Louis CK Interview

Louis CK Interview

Can someone make an image of the entire three minute video?

There you go. http://i.imgur.com/dC6GsFE.gif

There you go.

Link to video

I can't enjoy this video until somebody makes a gif of each line of dialogue.

Because the punchline isn't "hahaha black people" it's "hahaha racism."

Factoid, racism didn't end with slavery, and I'm not sure why people act like it did.

Wow bad comments. Turn back now.

What's the matter /sub/funny, you usually love quoting Louis CK when you're defending your use of the word faggot or nigger or something.

Most Nazis never killed a jew. Turns out turning a blind eye to the entire concept is almost as bad.

Tell a "nigger" or "faggot" joke and no one bats an eye. Tell a joke about white people owning slaves and everyone loses their minds!



People must realize that the statement "black people went through harder times than white people", doesn't mean "white people never have never had bad times".

You could literally replace Jay Leno with pictures of Jay Leno and the show would not be affected.

In a serious discussion? Absolutely.

In an obvious joke? Who gives a shit.

he's a fucking comedian. its a joke, chill the fuck out.

slavery happens all over the world, still now, whites doing it is the more mainstream but it has happened to all races in one way or another. all races do bad things to themselves and to others, even jews. but gingers have not done anything like that ever, that is why they know more than everyone else about the universe´╗┐

Definitely did not see where that comment was going.

but white males are the real oppressed ones :(

No I mean irony. Saying one thing but meaning the opposite. Louis CK is saying that the hurt of white people is the same as the hurt of black people. And he's only saying it to express how ridiculous it is. It's the same tactic employed by Colbert when he agrees with the ridiculous things politicians say.

Just go find it you lazy shit.

complains about how people still experience racism and talk about it

refers to "negros"

For a group with less access to scholarships, white people sure do get a disproportionate amount of scholarships. And do you have any sources for your other claim? Because most hiring bias seems to exist in the other direction. My experience also contradicts your baseless assertion.

Nobody is being punished. Frankly, I'm not sure why trying to eradicate the racism that still exists is seen as punishing white people. And it's kind of interesting that your proposed solution is "why not just pretend racism is over?" as opposed to doing something about racism that still exists. Pretending a problem is over is not useful in stopping it.

That only makes me want to see them even more.

EDIT: White people can't take jokes, guys


Here, let me quote the page I linked to, since you seem unlikely to actually go there and read it.

Caucasian students represent 69.3% of private scholarship recipients but only 61.8% of the undergraduate student population. This is in contrast with minority students, who represent 30.5% of scholarship recipients and 38.0% of the undergraduate student population. Caucasian students are 40% more likely to win private scholarships than minority students.

I have a sneaking feeling that makes up for the less than 10% of scholarships that specify ethnicity at all (a lot of which specify "white" ethnicities, like Irish or Polish.)

Where are you? Because in America, black kids are still being shot for being black in a white neighbourhood and black women are being put away for firing a warning shot into the air when being attacked.

The president of the United States is black, but he isn't the only black person, and his aren't the only experiences. For fuck's sake.

Most redditors are whiney white manchildren that have no empathy but FREAK THE FUCK OUT when any joke is made at their expense. Pathetic, really.

Seriously. Actual question: reddit has seemed a lot more racist recently, has it always been this way or am I just noticing it more now?

Sarcasm is, by definition, the use of such irony. You're both correct.

It's been this way for a while. A few years at least.

That's actually incorrect. In the US, only the extremely wealthy owned many slaves. The majority of slave owners owned one or two slaves (though I believe the majority of slaves lived on large plantations).

I love Louis CK. I hope he never dies.

How he gets away with it I have no idea. fucking hilarious tho

Thanks for sharing.

So cringy but amazing. The circle is complete.

No no no, you need a separate gif for each line.

Did anyone say it did? (Seriously, I'm not really picking up what you're trying to say.)

Wasn't one of the reasons we left England and other European countries was to escape religious persecution that at one time could result in our heads being removed or tortured in various other horrible ways?

Um, no. The puritans, who hated sex and 'games of chance' and literally wanted to ban Christmas celebrations, left because European states didn't allow them to push their retarded agenda on other people. So they went to do it in America. They were not violently persecuted: they were ousted because they wanted to violently persecute (read: burn innocent women for supernatural crimes) others and just weren't allowed to do it in Europe.

we got over it.

So cry me a fucking river, Himmler. You got over the fact that you were forced to move to commit your crimes against humanity elsewhere. Here's your medal for getting over it.

He gets away with it the same way Stephen Colbert gets away with saying he hates poor people. Irony.


There was a show, 'Talking Funny', with an episode where Louis CK, Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld and Ricky Gervais just discussed stand-up for an hour. , about 15 minutes in, Chris Rock called Louis CK the blackest guy he knows, then they discussed how Chris and Louis can and do say 'nigger' on stage and how Ricky and Jerry can't and don't. It's pretty fascinating.


Well he's used that punchline before

Uhm, no, the punchline is him implying how stupid it is to compare slavery to white people problems. Well, that's how I see it.

More than one race can have problems.

Jesus what is with the comments on this..