[Lowe] Philly will send Okafor, Nik Stauskas, and a second-round pick to Brooklyn for Trevor Booker, sources say.

[Lowe] Philly will send Okafor, Nik Stauskas, and a second-round pick to Brooklyn for Trevor Book...




Brooklyn being home to outcasted players is pretty fun

Wow if you would have told me in 2015 that Okafor and D'Lo would both be on the Nets I would have told you to shut the fuck up


Username seriously checks out

Bruh that sounds like youre casting a spell lmao

No draft picks and still ended up with the #2 and #3.

Fuckin brilliant

Mariuo Hexzonja to Brooklyn next


Lmao nets trying to get everyone from the 2015 draft.

Redditor for over a year, this is so bizarre

/u/jahlilstauskus spoke this one into existance

We're trading two guys that aren't good on expiring contracts plus a second round pick for another guy who isn't that good on an expiring contract who might not even play any meaningful minutes.

If my math is correct, this trade is essentially just giving away a 2nd round pick.

I like this deal for both teams.

Getting rid of unhappy players is worth some value to the lockerroom.

/sub/nba today "JAH IS FREE WOOHOO"

/sub/nba in 2 weeks "JAH FUCKING SUCKS"


Has anyone?

And now his process has ended.


Oh shit good deal for Brooklyn


We won't stop until we have the entire 2015 draft class.

Don't make me put a Hex-on-ya

KAT or Porzingis next

Let's stop right there and not go any higher than #3

Give us the New Jersey native too so we can have picks 1, 2, and 3 from that draft

Yes but at least now he gets the chance to prove he really sucks

That's a great rebound from the Celtics trade. They sucked and still found a way to reap those prospects, even if 3 years later.

Agreed. Not a robbery or great for only the nets like some have said in here.

What an excellent point.

I like this for Brooklyn.

Based on your username, this trade must really hit you hard...

have you seen Jahlil or KAT play defense?

LMAO at Jahlil being shafted to the bench again

Kat, dlo, okafor, porzingis, Mario. That's a high offense, no defense lineup!

Perfectly fits the nets scheme tbh

Watch him play a full game, not just the post move highlights, and it won't be a mystery.

Booker will play.

im hit bro ;_;

For the Process.


The most relevant username there's ever been

hopefully jah plays better with a change of scenery but even if he doesn't this still isn't the worst deal

Knock Knock open up Jahlil it's real!

On some real shit, I could see us getting hezonja.

Marks pulling off Ainge moves on the original Ainge trade. Nice move for the Nets.

For real. Seems like Philly just wanted him off the books. Practically gave him away.

Island of Misfit Ballers

How is his good for the Sixers? They waited like two seasons to find the right deal for Okafor while he rots away on the bench and all they got was like three quarters of a Trevor booker season? And they had to give up a pick and another player? What kind of Okafor deals were they rejecting before?

I feel like the Nets are clear winners here

Haha, that was first thing I checked too. Had to make sure he wasn't a user as of 3 hours or something...

Welcome to Brooklyn my dude

With the non-stop, pop pop and Sauce Castill!

They are both terrible lol. We had to pay to get rid of them.

Philadelphia trades The Process to Brooklyn.

👉😎👉 zoop

Big difference between Sauce and D'Lo/Lin. Not sure how many more give-away-free trades he has to be involved in on the wrong end for people to realize he has no game. He'll be out of the league in a year or two.

As for Jah, my gut tells me Brooklyn is going to realize he sucks too pretty quickly, but I'm rooting for him. He is worth the risk and it's a good trade for Brooklyn for him. Great trade even.

I'm also totally happy with Booker. He's 9 million off the books at the end of the season we can use to attack the free agency market, and he's a total hustle guy who can provide some valuable mins for us in the playoffs.

Stauskas isn't an NBA player and the Sixers have more draft picks than they need especially in the second round. It was either a deal like this or let Okafor walk at the end of the season for nothing. They mishandled the Okafor situation for sure, but right now, this is about as good of a deal as possible.

Big Jah's chastity belt is unlocked.

holy shit.



Just watch

Don't act like this trade is a steal or anything. I like it for us. Brings in a player we can actually play right now and trades away players we are not playing and wouldn't have re-signed next year. 2nd round pick... We have still like 10.

The similarities to WWF's NWO are uncanny. They even have the same colors!

Can you help me understand, how Okafor's value drop so low? Isn't there some rebuilding team that wants him, like the Bulls?

Honest not rhetorical.

Not really much of a shafting by putting him where he belongs to begin with.

seems like a good trade both ways.. Nets get to take a chance on a center that's been shit but has potential and the Sixers get a legitimate backup big man now.. all around good move by both teams

On some real shit, you don’t want him. He’s not actually Croatian Kobe.

shut the fuck up. I still can't believe this shit. DLo and Okafor aren't just throw away players.. I think they got All-Star talents in them.. wtf?? Am I the only one who hasn't given up on either of them!?!? BEFORE being traded

Wasn't Sauce(rfa) and Okafor off the books as well?

