Love bump!

Someone fused Bambi and a cat together, and it's even more adorable.

I don't remember if it was a Savannah or a serval, but there was a story of a lady that lost her cat for a matter of days. This man was outside doing whatever and spotted a large cat by his pool, this scared the man. He was going to call the police but the cat saw him, ran over and started rubbing up on his legs and he realized that it must be someone's pet. Lady and cat were reunited.


“Lana.... Lana.... Lana!!!.... What?!..... He remembers me!!”

Spotted Deercats are the new designer pet for 2018

Awwww! This is absolutely a sign of absolute love, acceptance and affection. That must hurt though! My kitten does this and she's tiny but you certainly feel it.

" least get him a stuffed animal....something. It's like Meowschwitz in there."

That's one tall cat.


African serval

You Fox-eared Asshole!

My cat does that. My cat is not half Bambi though.

Don't own big cats as pets. They aren't domesticated, they are tame. Huge difference. Don't. Own. Big cats. As. Pets.

Nothing says love quite like a concussion.

It's called "bunting."

Thanks for that. I can now tell my Dane we're bunting. She'll be so impressed I learned something animal.

Servals are dangerous predators not pets. Just because something is beautiful and even cute at times doesn't mean you should keep it in your home as a pet. These guys belong in the wild. We as humans should do everything possible to protect Keystone species like servals to make sure their wild home stays that way.



That is no housecat.

I'm a vet. Listen to this person and stop downvoting them. Keeping these as pets is a bad idea.

Thank you for the background story. Even more precious.

: )



So hot.

Well, I’m a veterinarian, so not exactly. What I’m against on principle is people thinking they need to possess things just because they’re “pretty” or “unusual” with no though to how if affects the animal in the long run.

More like buyer's remorse...

Same, she's straight headbutt my wife before and made an audible "Thump!". Little too much love lol

I'm convinced that cat is in the wrong aspect ratio.

That's an atomic head bonk.

Wut is dis

I can walk on hot coals to get those head rubs.