Lost my cranky angel yesterday - here's her angriest blep. Safe travels, Chomp Princess πŸ’–πŸ˜ΎπŸ’–

Lost my cranky angel yesterday - here's her angriest blep. Safe travels, Chomp Princess πŸ’–πŸ˜ΎπŸ’–

I'm so sorry for your loss. She looks like she was a beautiful cat with a lot of character. I hope you're doing okay πŸ’—πŸ˜Ώ

Thank you so much! She had all the personality. I'm so sad today, but so grateful that we got 14 years together. Plus I got to say goodbye -- I always assumed she'd either die in a knife fight or outlive us all, but it was a quiet and beautiful departure.

FWIW, her real name was Marigny Treme Brown-Gervais, though biting was a lifelong passion. I got her from the Japonica Street Pound in the Ninth Ward before Katrina. She got a stately name because she was an elegant and dignified lady, which made her rare ridiculous moments all the better β€” she normally looked like this.

She survived all kinds of hurricanes, prowled through Mississippi woods and down New Orleans boulevards with equal aplomb, caught rabbits with bells on, had β€” I am not kidding β€” thumbs with TWO CLAWS coming out of each, plus toes on the back for a total of 1,426 claws which is maybe why she was once able to take down a raven twice her size.

She acted as though she cared about nothing but I am pretty sure she sometimes liked me. She made cat converts out of two ex-boyfriends and one mother-in-law despite the fact that she regularly drew our blood. She was the ur-cat. For something so little, she sure was big, and I will always miss her.

I have a grumpy gal too. She hates everything but I love her to death.

I'm so sorry you lost your lovely lady. I imagine that it will rip right through me when mine goes. I am glad you got 14 years. It's a long time but still never enough.

I really love this picture of her. Thank you for sharing it!

Awwww. You know, I knew it would hurt but not this bad and it's still so very worth it. Also, I like to think I annoyed her a little bit less than other people, though she did spend most of yesterday with her back to me.

She loved you the only way she knew how, with tooth and claws

Thank you! Her real name was Marigny and she was made of knives. So sharp but with the very softest of behind-the-ear tufts.

That's a great eulogy, and she sounds like a really amazing cat.

What a Salty lovable blep...

She was the bessssst. And I'm just so glad I got 14 years of her hilarious little self.

Very sorry for your cranky loss. She’s awesome.

You can be as grumpy as you want when you can curl your bleps

She looks hilarious. I'm sorry she did not get to go in a knife fight! 😹 I'm sure you guys had great times together. Sorry for your loss. πŸ’•

RIP Chomp Princess. You were a good cat.

No! Oh no. :( Girl... I've had this photo on my camera roll since August 7th 2014. It's the oldest photo in my album of favorite random internet finds. I even assigned it to one of my contacts so I could see it regularly. It's legendary and glorious and it has brought me literal years of joy. I'm so sorry to hear this angel is gone. 😭

Oh my gosh, you have NO IDEA how very happy this makes me. The idea of her face popping up on a stranger's phone is incredible. Thank you so, so much.

Rest well, sweet Marigny. She looks a lot like my little dude.

Wishing you healing in this difficult time. May you always carry those beautiful memories with you.

She is for sure disembowling alllllll the songbird angels. Or has been reincarnated as the third female president. Less sure of my own thoughts on the hereafter than her ability to slay whatever she comes across.

I was really hoping her actual name was Chomp Princess. RIP Marigny, we love you.

What a beauty! Glad you had 14 good years with her. Thanks for sharing all the great photos.

I had a slightly grumpy tabby girl, too. Lost her last October. She was old and it was her time.

But she was considerably bigger. Her name was Birdie (because she sounded like a seagull) but was often called the Grumpy Lumpy. Birdie had a sweet side, though, and spent hours on laps.

I got a little male black kitten a couple weeks after she died. He's almost one year old. He fits in with the other three, who also happen to be male and black. I did not set out to have four black cats. Each one desperately needed a home and they all ended up here.

She looked like a beautiful, elegant princess. Well deserving of her name!

So sorry for your loss. :( I have a gray tabby too and he sure likes to nibble and bite as well.

Loss of a cat is devastating. I'm sorry for your loss. May the little tyke RIP.. I lost a stray i was tending to. It drowned in a deluge when I was away. I always hope to meet my cats in the afterlife..

"Her real name was Marigny and she was made of knives." that alone is an amazing eulogy, right there.

RIP awesome kitty. So sorry for your loss OP :(

Beautiful eulogy, you made me tear up. Sorry for your loss.