Basically if you are the Nets, you get two former top 1st rounders, a free 2nd for a guy you were not going to keep anyways.

Nets trusting the process.

I like this for the Sixers, purely because they get out of some negativity and could use some forward depth, and it frees a roster spot perhaps for Bolden?

All in Justin Anderson, 2 2nds, Booker for Noel, Okafor, Stauskas, and 2nd.


yeah i'm a bit confused about all this hype

there's a reason why neither of those players get any minutes

Booker was an awesome energy player back on the Jazz.

you're underrating booker. Good vet presence, he will help you when it comes playoff time. He's a good, serviceable, reliable vet for this year.

I’m happy for Okafor, but really sad seeing McConnell and Sauce get broken up.

If we could have gotten anything even slightly okay for him he would have been gone a while ago

Magic Johnson, apparently

McConnell-Dario is the real friendship though

this is my moment.

Embiid is gonna beat him up and take his lunch money lol. Can't wait for that first matchup.

I think they'd rather have a horse


It depends on Jah playing like a lottery pick to me. The Nets have got no vets outside of DMC on the team. I think this hurts their record this year, but I guess it's worth it if Jah is a good piece long term.

Jah and Sauce. Nice one Brooklyn

Go hard get a Booker wit it

But I got such a good heart I make Marks throw a second rounder in to get it!

Something I don't think any Nets fan would lose sleep on.

i mean its okay but lets not act like okafor has ever remotely contributed to winning basketball. cant rebound or defend the pnr at all

lonzo for dlo. who says no?

You forgot MOZGOD

With the Wizards too . Booker is a really good, super athletic energy big who can help Philly this year, he’s not a non-entity in this trade

All things considered, we pretty much had to pay the Nets to take him away. Such a shame though, he deserved better and now he can actually play.

"demarre carroll is done, he can't hit a shot and his defense is terrible now" - raptors fans before paying us to take arguably our 3rd or 4th best player right now


8 Dimensional Parcheesi!

"Processing the hard way"

Trevor Booker is a great player. He brings energy and he is a great leader. If you want a guy who always puts everything on the floor, its him

Wow DLo and Jah on the same team. 2 and 3 picks from the same draft.

It's a risk you definitely take if you're the Nets. Lose Booker. Okay? He's an expiring anyway and probably not a long term piece. You get Stauskas with a cheap qo if he finally stops playing like ass, Okafor, and a pick? At worst you traded an expiring Booker for a second rounder on a team where you're just trying to find building blocks for the future. Best? Maybe you found your starting center going forward. Who knows. I like it.

No it can only be old and spooky.

have 3 7 footers means NO defense? i'd imagine that rim would be airtight lockdown.

It gets points for being not awful for the Nets. Its a solid move, betting on some young players for a decent bench guy that doesn't fit your timeframe.

Its good for Philly too like you said, but Nets have been a joke for a while now and not being a joke is a clear win.

How long before Lonzo winds up on the Nets?

Booker is pretty good

doing okafor a solid

After all that has gone down with Jahlil here, I find it really implausible that Colangelo picked now to do Okafor a solid.


Marks is a fuckin beast man. Wow.

it was a pretty slow death dude

your user name has never been, and will probably never be more relevant that it is right now.

u/StiffCurry is correct. Watching Oak play D is such a nightmare. I honestly feel a bit bad that you guys think this is good...

Staus is fine, and we got a second on an expiring for Trevor Booker. We're not trying to win now. It's a good deal for both sides


A statue in TD Garden...

because people forget how bad they are and only see the names and hype from when they came out

inb4 Okafor wins back-to-back DPOTY Awards.

Who in the fuck thinks that?

We literally had to pay to get rid of him lol.

Awesome fucking deal for both sides. Jah can see what he can make of his career. Booker brings a tough personality to the Sixers frontcourt that will pay dividends in the playoffs.

Billy King died for this

Not really. Booker's not a negative player.

Great tank move. Get to run out Okafor for 20+ minutes per game.

Not a steal but still a good deal for us. We have a bunch of $$$ on the books from eating cap space so it wasn't like we'd re-sign Book. This way we get to see if Jah can turn it around and maybe Nik doesn't completely suck.

okafor will make the nets worse, i promise

I told Sean Marks to turn the worst roster in the NBA into a decent squad with a huge amount of potential and he actually did it the madman!

this is like a goddamn pyramid scheme

Jahlil's got talent. He's obviously got a very diverse set of offensive tools, and he's only 21. It's not like there's no potential there.

Giving away a 2nd round pick to do a player a favor is very stupid.

so happy for booker, he's going to do great on philly

but also so happy for the nets cause that's a great damn deal for them, i hope jah brings his a game #veganjah

I think Nik was actually a groomsman in TJ's wedding.

Good news is he can easily keep the username while switching allegiance to a new team.

All 3 players are on expiring deals and Booker makes slightly more than Nik+Okafor.

he was decent last year but this year they now have capable players in his position playing better pretty much