, not people.

These folks found a new home for the dog, and we have no clue what the circumstances are that they couldn't keep the dog. It's not like they left it under a bridge or anything.

Well, we didn't live in Chicago, or any other big city. The population of where we lived was under 30k. Seeing as you live in Chicago I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume that you don't know a whole hell of a lot about small towns and the choices people have. Oh and this was also in '79. Let's see what else. Dad lost his job because of the divorce. Mom had been a stay at home mom until the divorce. So neither of them had much option.

Don't assume you know the situation of other people. Some people just don't have a lot of choices when their lives go to shit.

So with all due respect. Kindly go fuck yourself.

100% agreed with you.

"We couldn't find an apartment". Well then you didn't try hard enough. I had a 110lb german shepherd for 8 years in Chicago as a student and then as a working adult.

You know what I didn't do? Move into an apartment that wouldn't let me have my dog.

Yep, I had three cats in Manhattan and fostered and I always managed to find a studio, as a poor, struggling student. You just make it worked. Sure, I lived in some pretty dicey areas, but you know what? I saved a shit ton of cats in those dumpy areas, so it kind of worked out. And my landlords were lenient enough to let me have my cats, as I was otherwise a perfect tenant. At no point did I even consider looking at apartments that didn't allow animals. Who does that?!

Then their owners what?

You assume it was necessarily by choice. Could have moved in to care for an elderly relative. Maybe they're having financial difficulties. Who knows? I just don't like judging people who try to do the right thing when they can't care for their pets anymore.

You say this...but there are some 100,000 children in the US up for adoption.

Makes sense.

They can also detect cancer, alert a human when a seizure is about to occur, and help people through panic and anxiety attacks. Dogs are just amazing.