Love Conquers All

That GIF was a roller coaster. I laughed, I cried & I think we all grew a little.

It took a long ass time for that love part to come into play

The cat's body language is unambiguous. Tail is moving, but not twitching or puffed up. Ears are forward. The cat is playing, and the dog is playing. It's all good, man.

I'm fairly sure my cat loves me. He's cuddled and purred.

He's also bitten my nose.

Cats are friggin' weird.

So you own a standard model cat then.

We sure did! This was such an emotional movie.

licking the face is the kitto's way of establishing dominance. this doggo is a good boy.

This guy pets

This honestly remind me of last Summer. I had a German Shepherd and a cat. They liked to act like they were about to fight and the cat would boop the shepherd. One time as the fight grew furious the cat just started licking my dog's snout.

It was a mostly light bite. Maybe a bit of a warning.

He's both a ridiculously adorable and affectionate cat, yet at the same time a total a-hole.

It was a mostly light bite. Maybe a bit of a warning.

There was more love here than all 5 twilight movies.

He's also bitten my nose.

If he just gently grabbed your nose with his teeth then that's definitely friendly, though uncommon. I have no idea where the behavior comes from. If he chomped down then he wasn't happy.

My smart Shepherd always played with my cats and loved them on purpose in front of me, but when I am absent, I watched him on camera scaring the hell out of them.

Cats ears never went back. Obviously he's very happy. My cats are just like this. They actually go instigate fights with my husky just so she'll put her mouth around their entire heads

Scrubs, I overclock my cat to 5 gigapurrs per second.

The dog could tear that cat apart, but chooses not to. With stuff like this there are always people that have to point out how the dog is being a dick or the cat is showing dominance and putting the dog in his place. The dogs are usually just playing or being annoying. The cat swats the dog, and the dog usually doesn't really bat an eye. I mean, who's really the jerk there?

I have four cats. I am the referee several times a day. I wish they were as chill as these two.

I mean, who's really the jerk there?

The cat.

I say this as a guy who loves cats, currently owns two, lost one, and is married to a woman who is a cat-wihisperer.

Cats are jerks. Adorable, fluffy, lovable jerks.

Smart dogs are way badder and harder than dumb dogs.

IMO those movies kinda sucked the life out of me

I had a pibble named Onyx, she was addicted to pain killers. She would only use 3 legs around people, but as soon as no one was watching she'd go run around on all fours with my Keeshound.

As soon as she saw someone, boom, leg to stomach and the limp was back.

She was a VERY smart bitch.

Right? What is with that? My lab will lightly gnaw on my cats entire skull and it just sits there. Then they will fall asleep next to each other. Animals are weird sometimes.

Cat is just into some kinky shit

Thought you were going to say

"Currently owns two, lost one, married to a cat and I am also a cat"


I use watercooling.

Yeah, they were a bloody disaster.

throws the cat in the tub

Ahh my cat will go bite my dog on the leg or butt and then stand back and wait for the reaction. The two will go up on their hind legs and then the dog will pin the cat on her back and bark in her face and the cat loves it. Animals are so weird.

Worth the wait.

I grew werey of shit movies like that.

Well, my wife's name is Catherine, so....

Fifty Shades of Prey

They usually are, the only bad experiences I've had with cats were owners who generally neglected them and it allowed their bad behaviors to foster. Cats and dogs are like children, you have to nurture them. Dog people just tend to be the ones who want furry children, cat people tend to be more the type who want companions and don't care what they do.

As a side note, I'm a cat person who generally lets them do what they want but disciplines them when they act up. Ie, don't get on the counter, no no no stop eating the plastic you stupid fur ball, etc

If you're cat is having 5 gigapurrs per second it might be having a heart attack, or overheating a little at the least

"I will taste my prey before the final blow..." - my cats

Didn't she get arrested after tweaking for two weeks and was caught wearing nothing but a crop shirt at that gas station with her ex? Too bad about her teeth.

In other words, he's a lot like a cat.

Somehow I keep reading this as "no no no my eyes!".

Thats a gorgeous cat

Edit: words are hard

Scold him when he's being an asshole, cats definitely know their name and understand vocal tone. If that fails to make an impression scold him, give him a chance to comply, then hit him with the squirt bottle if he ignores you. Eventually you won't need the bottle when you scold.


We adopted him rather sooner than we expected after one of our cats passed, but when we saw his picture on the shelter website, we couldn't resist.

He's ridiculously cuddly. He's sat on my wife's lap for the entirety of a 2.5 hour movie without moving.

I have an 18-core Bonetel Core i6 woofer clocked in at 6.5 gigaborks.

Cats can pretty easily draw blood with a bite if they want to. If they didn't draw blood, it's affection.

They just went full Mr and Mrs Smith fight scene.

Thanks for the laugh

No claws. Just love boops.

Sure, it's adorable. But you know what just happened there?

That cat taught a dog to sit.

Cats definitely do "warnings". Try to rub a cat's belly and get a death glare, all four paws wrapped around your hand (but no claws in your skin), and an angrily swishing tail/ears fully back? That's a warning. Do it again and the bloodshed begins.

I've never heard of a warning on the nose, though. That sounds like a love bite.

The cat swats the dog

The cat is not attacking the dog, it's playing. Nothing about it's demeanor or actions look like it was trying to hurt the dog. Why do people feel a need to post something about cats being assholes in every post with a cat ever?


Both dogs and cats are predators, and dogs are a lot bigger. Feral canines will almost always try to kill cats, and the reverse would also likely be true, if cats were bigger than dogs.

