Love is in the vine.

Love is in the vine.

Love me tendril

Love me sweet

Never let me go

People do say you find love in places you won't expect lol.

It's an Elvis song you noodge.

And it's your use of smileys that's awful. Go IM someone with that crap.


Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Except for fire

I was wondering why you had upvotes, then I went to check the image

And it can write in cursive!

Live is de’vine....

♫ But like all true love, one day it withered on the vine ♫

That's lovely.

Santa bring my baby back (to heaven) (after the abortion 😷)

God is an artist.

Awful poetry to go with an awfully staged post.

Y,all should know theres some love in the vine.. In my pants 👖 🍆

And that sweet tendril love juice 🍋 comes out if you stick it somewhere to be nurtured by some lady juice😰 (or you know.. in the butt🍑)

Never let me go (🙃til it's time to pull out 🚫👶)