Domesticated breeds change the equation somewhat. Most dogs still have the 'chase' instinct, but many have never learned the 'kill and eat' parts, since they're well fed by their humans. Cats don't really like to be chased, so they tend not to get along that well.

They can absolutely learn to like each other, but it's unusual enough to rate special attention and high-hit-count Youtube videos. People wouldn't bother making videos if it wasn't somewhat atypical behavior.

edit: I mean, consider how often people take video of two cats just hanging out. It happens, but it's not that common and doesn't rate much attention when it does, because that's mostly what we expect from cats.

Can you give any refereeing tips? I have two cats, one is three, one is one. They like each other and play a lot (ears forward, not puffed up, mostly silent, and non-aggressive posturing) but sometimes the older cat will decide he's done and the younger cat does not get it. The older cat will try to slink away and the younger cat will bite his hind leg. The older cat will flip his ears back and hiss and the younger cat continues to try to play.

I never know exactly how to intervene. I've tried engaging the younger cat and giving him "time-outs" in the bathroom with a few toys. It doesn't seem to be making an impact on his behavior.

Chester will actually chill for a long time. He loves people in general, plus my wife has a natural affinity for cats.

When she's been out of town for a day or two, he's laid on my lap/legs for hours while I screw around on the PS4.

We have a cat who is both extremely lazy and affectionate.

No that was my dog, your mom

If one of my cats sits still for that long it means they're asleep.

Everyday we stray farther from god's light


At a certain point they started occasionally making fun of themselves in it, and I enjoyed them then

Those ears are definitely not forward....

Back when I first adopted my kitten she used to put my nose in her mouth and wake me up with her cat breath when she wanted breakfast at 5am.

She doesn't do it anymore because after a week of that I started brushing her teeth and it stopped working, now she just pounces on my head and meows in my ear until I get up to feed her.

My cat can bite pretty hard, but he never draws blood - he just slowly grips my arm or face in his mouth and then doesn't let go. He does it when he's feeling sad if I've been gone for a long time. It's like he's channeling his loneliness into physically holding onto me with his jaw. He'll close his eyes and purr with my arm just sitting there in his mouth. He's the best.

Depends on the nature of the boop. From the rest of the body language (loose tail, ears up), there was probably little to no claws and they're both just playing. Cats just have resting bitch face while dogs look like derps when they play.

Can confirm these two wierdos are thirsty


*The kitto licks face to establish dominance, while the doggo licks owner's face to establish owner's dominance. can't this simple gesture of kitto to doggo face-licking allow both these animals to live in harmony? or does someone have to be a jerk?

Or a warning. Context matters.

I agree. Kitty's ears were still back. I think he was tasting the dog to make sure it was worth going through with the kill.

standard model cat

That's a really handsome looking cat.

I feel like this gif ended too soon to be sure about that.

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A cautious cat would be figuring out a way to extend and disengage. This cat isn't scared or feeling threatened, or expressing dominance. It's just messing around.

sit fucking still so I can lick you or I am going to BRING THE PAIN you fucker. Luv youuuuu

so, do cats and dogs actually like or hate each other? growing up, i always thought they were enemies. but ive seen a hundred pics/gifs on aww of them getting along.

the reverse would also likely be true, if cats were bigger than dogs.

In the wise words of James May, if you were the size of a mouse, your cat would eat you without a second thought.

No they were not but they were not alp the way down and back, either

TBF, the Shepherd in this totally instigated the peace, by getting low to the ground and opening an accepting stance

Sometimes I'll put my face close to one of our cat's faces.

My wife: "He's going to lick your nose...."

Cat: [Licks my nose]

Me: Gah! Your breath stinks!

Wife: Toldja. Also, he's a cat.

Wait a second...

Well my dog actually scares the cats away from our house at our watch but when nobody's around he actually plays with them

We did not, but it was just before we moved across the country. She was too old to make the trip so we gave her to her life long vet. She lived another 2 years so I assume he was able to wean her far better than we could have.

if you were the size of a mouse, your cat would eat you without a second thought.

lol no he wouldnt my cat is a lazy shit who doesnt eat anything that requires him to walk further than his food bowl


I enjoy the cat parenting that basically boils down to "What are you doing?....don't do that..."

nah this is a long haired model, everything is the same but his hair is about three times as annoying.

Aaaaand I think that's enough Reddit for tonight.

That's not what he was saying.

They clearly have a good relationship, he was just explaining that the cat didnt just suddenly switch modes, rather he went from one form of playing as "alpha/dominant" to another.

Just interesting is all.

Can confirm, helped him grow

Aww! This is so adorable!

Oh ny god. Dogs can do that?. Wow, so did you manage to get her off the pills?

Why can't cats be like this all the time?

You could remove "the life out of me" and still be very accurate.

They made 5 of those fucking things?

Can 100% confirm. I have a Tux who will bite your nose. If you let him he will immediately flop down and purr like crazy with his back against you. If you don't he'll look all dejected. I get bit on the nose a lot.

Our other cat, the older of the two,will jump down from the bed when I wake up.

She'll trot to the kitchen ahead of me, stopping to look over her shoulder at a couple of "landmarks" on the way to the kitchen. I make sure that the kitty dishes are full before I start the coffee or my breakfast.

Beautiful kitty! But yeah, the other comments are spot on. "Ridiculously adorable and affection yet at the same time a total a-hole," is pretty much the definition of cat.... and my ex. But my cats are still around.

In our house, we call that airplane ears.

Your cat is the male version of my cat, Piper

Your cat is the male version of my cat, Piper

OP for best original score.

The dog is actually snouting the cats tongue to establish dominance